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Benefits of 90-Minute vs. Hour EFT Sessions

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Dear EFT Community,

In this succinct article, Certified EFT Practitioner Sara Illig explains why she prefers 90-minute EFT sessions with her clients to the standard 60-minute approach.

– EFT Universe

By Sara Illig, Certified EFT Practitioner Sara

I have always been a proponent of a longer, 90-minute EFT session.

Although one-minute miracles in Emotional Freedom Techniques are an incredible experience, I often find that some core issues can be buried enough to evade a normal 60-minute EFT session.

People often try to protect themselves with distraction tactics and will jump from one memory to another in a flash of a second. I like to honor the experience by allowing them their own process. Reeling it in to work on one specific memory may be enough. Frequently, however, there is more than one core belief entangled in an unwanted trait or pesky habit.

A longer EFT session is perfect to clear something more thoroughly and allows time to do a check to see if there are any additional core issues or beliefs involved. It also allows time to test more results and to dive in and see what type of homework may be useful for the client.

Only one core issue for the day?

Then someone might also have a lighter issue that can be cleared in the same session, albeit an unrelated topic.

Feeling good and don’t want to dive into a second issue?

A client often feels like they have accomplished something good and will feel rewarded if they get out of session 10 minutes early on occasion. Sometimes clients may need to collect themselves peacefully for a moment before moving back into the outside world.

Taking your time with the session allows space to stretch and breathes room into the connection, leading ultimately to a deeper reward.