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A Four-Word Phrase in EFT That Often Clears Depression

Dear EFT Community,

Expert EFT Practitioner and trainer Valerie Lis suggest a simple, sometimes provocative tapping phrase that can discover hidden aspects and lead to resolution.

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– EFT Universe

By Valerie Lis, Expert EFT Practitioner

When do I use a positive tapping statement? This is a common question from students in my EFT workshops.

My answer, “When the positive is really the negative,” usually results in a blank stare. So I continue with the explanation and- at the same time- reveal a powerful four-word tapping phrase that often clears depression.

To a person who is happy, these four words are simply a statement of fact. But, to someone who is feeling depressed, they are loaded with resistance.

These words have a negative emotional charge and represent the source of their problem. They evoke anger, resentment, frustration, hurt, and sadness. These words stop a person who is depressed from feeling happiness and joy.

The four-word tapping phrase: “I am soooo happy!” is repeated at every tapping point.

It is said out loud and with great enthusiasm. After a few rounds, “I am such a happy person!” may be added. Tapping with one or both of these phrases usually resolves the underlying emotions and begins the recovery process.

“Even though I [state problem or feeling], I am a happy person because I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“I am such a happy person.”

“I am soooo happy.”

“I am such a happy person.”

“I am soooo happy.”

“I am such a happy person.”

“I am soooo happy.”

I have had hundreds of clients break through depression using this technique.

It has been interesting to share their experiences. Usually shocked and confused, they cannot believe that I am asking them to lie. They may throw a swear word into the phrase, but they comply.

As they tap, their face changes. Their eyes shift in appearance from dull to sparkling.

After tapping for a few minutes, most say that the words now ring true–they see themselves capable of experiencing happiness. At least, they say, they are open to the possibility.

Of course, using this four-word phrase just begins the process. To clear depression, more tapping should be done over time to look for any hidden aspects.

This is also a clear example on when positive statements should be used. A phrase may create an emotional charge in some people, but not in others. When the phrase has negative results, e.g., when the positive is really the negative, it is a good statement to use.

Understanding this concept helps in the choice of tapping phrases and increases the effectiveness of EFT.