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From Chronic Pain to Joy with EFT in 9 Minutes

Dear EFT Community,EFT for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Jeanne Ranger, an advanced EFT Practitioner shares her story about how she was pressed to demonstrate EFT in a very short period of time in front of networking group.  She went “all-in” with a woman who had experienced pain from a car accident for two decades.


By Jeanne “J.R.” Ranger

Not long ago I was scheduled to deliver a short lecture at a networking meeting. Because of time constraints (one hour) these lectures are limited to eight minutes, definitely not long enough to give an EFT demonstration, so I asked for a little more time and was graciously given nine minutes – still insufficient time for a demonstration, but no matter.

Being an enthusiastic EFTer, I began talking about EFT, that “…people all over the world use EFT to rid themselves of physical pain, illnesses, and emotional conflicts.”

I really wanted to give a demonstration but my time, ‘nine minutes’, was already ticking away. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I thought, so is a demonstration – if you can pull it off. I rationalized that my clients and I had arrived at healings many times before in very short order and decided to go for it.

Pain has a way of sapping all the joy out of our lives, so it would make for a perfect demonstration. I asked my audience if anyone had a headache or pain of some kind to please raise their hand. One person did. I asked what her pain was, and how long she had experienced it. Renee said it was pain in her neck and shoulders and she had had it for the last twenty years as a result of an automobile accident. With that I thought, “I’m dead”.

I quickly repeated my question to the audience thinking that it would be impossible to neutralize chronic pain of such long duration with my remaining… perhaps four minutes, (faulty thinking on my part), but no one else raised their hand, so I had Renee come up front. I remembered how quickly EFT CAN heal. I had experienced it myself many times.

Things DO happen for a reason so I decided to have faith and trust in EFT.

Since we had to work very quickly I asked Renee to just relax and “BE’ with the EFT process as best she could. Neither she, nor the audience had experienced EFT before. I had her close her eyes, go within, look at the pain, and describe it in as vivid details as she could. I began to ask her questions like, how big is the pain? Not logically I explained, because there is no logic to pain or emotions, but to see if she could get a sense of what it looks and feels like inside her body. Does it have a color? Does it have a texture?

She explained that she saw “… this pain moving around like an oval, dark brown, or black opaque cloud in my body, encircling from the top of my hip up to my left ear, including my neck and shoulder area where I’ve felt this chronic pain since the accident 20 years ago.” I asked her about the intensity of the pain and she said it was 7 on a scale of 0 to 10 and that it never left her body, it was there constantly.

“If this pain had an emotion attached to it what would it be?” I asked. Without skipping a beat Renee replied, “helplessness, these things just happen to me. It’s like I have no control.” She was quick to respond, obviously willing to do the work, and I expressed how much I appreciated her willingness.

I asked the audience to please just watch and to hold their questions till the end. We then started doing the EFT tapping. I didn’t explain what I was doing. There was no time.

We tapped:

Eyebrow: This pain in my neck and shoulders from a long time ago car accident.
Side of eye: This dark cloud I’m holding on to. It’s been with me ever since.
Under Eye: I’m afraid it will always be with me. I can’t let it go. It’s part of me.
Under nose: I have no control. I’m helpless and in constant pain.
Chin: This dark cloud of helplessness is in every part of my body, every part of my life.
Collar bone: And I hurt constantly. It’s part of who I am. I have no control.
Under arm: This dark seven (7) pain in my neck and shoulders.
Under nipple: It’s a constant reminder that I’m helpless and have no control.
Crown: I’m tired of being helpless, tired of being out of control, tired of being in pain.

Eyebrow: This constant pain has to stop, I need to release it.
Side of eye: Why am I hanging on to all those memories and emotions from that car accident?
Under eye: I remember the impact. Hit from behind, I felt so helpless.
Under nose: Totally out of control and helpless as this dark cloud came over me.
Chin: All those things I saw, the twisted metal, the dead body. It’s all part of my pain.
Collar bone: I want to eliminate all those sights from my system so I can release this pain. She died instantly. It wasn’t my fault.
Under arm: And the smells all mixed together, I’ll never forget it. I can still smell it today.
Under nipple: I could almost taste it. It was foul, and I’ve felt the constant dark cloud of pain ever since.
Crown: I’ve been helpless, out of control and in pain since.

The two-minute warning sounded, I acknowledge the leader of the meeting and went on.

I asked Renee to go inside, look around at the pain and tell us about it. She said the intensity was a three now from a seven. She said that she had experienced a shift in her perception of her pain.

We continued:

Eyebrow: It doesn’t have to be this way, but how can I change it, I’ve had it so long.
Side of eye: Maybe I can release the emotions of the sights and sounds of that accident.
Under eye: Maybe I can release the emotions connected to the smells and taste of the accident. It doesn’t have to be a part of me anymore.
Under nose: Maybe I can release the whole thing. I don’t need it anymore. It doesn’t have to be a part of me anymore.
Chin: I don’t need to hang on to that cloud of pain in my body anymore. It doesn’t serve me.
Collar bone: It is not for my highest and best good. I’m releasing it now. Letting it go.
Under arm: I give myself permission to release everything about it, pain and all.
Under nipple: I don’t need to hang on to that pain anymore. I want my power back.
Crown: I’m taking back my power. I’m in control now, and I feel free and joyful.

The nine (9) minutes buzzer sounded. I stopped and I asked Renee to go inside, look around and tell us about what she was experiencing. She said her pain was now a 1 from a 7. Yippee!! She explained that she had experienced a complete shift in the perception of her pain. She no longer had to hold on to it in her body. It wasn’t a part of her anymore. The pain was gone.

Someone from the audience raised their hand and said, “I noticed she had a very stoic or stone look before, but I saw it change. Her face is completely changed now. Her face is lighter, more joyful somehow.” I had noticed the same thing myself. The helplessness look that was so apparent before was gone. She was now in control, free, joyful and at peace. That is the “magic” of EFT.

Everyone was stunned at not only how quickly the pain left her body after two decades, but the complete change in her appearance and bearing. In Renee’s own words, “I did experience a paradigm shift during your demonstration. It’s as if you gave me permission to allow the pain to leave my body.” I immediately corrected her, “it wasn’t me Renee, this EFT process works through me, not by me.” She went from chronic pain to freedom and joy in just a couple of minutes. Her entire body was joyful.

EFT can and does take you from chronic pain to joy. Does it always work this quickly? Yes, and no, it depends on the individual. When she left the luncheon, Renee’s pain level was at a zero. She was FREE of it and experiencing total JOY!