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EFT and Byron Katie’s “The Work”

Manfred Luck of Australia shares his views on how difficult it is for us to shed our old story. His article delves into how focussing on what we do to others, rather than what they do to us, is the key to healing. E-mail Manfred and visit Manfred’s website.

By Manfred Luck

You asked for results achieved and innovative ways of applying the techniques so I’ll share.

My appreciation for the gift of EFT is enormous. I’ve been using it in my practice for about 4 years mostly over the phone and on myself and I’ve yet to see a condition that it cannot relieve.

While relief of pain and suffering and even major increases in peace and happiness are pretty much a given, I notice that many clients, including myself, seem to have an almost bottomless

number of issues and an infinite number of ways to make themselves miserable no matter how many core issues are dealt with over how many lifetimes using all my EFT and NLP skills and everything else I know.

Many of us are deeply attached if not addicted to our story and while we don’t want to hurt that much and are willing to tap for the painful bits we don’t know how to give up the story.

More and more I notice it’s not what was done to me that creates the distortions, but what I did to them and myself. Even if they did 99% to me it’s the 1% I did that is so often the key to real healing.

There’s treating the symptom, curing the condition, and healing the person. All three can be done.

Byron Katie’s enquiry process  http://www.thework.com/index.php is a nice gift. It’s really just 4 questions and some turnarounds. The simplest methods are usually the most powerful.

Very workable as long as you don’t just do it as a head thing but take the questions inside and let the answers find you.

Lends itself nicely to EFT as you can do both processes at the same time.

Take any painful incident/table leg/major tree in the forest and after cleaning out all the emotional aspects, beliefs, spiritual attachments, sins, etc., ask what was the lie that you became attached to at that time.

Muscle testing will show that there’s always one, if not more.  Be specific and get the essence of the lie.

Put it up against the 4 questions and the turnarounds and the context will shift to a much deeper level.

Some Examples that I’ve found:

He should have respected me.

I’m not getting what I need from them.

I need my partner to have fun so I don’t feel guilty.

I have to modify and be what others want me to be.

I don’t love you.

I have to sacrifice myself for others ‘cause they can’t do it themselves.

I want revenge on them till they tell the truth.

People should tell the truth.

I need to hide from God now.

There’s an infinite number of these. This is our religion and story and can become our identity.  Our perceptions feed us back the distorted projections that prove these concepts to be true until we wake up and question them.  Explains why people usually grow so slowly in consciousness.  An endless feedback loop.

It helps to be specific, I find, in the languaging of the concepts. Get the essence not just the appearance.

After exploring the truth of the statements with the 4 questions and what they’ve done to your life through believing and living them, the turnarounds open up a rich vein.

“I’m not getting what I need from them” could turn around to “They’re not getting what they need from me.” Or, “I’m not getting what I need from me,” so I’ll get it from them.

Finding genuine specific examples of where that’s true will give you more stuff to tap on and release a lot of guilt.

These can look like NLP reframes at first but they’re actually quite different.

“People should tell the truth” can go to “People shouldn’t tell the truth.” We know that turnaround is true on this planet because they don’t… not until they do.

So let me stop fighting with reality and live the turnaround “I should tell the truth.”

Then I can stop needing and demanding it from them. And then there’s peace.  And someone living and teaching it by what they have become.

As I’m in a hurry to be free I’ve grown impatient with endless tapping on the current bother. The personal peace procedure gave me great relief and left me wanting to go deeper.

To go deeper, a clearly defined context that contains dysfuntionality, and the willingness to address it, seems to be needed.

Some useful ones I’ve been working with is to muscle test the level of energy in each chakra and whether it’s reversed. Then take the ones that calibrate low and test for specific incidents involving that chakra.

You can find when, where, who, what, with muscle testing to tune in to it and collapse the distortions with EFT and enquiry.

I’ve noticed that the really signifigant and distorting incidents are mostly out of awareness and unconscious. Hardly surprising.

I don’t know any other way to locate them except with muscle testing.

Some other examples of clearly defined contexts: Joie de vivre [joy of living] elan vital, the inner child, adult, or parent.

Or what is the level of consciousness in relation to sexuality, money and resources, work.

Any arena of life that is distressed can be addressed as long as I am to some degree separate from and thus conscious of the distress.

A caveat is that if you haven’t cleared it in yourself, you won’t be able to clear it in another.

You won’t even see it and it will muscle test as being not applicable.

Clearing it in yourself involves first becoming conscious that there even is an issue.

Then your intention can begin to collapse the wave function of that potentiality to an actuality that you can then come to grips with in yourself and another.

Consciousness has it’s intrinsic integrity.

Manfred Luck