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Unexpected Claustrophobia

Dear Readers,

This submission from Carol Smith is a classic case of how the benefits of EFT are often delayed.

-Will M.

By Carol Smith

Recently I was taken quite by surprise when a huge rush of claustrophobia hit me.

Lets start a year ago to set this up. As a student of EFT, part of my training was to do the Personal Peace Procedure of listing all of my own possible “issues” to tap on, then working through them one by one. One of them was a life-long fear of small/tight spaces.  I dutifully tapped on this issue many times.

Later, I was called upon by a client to go into the crawl space of their home to check on a plumbing problem. I took on the event and did just fine. I felt confident that the claustrophobia was behind me.

Case closed.

Which brings me to last week. I needed to get my first ever audiology test for a tinnitus issue. The receptionist escorted me into a dead-end small hallway to wait for the audiologist to come and we would enter the sound-proof rooms for testing. While I paced around waiting, I decided to go into one of the testing rooms to see what was there. At first I was feeling ok… but when I got back in the hall I was blindsided by that old feeling of claustrophobia and panic at the thought of being enclosed in that tiny room.

Fortunately, I remembered right away to start tapping on the feeling. As I paced, I tapped.  I did the setup phrases, reminder phrases, round after round. When I started this I was at about a 4 (on a scale of 0-10), after several rounds I was at an 8! It was all accelerating very quickly. The emotions of fear and panic were so strong.  All I knew to do was keep tapping more rounds.

About that time the audiologist arrived and asked that we step into the tiny room together.  I was able to do that.  When we sat down I told her that I was having a problem with being upset about the room and claustrophobia.  By now on the scale I was at a 9.5, and started to cry.

I mentioned that I had been tapping on this problem using EFT. She said she knew about EFT, and had actually had a session with a practitioner while she lived for a short time in New Zealand. She said we could leave the door open (the one with the big red “panic” knob in the center of it) if that would help.

The audiologist said she had to be in the next room to do the testing and I would be in that tiny chamber all by myself. We really needed the door to be closed for the testing to be the most accurate. I took a few deep breaths and realized I was going to be just fine!  I was suddenly at a zero on that 0-10 scale.

The claustrophobia issue had vanished! All total from onset of panic and meltdown to the feeling of complete calm was about 5-8 minutes. I was re-reading an EFT book a couple of days later and it mentioned delayed results sometimes happen, but that doesn’t mean the EFT didn’t work at the time.

What an incredible personal reminder of how awesome a tool EFT actually is! Might there be other sneak attack issues that pop up in the future? Probably. Will I have the tools at my own fingertips to deal with them?

Yes, yes I will.

Tapping your solutions,

Carol Smith

Office:  541-935-0123

Cell:     541-285-7057


*The whole universe is conspiring to benefit me!*   –   W. Clement Stone