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Living Your Dreams with EFT Hero Technique

Living Your Dreams with EFT Hero Techniquesecond chance at your dream book

Part 1 of 2: The Hero Technique

Part 2 of 2: How to Use the Hero Technique to Achieve Your Dreams!

By Ryan Kurczak

Part 1 of 2 – The Hero Technique

Here is a personal formula using EFT I discovered by accident that I now often use with my clients to help them achieve their goals. I call it “The Hero Technique.”  I’ve used it for people who want to make more money, a client who has cancer, a client who wanted to become more fit, and personally in my life to improve my musical abilities.

In this article I will share how I discovered it and achieved what I never thought possible within my own life and also outline how I now use it with my clients.

It is my hope that this formula will assist others in achieving their dreams. After all, that is why we are really here, to live our dreams!

I decided to sell all of my musical equipment, including my most prized Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar. I had been playing guitar for over 16 years and had always dreamed of being in a rock and roll band. More specifically, I idolized the guitarist Jimmy Page and the music of Led Zeppelin.

If I had it my way, I would’ve been in a Led Zeppelin tribute band. I thought this dream I’d had for years was as likely to happen as it was for me to meet Jimmy Page himself at our community mall. I decided to put my guitars on eBay and close this “fantasy” chapter in my life.

A funny thing happened while my guitars sat on eBay racking up the bids. I had been reading about the EFT concept of the Palace of Possibilities. I thought to myself, could it be the writing on my walls that is preventing me from playing in a rock and roll band? (Remember, I had been playing guitar for around 16 years by this point and had the talent to play in a band for the last 10 years, but for some reason it NEVER worked out. Believe me, I had tried.)

I got out my live recordings of Led Zeppelin, which include two DVDs and over five hours of live music.

I sat in front of my computer screen with my guitar in hand and began watching and listening. I tuned in to my internal feelings about playing guitar like Jimmy Page or being in a band as creative and passionate as Led Zeppelin. I began to notice a few things.

First I noticed that I did not think I had the talent to play as expertly as Jimmy Page (even though most musicians consider him a sloppy guitar player live).

I noticed that I did not feel deserving to be in a band doing what I love. Thoughts of my father and memories of him telling me to turn my music down came to mind.

I then noticed that I got nervous and anxious inside at the thought of baring my soul in front of a crowd as large as Madison Square Garden with my guitar, or any crowd at all for that matter.

This all occurred during the first three songs on the DVD. So I tapped on the following phrases until there was absolutely no intensity.

Most of these phrases actually brought an intensity of at least a 7-8 in regards to fear before the tapping.

Even though I could never be as good as Jimmy Page…

Even though I don’t deserve to enjoy what I love, playing guitar, because of my father…

Even though I could never bare my soul in front of that many people…

It took about 15 minutes of watching more videos and tuning in to these feelings while tapping until the intensities were completely gone. Keep in mind, I did what EFT practitioners sometimes recommend. I got really emphatic about these feelings and phrases. I put my heart and soul into this tapping session! Luckily, the music was loud enough so my wife couldn’t hear me!

Since I had been at this for about a half hour, I decided to take a break and just play my guitar for a bit. I immediately noticed that not only was I more relaxed, but I found that I could play lead runs that I had never been able to play before. When I noted this, I realized I had a few more days before my guitars sold to finish watching the remaining 4.5 hours of the DVDs and tap out all the rest of my musical insecurities.

Over the next few days, it become more and more apparent how much baggage I had hidden in regards to playing music. (There were many phrases I tapped on, but the ones with the most intensity I’ve recorded in this article.)

A few other phrases I tapped on that stuck out included:

Even though I have no right to play that well because it would make other people feel bad…

Even though no one wants to hear this kind of music anymore…

Even though I’ll never meet any other musicians I get along with…

After a while, specific phrases no longer came to mind, but I did have gut reactions that stirred up my emotions as I spent the remaining hours imagining myself playing like Led Zeppelin live. I just kept watching the video, imagining myself doing what I was watching, and tapped from the eyebrow point to under the arm until whatever emotion that surfaced subsided.

