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Eliminating 30 Years of Severe Foot Pain with EFT

Dear EFT Community,

Christa Swanson tells how a client’s 83-year-old mother learned tapping from watching EFT DVDs and ended her 30 years of severe foot pain when doctors had no solutions for her.

-Stephanie M

By Christa Swanson

This is an example of the “ripple effect” of EFT.

I’ve been working with a client I’ll call Julie (not her real name) for several months. She became so enthusiastic about EFT that she tried it one day while visiting her 83-year-old mother.

Her mother, “Ella” (again, not her real name), had a minor complaint, something like a headache, which quickly disappeared with a few rounds of tapping. Heartened by this small success, Julie told Ella more about EFT and later brought her one of the EFT books.

Ella is not what anyone would call a modern or progressive person. She grew up in a very restrictive social milieu from which she has never much ventured out. She worked for many years as a nurse in a standard, allopathic hospital and has used AMA-approved medical procedures all of her life (including two surgeries for cancer). Nor is she anything approaching “New Age” in style! She doesn’t meditate, has never had psychotherapy (to my knowledge), and had no inkling of “mind-body connection.” The values of her family were to repress all emotions and personal feelings.

So I was quite surprised when Julie actually introduced EFT to her mother and even more surprised when I heard that Ella had taken a liking to it! She didn’t even know how to operate her DVD player, but she learned that and asked Julie to continue bringing over EFT DVDs.

Ella’s complaint was her feet.

For over 30 years she had suffered throbbing pain in both feet. Julie described it as “excruciating,” saying that she had seen her mother wince with it. Ella had been seen at top medical facilities all over California, including the Pain Clinic at the Stanford University Medical Center(!)

The best any of these experts could do was surmise that the problem may have started when she had had bunions removed; perhaps a nerve had been cut. They could offer her no respite from the pain, however, and this staunch person who had lived through internment during WWII, a long marriage to an abusive husband, a cruel mother-in-law, death of a child, and many years of working on those painful feet, just bore down and survived. (No wonder she had cancer twice! No wonder her feet hurt!)

She dealt with the problem directly, tapping on “Even though my feet hurt…” As time progressed, I suggested to Julie that she introduce the idea that Ella’s feet might be telling her something. She suggested Setup phrases such as “Even though I’m mad at my husband for all the mean things he did to me…” and “Even though I’m mad at my mother-in-law…”

Every week Julie would visit with another DVD and some new suggestions for tapping. Ella is a very disciplined person and tapped every night for a half-hour before bedtime.

The other day Julie reported to me that one month after Ella started tapping, her feet are pain free!

This is after over 30 years of serious pain. She said that she had only “a little cramping on the top” but that she “could live with that.” I suggested that she just tap a little more and get completely rid of that!

I’m very touched by this incident. Not only is this woman finally pain free in her 84th year, but also her “cure” has given Julie renewed hope for using this process for her own conditions. (Me too!) Julie also reports that Ella is less angry and more pleasant to be around, which is no surprise!

Is this great or what?!