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EcoMeditation Participant Comments

EcoMeditation Participant Comments

For the first time in many years, I felt deep peace. I’m still in amazement that I can meditate after failing at every other meditation method I’ve tried! –Cristianna Ortiz

The morning following the class was the first time I had ever successfully meditated–in my entire life. All 52 years of it. I’m not someone who’s calm, ever. And I was. What a revelation! –Susan Albers, MD

This was a deeper way of relaxation and tuning into myself than anything else I’ve tried. I received vivid pictures from my subconscious. I was able to actualize my thoughts and consciousness in the form of clear guidance. –Harry Lenz, RN

I dropped into a deeper state than I’ve ever experienced before. It was so comforting to have my hyper-active nervous system ratchet down. I felt the presence of an “invisible counselor” who is here to support me. –Ron Leskowicz, MD

I have had a hard time meditating and this system has at last helped me “get it.” I practiced patience with myself, found a safe place, and felt in tune with my inner guidance. –Ashley Glicksohn

This form of meditation, EcoMeditation, was very easy to do, despite my skepticism and doubt. I had detailed and profound images arise from my subconscious mind, like a vivid waking dream. I felt deep peace. –LaDon Harrison, LCSW

I met and communicated with two wonderful inner guides while doing EcoMeditation, and received inspirational messages from them. –Teddy Schnetz, MFT

I benefited greatly from the EcoMeditation – it was simple, doable, effective. I personally love all the science as well behind this method! –Iva Tashlick

I found my invisible counselor, and experienced healing of trauma I didn’t know I had. I have this expansive and creative feeling in my body now where the hurt used to live. –Mei Huawei

At last, a meditative state is easily achievable for me! The course opened my eyes to the potential of a consistent practice. When the science was tied in, the “why” of meditation at last made sense. –Ben Goldstein

I’ve suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder for a long time, and I loved this way of springing myself from the trap of that behavior. –Pierce Vander

I have never been successful at all the forms of meditation I’ve tried because sitting still is impossible for me. EcoMeditation was an astonishment of stillness. Now I’m confident I can meditate in the future. Assurance, acceptance, excitement, insight, all came together in the course. Wow! –James Gold

I feel deeply relaxed when I do this. I’m excited about creating new patterns of behavior in my brain, and I feel a comforting sense of guidance. –Marge Ellen R.

This special experience brought me to tears. I am so thankful. This is a practice I can take home and do every day. What a great way to ease into a profound meditative state. –David Street

Combining EFT tapping with EcoMeditation helps me let go of anxiety and unproductive old patterns, change them long term, and opens up new opportunities in my mind. –Ken B.

The EcoMeditation process invoked loving-kindness toward myself while deepening into meditation more quickly than I’d ever experienced before. –Pamela Norton

What I love about EcoMeditation is that it removes any need for a belief system from meditation. Any reservations I had about religious undertones are cleared up. By breaking the process into a clear sequence of steps that have physiological effects, I am able to get into a deeper and more relaxed state than I’ve ever been able to do before. –Jodie Burus

I feel more relaxed and my thinking is now clear. I’m willing to accept myself just the way I am. And know that there are many things I now really can change. –Joyce Q.

EcoMediation took me to new and unfamiliar inner territory. It liberated me from the limitations I’ve felt, and took me to a quiet and profound space. I want to do this more, and keep going deeper. –Terrie Tressure

EcoMeditation makes me calmer, more relaxed, and gives me a clearer mind. It was powerful for me to break the old thinking process and let go of the unpleasant memories that I usually dwell on. For the first time in my life, when I remembered bad events, I didn’t become anxious. I just could not believe it when I talked to a friend about it later and still felt no anxiety. I feel very grateful and I will apply this technique on a regular basis. –Maaike Linnenkamp

Letter about EcoMeditation Experience

An Iraq war veteran, Bryce Rogow, wrote a moving story about his experience with EcoMeditation, and how it’s helping him heal from traumatic combat experiences. You can read it here.