About halfway through, negative emotions were more rare. I began to experience more uplifting and enlivening emotions about the prospect of expressing myself on guitar with a band like that.

I began tapping on some positive phrases:

I love knowing the world needs guitar players like me.

I love knowing that playing music like this is a gift to the world.

I love knowing it is okay to have that much fun!

I love knowing this can be just as spiritual as meditating!

This is how what I call “The Hero Technique” began to take shape. I had my heroes who had accomplished exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I put myself in their shoes while watching a live performance of them and tapped out every contrary emotion that arose when I imagined doing this in my own life.

Then I began affirming any positive thought that arose while I tapped. (This later developed into a specific formula, which I will outline in part 2 of this article so you can repeat the process.)

Now here is the great part. Remember, I had never successfully pulled a band together in the 16 years I had been playing guitar. I had tried to create bands that played both original music and cover tunes. Within one week of going through this exercise, a drummer and bass player had found a random post I made on a website (9 months earlier) looking for musicians and contacted me to form a band, and not just any kind of band.

What kind of band? You guessed it, a Led Zeppelin tribute band!

Then one week later, a singer contacted me for the exact same reason!

In two weeks, what had been impossible for the last 16 years occurred without me even trying to create it. If you are a musician, you will also note that finding musicians who can actually play what Led Zeppelin created is no small task in itself. Every one of the musicians who contacted me was fully capable. Needless to say, I needed to get a new guitar! I got one, and we’ve been playing together for the last year.

In the next installment, I outline how the principles expressed in Part 1 can be put into an easy formula to use on yourself or with clients to achieve the dreams worth living.

Part 2 of 2: How to Use the Hero Technique to Achieve Your Dreams!

Here is the process I’ve used with clients and myself to achieve goals. I also like to share this in EFT classes to help students with a format to begin working on their prosperity consciousness and to attract the kind of work they want to do.

Apply this to yourself and teach it to others!

Step 1

Choose something you would like to achieve in life. This needs to be a goal that when you think about it, it just makes you giddy inside. This is a not a goal that others think you should want or achieve, or even something you think you should want to achieve because it is “good for you,” but something you really burn for, something that just makes you extremely happy inside.

The type of goal I am talking about is the one that when you share it with a friend, they say, “If only you could see the look on your face when you talk about that! You’re glowing!”

Step 2

Now think of someone you greatly admire who has achieved this dream already. This will be your hero to assist you in the process. For example, to improve my guitar playing, my hero was Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. The client who had cancer chose Lance Armstrong, because of Lance’s ability to heal his own life.

A person working toward greater fitness may choose a famous athlete, or a person aiming to attract more financial success might choose Bill Gates, Oprah, or Andrew Carnegie. It is also helpful if this person is someone you already look up to and admire instead of picking someone at random.

Step 3

Find out all you can about your hero. Read their biography. Read books they’ve written. Watch video clips or interviews of them. Take note of how you feel when you think of achieving what they have achieved. Take note of how your feel when you think of being as powerful as they are in their chosen field of success. Listen to their words or writings and note your state of mind when you read them. Does it make you feel good, jealous, happy, sad, frustrated to think of being like them?

The key here is to be acutely aware of your thoughts about their successes and your ability to do that too. Reading about them, watching them, listening to them, etc., are all ways to get you in tune with emotions about achieving that same thing.

Start with one emotion at a time. Read a little about them. Then think of achieving what you want. When emotions come up, identify them and tap on them. For example: Think of achieving the wealth of Bill Gates. Find some information about how he did it and read it. Then think about being that successful again.

