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Self-Transformative Energy Tools

You Deserve to Live a High-energy and Vibrant Life!

The breakthroughs found in energy healing can take you there.

The Self-Transformative Energy Tools program is your best introduction to this exciting new field. Not only does it cover the science that underlies energy healing, it also gives you an introduction to 12 evidence-based techniques ranging from Qigong to Earthing.

The program includes the first two modules of the Ultimate EFT Certification program. If you decide after completing them to proceed on to certification, the work you’ve done here counts toward your training.

Enroll for these two modules together, combined in the Self-Transformative Energy Tools program, and you’ll save $100 off taking the two courses separately.

Prerequisites: None.

You will be saving $100 off the cost of enrolling in the 2 modules that are contained in this course.



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