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EFT Tapping for Post-op Pain Management and Recovery

EFT Tapping for Post-op Pain Management and Recovery

By Linda Graham

I have been a student of EFT for the past four or five years and have watched and practiced with the EFT DVDs and online videos. As I have not attended any official trainings, I generally limit my “tapping” to myself and family. I have had some amazing success using this very simple, noninvasive technique.

I recently underwent an abdominal laparoscopy (robot assisted abdominal surgery performed through five small incisions rather than one very large one). I used EFT before the surgery, keeping myself very calm, even though there was a possible diagnosis of ovarian cancer. 

When I awoke in the recovery room, I learned that the laboratory tests taken during the surgery had, in fact, come back positive for cancer and the surgeon had had to remove cancerous tissue.  

I began to tap: “Even though cancer was found, I trust my body can take care of the situation and I completely accept myself.”

I also started tapping for the postoperative pain and continued to do so. When a nurse came by and asked about my pain level, I told her I was fine. Then she noticed me tapping just on my fingers. 

She said, “I’m giving you something for the pain. Your fingers are going crazy!” 

I explained that I was using an accupressure technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT for short, and that I was fine. She said all right and left. Around 5 p.m., hospital staff moved me from the recovery room to a regular hospital room.

After that, I tapped from time to time, explaining to my body what had happened and giving thanks to the organs that had been removed and thanked them for their service. I remained calm and needed very little pain medication. Beginning at midnight, I was up walking every two hours. 

I was able to go home within 24 hours of the surgery and, over the next couple of days, I needed only some Tylenol for the pain. 

I still tap from time to time, giving my body permission to heal, and I am confident that this was a wakeup call to de-stress my life, be more careful with my diet, exercise more, and find my JOY.  

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