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EFT Universe Press Releases


Mind to Matter Named Best Health Book of the Year
Former National Gymnast Champions New Sports Performance Technique
Acupressure-Based Technique Is Highly Effective at Treating Anxiety
Help for Haitian Orphans With PTSD
Study Finds EFT Reduces Food Cravings and Weight Loss
Dream to Freedom
For Cost of One Drug, Military Might Have Cured 86% of Veterans With PTSD
New Study Shows Dramatic Reduction of PTSD in 86% of Veterans
New Research Reveals Long-term Weight Loss Is Possible
Study Finds EFT Tapping Lowers Cortisol Significantly
Novel Therapy Changes Gene Expression
EFT Hearings in Congress
EFT for Fibromyalgia
How to Use EFT to Dramatically Solve Your Sleep Problems
Strategic Alliance to Bring Stress-Reduction Therapy to Global Audience
Transforming Lives Globally: EFT Universe’s Science-Based Healing Techniques Enhanced by Alliance with Cosmic Media