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EFT Helps Heal Broken Arm

Dear Readers,

EFT is worth considering even in cases of serious injury, to help the body back to health. Read this case of how EFT helps heal a broken arm. Please consult a physician on all medical issues.

-Will M.

By Aileen Nobles

This story is about my own daughter, and shows the amazing power of how our emotions can both cause pain and contribute to healing.

Three weeks ago I was on the golf course when a phone call came through from my daughter. She had just been kicked in the head and arm by a horse. The helmet protected her head but her arm was a mess.

The amazing thing about the call was that my ringer was off, and had been for a few days. I kept getting messages of missed calls, but didnt think about my ringer being off.  It wasnt until the following day after more “missed calls” that I checked the ringer.

Spirit made sure that if my daughter needed me she would be heard! This was not a surprise to either of us as we have had these experiences happening our whole lives.

She went to the doctor, who thought her arm was not broken. She decided that she would heal her own arm and not get an x-ray! She did self-healing and homeopathics, and then we did an EFT session to clear all the trauma around the accident.

After communicating with her subconscious we found out where she was holding trauma in her cells. We cleared the trauma of falling, being kicked, being out of control, and pain of impact.

We did a round of tapping on:
“Even though I have this trauma of falling, I love and accept myself anyway.”
“I have the trauma of the impact of his hoof as he kicked me as we fell,”
“This shocking feeling of the impact.”
“I feel completely out of control as I fall and get kicked.”
“I am holding on to the pain in my arm as he kicks me.”

We then tapped through each issue clearing and releasing the emotions.
“Letting go of the trauma in and around my cells of falling.”
We also did this with being kicked, feeling out of control, and the pain of impact, until the intensity was down to zero.

However, when I communicated with her subconscious it said there was more.

I asked her how she was feeling just before the accident. She said she was very anxious and irritated, as she had to make a decision as to whether she would buy the horse or not within a few hours. She was quite convinced she had communicated her anxiety to the horse and he then helped her make a decision!

We tapped away the anger and irritation she had with herself, and connected with Creator’s energy and asked for a healing.

We then tapped on:
“My arm knows how to heal itself.”
“Healing is now taking place as I love and accept myself filled with the light.”

As we were tapping the pain had gone down quite a bit, and it continued to diminish.  That night the pain went away, unless she turned her arm a certain way.

Two weeks later, the arm still didn’t look or feel right to me. I asked her to go and get an x-ray. She did not go. Three weeks later her husband took her to get an x-ray. When we visited the orthopedist he was amazed at how well the (according to him, very) broken arm was healing. To him it looked two weeks ahead of schedule, and was doing so well he chose not to put a cast on it!

This story is not to suggest that you dont need a doctor or x-rays. It is to show how much emotions contribute to pain and how helpful clearing them can be for pain relief.

To have a broken arm with virtually no pain after just an EFT session is still amazing to me. There was just enough pain left if the arm was moved in a certain way to let her know it needed to physically heal.

Any trauma that causes pain needs to be cleared on a cellular level. The pain will then be greatly reduced or may completely disappear. This applies to the emotional as well as the physical, and no other modality I know of works as well as EFT.

Aileen Nobles