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EFT Tapping as a Morning Eye-opener

EFT Tapping as a Morning Eye-opener

Dear EFT Community,

David Maclean offers the suggestion that EFT tapping be a part of your morning wake-up regimen to set your day and at night before falling asleep to relax and let the day go.


By David Maclean

If you’re the type of person who takes quite a while before you fully “come round” in the morning, like me, then this article if for you.

Being an enthusiastic EFT tapper of 3 years I decided to see if it could help energize me upon awakening in the mornings.

My daily routine is:

First thing after getting out of bed I sit in a comfy chair, close my eyes and tap away on the major tapping points while repeating a simple phrase.

Tap with:

“Even though it’s early in the morning, I feel fully refreshed and energized.”

or if I wake up with tired eyes I’ll use:

“Even though my eyes feel tired at this moment, I deeply and completely accept myself as my eyesight is getting better and better each second.”

Sometimes I’ll use affirmations such as:

“I feel confident and optimistic!”

“I am excited about this day!”

Usually I do 2 rounds of tapping for a total time of 2-3 minutes, and the results have been excellent. My mental focus quickly improves, my vision gets clearer far faster, and I find that after doing tapping everything just “clicks” and goes my way for the rest of the day. 

EFT tapping is also perfect to help relax before retiring to bed.

In the evening I use the phrases:

“Even though [XYZ happened today] I deeply and completely accept myself and I feel calm and relaxed” or

“Even though [XYZ] I deeply and completely accept myself and I will enjoy getting a full night’s sleep.

Test this out for yourself. EFT is so versatile it works on starting and ending your day in the right frame of mind.