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Fear of Heights Resolved in EFT One-Minute Wonder

Dear EFT Community,EFT Manual by Dawson Church

Certified EFT practitioner Suzanne Lerner helps a woman overcome her fear of heights and is thrilled when an EFT “one-minute wonder” gives the woman the gift of enjoying one of the natural wonders of the world.

– EFT Universe

By Suzanne Lerner, Certified EFT Practitioner

A few months ago, I had a chance to visit the Grand Canyon. I noticed a woman standing back at the pavement, telling her friends to go ahead and that she would wait. She just stood there, while everyone else explored “Mathers Point,” a peninsula that juts out into the canyon, providing breathtaking views.

I gently approached her and asked if she had a fear of heights. “Oh yes, all my life!” she said. No way was she going out there! I offered to share a rather revolutionary technique that helps people overcome their fears. “After all, you’re just waiting for your friends.” Happily, “Marla” agreed.

On our first round, we simply used the Setup Statement:

Even though I’m afraid of heights, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (x3)

For the Reminder Phrase, I used various phrases as they came to me:

Afraid of heights, all my life

Who wouldn’t be, you could really hurt yourself

I’m not going out there, no way!

I don’t want to get hurt, it’s too scary.

When originally asked to rate her fear, Marla had said “a 10 plus!”

I wish I had photos to show her facial expressions, as some of her fear began to be relieved, by this “strange tapping.” After the first round, she was surprised that her fear had been reduced, so that she now rated it as an 8.

Our second round, I worked a little on her possible shame around the issue:

Even though it’s a little embarrassing, that all my friends are out there and I have to stay behind (is that true? I quickly checked in, and she nodded yes), I deeply and completely love and accept all of me, even the part of me that’s afraid.

Even though I feel a little stupid, like I should be able to just go out there, I choose to love and accept all of me.  This has been with me a long time.

Even though a part of me wishes I could just go out there, I choose to honor that I’m just not ready yet, and I choose to still deeply and completely love and accept myself the way I am.

Reminder Phrases:

This is embarrassing

I wish I could be more “normal,”

but it’s way too scary

It’s unbelievably high

They’re crazy to go out there

No way would I go there

I choose to accept where I’m at.

Now this is where it gets really interesting!  She was now at a 7 SUD level.  Having developed my intuition for many years, I’ve learned when and how to trust the inner “promptings” even when they do seem a bit odd.

And so, “getting out of the way,” I started talking about the railings in the third round:

So even though they must have really strong railings here, because this is a federal facility, and they have to be especially strong railings, there’s no way I’m going out there, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself for my decision.

Even though the railings are probably triple reinforced, because they probably know otherwise they’re going to get their “asses” sued (and Marla suddenly laughed, at the unexpectedness of this phrase), there’s still no way I’m going out there, beautiful views or not!

So even though the railings are probably military triple reinforced, I don’t care, I’ll come back another time, when I finally do feel safe.

Reminder phrases:

Those railings are triple reinforced

They can’t risk anyone falling

They’d get their asses sued (she chuckled again)

They must be military reinforced

They’re probably the strongest railings you can find,

otherwise they’d get sued in a minute

They’ve got to be some of the strongest railings in the world!

Just as I was about to continue, Marla interrupted me.

“Wait, wait! I’m ready!  I’m ready to go!”

WOW! One of those rare EFT “one-minute wonders!”

I told Marla that I would go out there with her, and at any time, if she felt distressed, we could stop and tap.

But that was hardly necessary. She was exhilarated. We walked down the stairs and out onto the 50-foot peninsula. She chose to stand in the very middle, away from the steepest drops, gazing out with wonder at all the beauty, with a smile of excitement, joy, and pride, as she took in her new ability to deal with heights, gazing at the steep cliffs and ravines, in all their multi-hued glory.

And then she asked, “Can I go over there?” And I replied, “Of course you can!” And she walked straight over to the railing, and looked over the edge.

This has to be one of the most challenging tests EVER for fear of heights–the Grand Canyon. And Marla was fine! In fact, she had one of the hugest smiles I’ve ever seen in my life. She had conquered her fear and could now really enjoy the view and her newfound freedom.