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EFT Tapping and Visualization Eliminates Limiting Beliefs

EFT Tapping and Visualization Eliminates Limiting Beliefs

By Kiran Zehra Haider, MSE

Here is my clever combination of EFT tapping and visualization to eliminate limiting beliefs–those ideas we hold deep inside about ourselves that set the boundaries for our experience in life. 

Beliefs that say I can only go so far because “I’m not good enough,” or “I don’t know enough,” or “I don’t deserve more than that,” etc.

The nice thing about the setup statement in EFT is that it shows us what our limiting beliefs are. 

For example, while tapping on fears around giving a presentation, I may say something like this:

Even though I’m afraid I’ll forget some important point and people won’t respect me…

Even though I don’t know enough to teach a class in EFT…

Even though I’ve never done this before…

I think I have to learn more, earn a degree, go to another seminar, somehow become an authority, then I can teach this to others.  These beliefs limit how we function in the world.  In fact, however much EFT you have learned, it is a great deal more than a large number of the people in the world know, which is nothing. 

So how can we combine visualization and EFT to neutralize these limiting beliefs?  Just start tapping on the Karate Chop point and begin rambling to yourself about the different aspects of your limiting belief. 

For example:

Even though I don’t think I really know enough to go out and offer classes in EFT…

Even though I thought it wasn’t bothering me, it really is…

Even though that makes me feel nervous…

Even though I’m really anxious about trying to do this professionally…

Even though I’m thinking about that again and it’s hurting my shoulder…

Just keep tapping on anything that comes up while you tap all the usual points. 

For example:

This doubt

This feeling I’m not good enough

This feeling i don’t know enough

This old stuff again

This worry and doubt in my shoulder

This feeling inadequate

This feeling undeserving

While tapping, ask yourself:

If I could see my fear or limiting belief, what would it look like?  How do I feel when I hold that thought in my mind about myself?  Where is it inside of me?  How do I appear when I have thought about myself?  What is my posture?  What expression do I have on my face?

Once you have an image in mind, resume tapping while you hold that image.  Then formulate a positive choice statement and come up with an image of yourself that matches that choice. 

For example:

I choose to feel calm and confident.

How do you look to yourself when you hold that thought in your mind?  I like to imagine myself walking and talking, joking and smiling and gesturing.  Follow Dr. Pat Carrington’s Choices tapping procedure while holding both pictures in your mind. 

The negative image will begin to fade and recede into the background while the positive statement becomes larger, clearer and brighter.

Once you have the positive image firmly established and your limiting belief neutralized, try tapping the positive feeling and the image into your third eye point between the two eyebrows.  This is a really great way fix the work you’ve done into your subconscious mind so you can easily access both the feeling and the image when you are actually in the situation you imagined.