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EFT Helps Core Issue Behind Lower Back Pain

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Dear EFT Community,

Dr. Kay Heaston, Expert EFT Practitioner, shares how a client’s lower back pain was related to her guilt and sadness over having to give up her cats when she moved.

– EFT Universe

By Dr. Kay Heaston, Expert EFT Practitioner

Amazing how we can move from low back pain to the subject of two beautiful cats!  It was a lesson for me and a first time experience with EFT for Carole (not her real name).

Carole had just moved to Columbus, Ohio from Florida.  She came into the office complaining of low back pain.  She had heard of Network Spinal Analysis (a gentle Chiropractic technique that breaks patterns in the nervous system) and came looking for a practitioner.  She found a practitioner that loves to use EFT.

Since she came into the Columbus office and sometimes I am busy with four practice members at once, I decided to entrain her first.  After I entrained Carole she stood up, looked me in the eye and said, “I want complete relief!”

She was insistent and kept repeating, “I must have relief today.”

I explained how the nervous system works, how she did get some relief, how she needed to try ice, stay in motion, don’t sit for long periods, and come back later in the afternoon for another entrainment.  She became so insistent that she needed relief that I finally told her to walk around, get a drink of water and I would work with her as soon as I had a break in my schedule.

She seemed content with that plan.

Her wait was twenty minutes.  At this point I knew I was going to use EFT.  She had never heard of it, but knew that acupuncture without needles sounded like a good thing.  Before we started tapping she reported her low back pain was a level of intensity of 8 on a 0 – 10 scale.  Initially we tapped on, Even though I just picked up a few boxes and my back hurts… and her level of intensity moved to a 7 out of 10.

I asked her if anything else came to mind.

She looked up at me and with great enthusiasm said, “I know what it is!  It is about my cats.”  At this point she began to tear up.  She explained that she had to take her cats to the Humane Society before her move.  They were so beautiful that the lady told her she would have no trouble finding new homes for them.

Even though she had to give up her cats when moving to Ohio she was feeling (in her words) guilt and sadness.  We tapped two more rounds on the guilt and sadness concerning the cats.  She was amazed that her relief was complete.

Her back pain was 0 and her emotional “cat” pain was 0.

Her first experience with EFT has led her to sign up for my next workshop.  My lesson was to reinforce that I need to listen, listen, listen to what practice members are saying.

It has now been two months and Carole reports:  No pain, No guilt or sadness, and she has been moving boxes around while arranging her new home.