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EFT Tapping Solution for Dental Work

Dear EFT Community,

Aparna Natarajan shares her EFT success story about when she experienced intense discomfort after having dental work done, which disappeared shortly after using EFT.


By Aparna Natarajan

I recently started dabbling in EFT and then was so impressed with the early results, that I am hoping to delve completely into it and become an EFT practitioner. This is one of my first experiences with EFT on myself.

I had to get two crowns on my left and right lower bicuspids. I decided to get both teeth drilled on the same day. As soon as I was numbed, my heart began racing and I felt my blood pressure rising uncontrollably. I wanted to ask the dentist to stop, but I could make no movements and definitely couldn’t talk. At that time, the easiest thing to do was Reiki (I have a 2nd degree in Reiki).

So, I placed my hands on my chest and later went to sleep.

When I returned home, both my teeth hurt a lot and I tried to ignore it as part of a natural course of healing. But the pain did not go even after seven days. It was intermittent but fairly distracting. I decided that this would be a good time to use EFT (and I was really new at it).

I went upstairs to change my baby’s diaper, while still complaining to my husband about the pain. I remembered the reason for my sudden panic attack at the dentist was a memory of a really painful post root canal infection the previous year.

My face was swollen for days and I even had to rush to emergency during the episode.

So, as I was changing the diaper, I tapped (short-cut round) on the panic attack and fear of infection. I must have done two rounds, and then decided to put my baby to bed. My husband came upstairs with a bottle of Advil and said, “Take this for the pain.” I said, “What pain?” And then I realized that my tooth pain was gone.

It never came back.

Notes: I only did two rounds of tapping and I did not tap for the pain directly. I tapped for the panic attack at the dentist and the memory of the previous infection.

I think EFT would have been effective even if I had directly tapped for the pain.

But, I do really think that being specific on the memory helped the pain to subside very quickly.

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