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A Unique Way to Expand EFT

Dear EFT Community,Rebecca Marina tells how she took a method used in the best-selling “Book of Afformations” by Noah St John and turned it into a unique way to expand EFT.

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By Rebecca Marina

At my recent EFT seminar on Money, I introduced a way to use EFT that dramatically transformed “resistance.”

I had just read the best-selling book “The Great Little Book of Afformations” by Noah St John and Denise Beard.  In this book, the authors talk about the problem with ordinary “affirmations.”

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t work so well … especially if the affirmation is vastly different from where you are now.

For instance, if you are broke and weigh 300 pounds and affirm, “I am rich and weigh 125 pounds!”  A little voice often comes in your head and says, “Are you crazy? You are nowhere near that!”

Sound familiar?

The authors state that the human brain is always searching for answers to QUESTIONS.

Think about it – every great thing first started as a question.  How can I make more money?  How can I lose weight?  How can I be happier?  The brain has what psychologists call “the embedded presupposition factor” or as explained by one EFT Master, “The reticular formation” or in plain English, your built-in radar.

In short, when you ask yourself a question, there is no resistance, the brain just gets busy working on a solution.

At my recent EFT seminar, I introduced this method and we used the “afformations” in our EFT setups.  It worked just wonderfully and all the participants reported that there was a noticeable “ease” that came with phrasing the positive as a question.

Here are some specific examples of how we used EFT and Afformations.  Since the EFT seminar was about abundance the setups had a lot to do with that topic.  First we tapped on the problem.

Problem: Even though I have trouble attracting money…

Then Afformation: Why is it getting easier for me to attract money?

Problem: Even though I can’t forgive my parents for all they put me through…

Afformation: Why am I finding it easier to forgive?

Problem: Even though I weigh far more than is healthy…

Afformation: Why am I making healthier choices?

Problem: Even though I hate to exercise…

Afformation: Why am I finding it easier to exercise?

Make sure to “tap in” that afformation.  If you want to start your day with some positive tapping you could have a round like this.  Tapping just on the positive–

Why is this day so fabulous?

Why do people love me so much?

Why do I attract the best customers?

Why is life so good to me?

Why am I attracting the love of my life?

Why am I attracting the answers to so many of my problems?

Remember, the afformations are powerful by themselves but when you add the EFT, you really kick it up a notch.

If you use this Afformation system, make sure to give credit to the authors of ‘The Great Little Book of Afformations‘ (for the “afformation” part) Noah St John and Denise Beard.