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EFT Tapping Appears to Help Heal an ACL Tear

EFT Tapping Appears to Help Heal an ACL Tear

Dear EFT Community,

I’ve had a couple of experiences of rapid connective tissue healing like the one below described below. The odd thing here is that my medical reading assures me that connective tissue injuries take a very long time to heal. So my mind doesn’t believe what’s actually happening, yet it does!

– Dawson Church, PhD

By G. Tarawhiti

I was injured in a sports accident incurring an ACL injury (anterior cruciate ligament) and a meniscus cartilage tear.

Basically this means I had ligament and cartilage tears in my knee, I was immediately referred to specialists, had MRI’s and then told I would need major surgery and I would have difficulty with my knee for the rest of my life.

As an EFT practitioner, I decided to take the diagnosis with a grain of salt. I chose to postpone any surgery against specialist and surgeon advice. I took my own healing journey using EFT religiously for everything from the pain, to feeling stupid for letting it happen, to over-stretching, to blaming everyone else and all of my thoughts around the injury.

“Even though I feel [name feeling], I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Five days after I started tapping I was back doing some light training, 2 weeks after that I was doing even more training and everyone tried to tell me that is was not a good idea–that I should slow down or not train at all.

I was feeling good. I still obviously had an injury, but I knew my limits and continued to tap and train anyway.

When I went for a second MRI, my specialist remarked that he couldn’t believe the ACL tears seemed to be gone. He kept going back and forth between the first and the second MRI images and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He shared with me that he never in his entire career see an injury like the one I had experienced simply disappear. It made me laugh that he refused to say, “Fixed itself.”

But there it was on his screen in the before and after images of no ACL tear.

When he asked me what I had done over the prior 4 months I told him. I went back to training straight away and that I was doing a form of physiotherapy, and I knew he had to ask what it was, so I explained in as much technical terminology as I could muster about Emotional Freedom Techniques.

He stared at me for a moment then he said, “Well, you will do me out of a job, if anyone else finds out about this!” We both laughed. He looked at me and said, “No! I’m not joking.”

I am grateful that my injury is minor and only involves microscopic day surgery of which I’ve agreed to have since there will be no slicing or dicing.

To all you sports people out there EFT works, it really does.