The emotion of futility may come up and you may think, I’m not that lucky. He was in the right place at the right time. So tune in to that emotion and tap through the Basic Recipe on: Even though it’s pointless to try being as rich as Bill Gates

Tap until the feeling is gone. Then tune in again to being that rich. A new thought/emotion combo may come up. You may feel overwhelmed by all the responsibility of managing that much money and decide it’s not really worth it. Then tune in to the emotion of being overwhelmed and tap on: Even though all that responsibility is not worth all that money

Continue thinking about your goal and your hero and tuning in to the emotions that arise around achieving what you want. Continue tapping on all the negative feelings that arise until you are bored with the process. In my experience, this indicates you’ve probably tapped out as much as you can for the day.

If you begin to get even more excited about being as successful as your chosen hero instead of coming up with negative emotions, tap on those positive emotions. For example: I love the idea of being as rich as Bill Gates … I love how happy it makes me to be open to this opportunity. (Say this while tuning in to the thought of achieving your goal.)

Continue reading, watching, and thinking about being as successful as your hero. Tap on anything that arises. You really want to resonate with their state of consciousness and feel like it is completely natural for you to do that too. You want to feel as though you are in their circle and that they are really nothing special, because you are just as good as they are.

Step 4

Now to follow this up, make a list of all the things you think would be bad about achieving the goal you’ve chosen. I usually have clients pick five things at a time. For example, in regards to playing in a rock and roll band like Jimmy Page, I realize these five things would be unpleasant.

1. Getting up in front of a crowd.  (I was nervous!)

2. I’d have to memorize and learn all those songs and solos.  (That was more effort than I wanted to put into it.)

3. I’d have to try and get along with other musicians.  (In my experience, they were very hard to deal with.)

4. I was afraid of messing up the songs I loved.

5. I’d have to play in bars until way past my bedtime and that would throw off my schedule I liked to be on.

I took each one of these and tapped on what I thought was so bad about each aspect until they didn’t really seem like they were that important. If there are more negative concepts that would result from achieving a person’s goals after the first five are addressed, I have clients make a list of five more and work on those until there is really nothing they can think of that would be unpleasant.

Typically, after tapping on the negative consequences of achieving their goal, most people realized either what they thought was a consequence didn’t need to happen or they found an easy solution to manage it and were no longer paralyzed by the negative expectation.

Step 5

After feeling clear and confident implementing steps 1 through 4, I recommend that my clients turn their thoughts with more energy to the positive expression of their goals. So I have them think about all the great things that will occur from achieving the goal and tap on those positive feelings.  Most clients find this really energizing.

For example:  Here are a few positive examples from the client who emulated Lance Armstrong to assist in his healing process.

He realized he would be able to go hiking and spend more time in nature with plenty of energy.

He discovered that he would love to be able to begin and finish a book he’d had in his mind.

He was excited about the idea of building a cooperative eco-conscious community.

He was elated that he didn’t have to go back to work where he was last employed.

The possibility of achieving all these things once he was healed provided some serious motivation. I had him tune in to the joy of achieving these goals, as if his body was already completely healed and he had already achieved them, and had him tap on similar phrases to the following:

I love knowing how good it feels to hike all I want in nature with boundless energy.

I love the feeling that I have finally completed my book.

I love the joy of being a part of this community I’ve always dreamt about.

I love knowing I don’t have to work in a job like that ever again!

I advise people to tap and really get into the positive side of their dreams and goals.  It is my feeling that the more joy you can drum up and “tap in” the better!

Step 6

Now is the time for action.  Once you have been doing this for a while and are starting to run out of things to tap on, the time has come to begin doing what is necessary to achieve your goal. This may include taking simple baby steps that you know will get you there or simply find out what a good first step would be. The key is to begin in some way to work toward what you want.

Once you’ve taken the above steps as far as you can, you are now energetically aligned to attract and achieve what you want. This part of the process acknowledges to the universe that you are ready to work for what you want. It also brings more awareness to aspects you need to tap on that you missed earlier.

The use of EFT and imagination are great, but what most people miss is that they also need to “DO” something to achieve what they want. Sitting around and waiting for an opportunity is great and may very well pay off, but if you find yourself sitting around too long, start doing something, anything, that will get you started toward your goal.

Then more than likely opportunities will begin to appear, and the universe will help you out in ways you won’t expect.