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EFT for Clearing Artist’s Blocks

Dear EFT Community,

Certified EFT practitioner Catherine Laurel Brookes writes about using EFT in a creative way to help an artist client clear the obstacles preventing her from painting.

– EFT Universe

By Catherine Laurel Brookes, Certified EFT Practitioner

Meredith wanted to clear her painting blocks. We established her resistance to painting: “I don’t have time. I’m not worthy. It’ll take me years to be any good. Why bother, I’m only a dabbler, my parents and siblings were all frustrated, ‘wanna be’ artists–so who do I think I am to succeed at my art?”

We started by clearing her fear of outdoing her parents, then we moved down the list (above). The feelings she identified were anger and sadness. I encouraged her to get up and move while tapping on the anger.

We let the anger grow and expand to be as big as it wanted to be, while we tapped with appreciation for this anger’s protection of Meredith at a time when she was too vulnerable to entertain expressing herself through art. By honoring the shadow feelings, they seem to dissipate.

After her anger subsided, we brought in Picasso as her mentor. We asked him to share any beneficial downloads for Meredith.

When I asked her what she needed from him, she replied, “Confidence and play.” We tapped in confidence. We tapped on her resistance to play: “I can’t do art as play, that feels like cheating. My work should be struggle. That’s how I serve.”

I asked if Picasso had a message for her. It was: “There are other ways to serve, through art, that would serve you and others much better. I invite you to practice your favorite medium of art daily. Just for fun.”

That message created a breakthrough for Meredith. Her body tension subsided. We ended by tapping on statements affirming her inner artist. She said she felt free and happy and couldn’t wait to get off the phone and draw.