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EFT Essentials

Using EFT For ...

Turning Thoughts to Things Schedule Itinerary

Registration. Releases. 8 item questionnaire

Arrive 15 mins early. Music.

The Units and descriptions below are an outline and substitutions may be made based on the nature of the audience and the time available.


Unit 1
Presentation: What Things Can Thoughts Change?

Unit 2
Presentation: Emergence

  • Experiencing Coherent Mind

Unit 3
Presentation: Energy Flows in the Brain
Muse Headband Demo

Unit 4
Presentation: Energy Flows in the Body
Acupen Demo
EFT Tapping Experience

  • Tapping Pain Away

Unit 5
Presentation: Energy Flows Between Living Beings

Energy Ball Demo

  • Visualizing the Energy Body

Unit 6
Presentation: Vibrational Energy Configures Matter
Chladni Plates Demo
Water Speakers Demo

Unit 7
Presentation: The Brain’s Energy Field
Qigong Demo

Unit 8
Presentation: What Brain Waves Do

Unit 9
Presentation: The Field in which Cells are Born

Unit 10
Presentation: How Mind Becomes Brain

Unit 11
Presentation: Attuning Mind to Universe


  • Attuning to Universal Intelligence

Unit 12
Presentation: The Practices of Attunement

Closing Circle
Presentation: High Mind = High Matter
Making a Commitment to Self
8 item questionnaire post

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