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Dear EFT Community,

Miranda Sterling offers this EFT tapping tips for uncovering core issues. She provides guidance in the ever-important skill of asking questions to pinpoint issues needing tapping along with her “mental EFT tapping”

-Stephanie M

By Miranda Sterling

When you are working out in public, as I often am, any EFT tapping on your tapping points can seem a little too cumbersome, even if you’re just tapping on one particular spot.

One day I realized I could do EFT in my head.

Mental EFT

This is the way I’ve been doing EFT for almost a year now. I seldom do it physically anymore, except on other people, or when showing others how to tap. Most frequently, I will simply imagine the point in my mind, or imagine touching it, or just put my energy on that point, and take a breath. Some issues seem to want more “energy” or “movement” from me, so I might mentally tap or vibrate the point.

It may seem surprising, but I honestly find this imaginary EFT more effective than doing it physically, especially when I have a lot of ground I want to cover. It seems to me the points get a little tired when I tap physically. I feel a bit enervated, jangled. When I do it in my mind, the energy seems to flow more smoothly.

I feel pretty sure that many people might need more physical stimulation that physical tapping offers, or might be less inclined toward the active imagination required to keep track of mental tapping process in your head.

One-Point EFT

As I use Mental EFT, it is with two points, doing first the EFT Setup Statement using the Karate Chop point in my mind, and then a point on the xiphoid process of the sternum that is not mentioned in tapping literature, which is located at the lowest bit of cartilage on the breastbone, the last bone before the softer part of the belly, right on the center line of the body.

If you physically tap this point, you want to be gentle with this spot, because it is possible to break the xiphoid, but ordinary tapping should be fine. Just tap this spot and say the name of your issue. I find it helps, in most cases.

If it does not seem to be addressing the issue, you can always ask yourself, “Do I need to tap on any other points?” Then I usually just ask myself, “Face? Collarbone? Hand? 9 Gamut?” in that order and see if my gut tells me any other points are needed, if the xiphoid point doesn’t seem to be doing it.

My friend who studies Ohishiatsu says that there is an acupressure point on the xiphoid, but she doesn’t think it’s anything much. Perhaps this area is important in some other way. As it is, I don’t know why, but so far I’ve had this one point offer complete relief for about 75-80% of things I’ve tried with it, and my normal rate of complete success with EFT as I’ve been practicing it.

When I’ve used this one point with others, we’ve obtained at least some relief in 100% of the cases, and full relief in most. This is a small number of people, however.

Still, I think the combination of mental EFT and muscle testing is very powerful, and also offers a great deal of promise for remote work, testing and tapping others who might be far away. At the very least, it’s much safer to do in traffic!