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EFT for Ending a Life of Mediocrity

Dear EFT Community,tapping into ultimate success

EFT practitioner, Aileen Nobles shares the story of her client, James who was living a life of mediocrity. Through EFT tapping, James was able to see the reasons why he kept holding himself back from success.


By Aileen Nobles

The reasons we choose to not excel are different, but living without believing we can realize our potential is doing ourselves a disservice. We are so much more than we sometimes think we are, and EFT can dissolve barriers to success.

My client, James was a bright, educated man stuck in mediocrity. Everything he did was the middle of the road. He had tried for years to imagine himself being more successful in his career as a lawyer, yet still he didn’t have as many clients as he wanted, and financially he was always just keeping his head above water.

Lately he had been feeling quite hopeless and depressed.

James also had a talent for painting, with some success, yet when offered the opportunity to have a show in a gallery, he became scared and never followed through.

As a child James was the eldest child of alcoholic parents. He was by far the brightest. He encouraged his brothers and tried to help them, but they felt he was teaching and preaching, and it caused fighting and anger. His parents expected him to keep the peace at home, and blamed him when the brothers fell behind with their school work.

Many times he was told, “You’re too big for your boots, thinking you’re so much better than your brothers.”

At school it was much the same, if he excelled his friends became jealous and began to ostracize him. He remembered being so miserable one night after the usual fighting with his brothers and verbal abuse from his inebriated parents, that he thought about suicide. He felt alone, unsupported and scared. He made a conscious choice that he wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. He wanted to be accepted, appreciated and to feel safe.

He fell into mediocrity.

We tapped:

Even if part of me says it’s not safe to be successful, I would love to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though it was so painful growing up…

Even though I disappointed my parents…

Even though I made my brothers feel stupid…

Even though I’m no good, I don’t deserve to be successful…

Even though I decided to not be too good, and not be too bad…

Even though somewhere in the middle is safe…

Even though if I do something really well it gets me into trouble and I lose friends, I disappoint my parents…

Even though I’m really very bright, it’s not safe to shine…

Even though I’m getting stuck, I’m choosing to stay here where it’s safe…

Even though I can’t visualize myself being successful in anything…

Even though I get a blank when I try and imagine it…

Even though it’s not safe to see myself different to others…

Even though I don’t want any more pain and rejection…

Even though mediocre is safe…

At this point James was feeling that a lot of the stuckness had shifted, however he still felt uncomfortable thinking about being successful. When asked where this feeling was, it seemed to be on his right hand side, he said it felt like it was separate from him yet attached. We tapped on this sub-personality and its belief that it was protecting him. With his eyes closed and tapping on the side of his hand he imagined this part becoming healed and whole and integrating with him.

We continued tapping:

Perhaps it’s safe to not be mediocre anymore.

Perhaps it’s safe to succeed.

It may have been a good choice when I was young, but that was then and this is now.

It wasn’t my job to take care of my brothers and I did the best I knew how. In fact I did a far better job than my parents. I’m pretty impressive now I think about it.

He then tapped on the side of his hand closed his eyes and imagined himself being successful. It was uncomfortable, but it was the first time he had been able to imagine good changes.

We tapped more on:

Even though it’s uncomfortable and unfamiliar to imagine myself with future success. I would like it to become familiar and comfortable.

As an adult I am safe now and ready to shine

I can dream and hope, as it’s safe now to do so, I’m safe.

I don’t have to have a ceiling anymore.

Good friends are going to be there for me and support me in my success. If they don’t then they are not good friends, and I don’t need them in my life anyway.

My art work is my joy and gift to others, and I am ready to get it out there.

My business is beginning to pick up until I have as many clients as I choose and deserve.

Now James was actually excited about visualizing his future. What a different person walked out of my office that day! James was the featured artist at a couple of galleries last year and is on his way up. He says he feels like a new man… the real James stood up thanks to EFT.

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