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Fast Relief for muscles cramps with eft

Karen Stock shares a brief tapping sequence which helped her to avoid the serious pains suffered during a muscles cramp. E-mail Karen

by Karen Stock

Dear EFT Friends,

The few times I have experienced a muscle cramp lately, I am finding EFT fast and reliable in ending the cramp.  When I feel a muscle cramp coming on for example in a calf muscle of one of my legs, I very quickly tap:

My muscles are relaxing now.

My muscles in my lower leg are relaxed right now.

EFT is working right now.

This is working right now.

The cramp is gone.

My calve muscles are relaxed.

I repeat these sentences a few times and feel it working right away.  I basically can catch a cramp when it is starting and it ends without going through all the painful stages of a full muscle cramp.  Within a minute the cramp is gone.  I also found that there is no after pain.  My muscles are soft, relaxed, pain-free and fully functioning.  I can go into a full physical activity right away without feeling any lingering effects from the cramp.


Karen Stock

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