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No More Back Pain With EFT

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Dear EFT Community,

Jasmine Bharathan shares how a client is now living a pain-free life and enjoying effortless movements in daily living thanks to using EFT tapping. The client continues to treat his back with EFT tapping, even though it does not hurt anymore.

– EFT Universe

By Jasmine Bharathan

Here is a stunning account of how EFT can be helpful even in the case of a structural problem.

One of my clients had been completely bed-ridden and paralyzed from the hip down for a year and a half after an accident that occurred around 8 years ago. After 3 months of homeopathic treatment, my client was able to walk, but from then on he suffered from constant agonizing pain in his lower back. An MRI scan of the lumbo-sacral spine showed partial destruction of lower discs in the spine and even some compression of a nerve root due to narrowing of the spinal pathways.

My client was keen on trying EFT for the pain as he was unable to sit on a chair, could not bend down to pick up anything from the floor, and had great difficulty getting into a car. In short, he had constant, agonizing pain day and night with no respite at all.

We used EFT in the following manner:

  • Chased the pain all over, as it kept shifting as we tapped.
  • Tapped on all the emotions about the current difficulties he was having due to the pain; in particular: frustrations about his inability to perform daily activities like others could do with ease, helplessness due to restricted movements, and anxiety about how long he could go on this way.
  • Two specific events using the Movie Technique, which were both connected to the belief “I should be punished.” The leads to these specific events emerged from the previous tapping.
  • We then tapped on the tail-enders that came up for “I enjoy ease in my movements and I have a healthy back.” There included the image of the MRI and the doctor’s verdict that “you will have to learn to live with this pain now.” The client’s inability to accept his back with this “damage” and rejecting the back as it was unhealthy were the “Yes, buts…”
  • We then tapped on “disassociating” the pain from the back, gratitude for the back and the backbone, and allowing healing to happen and well-being to be restored.

My client has been free of pain since then. It has now been a year and a half. He even ran 6 kilometers in the local marathon with absolutely no pain or discomfort!

His X ray to date shows no further damage or destruction. In fact, there is no change at all.

This was a structural problem that was “supposed to cause pain.”  However, the gentleman is living a completely pain-free life, enjoying easy and effortless movements in daily living. Although his back does not hurt anymore, he continues to treat his back with love and care, including continuing to use EFT.

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