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When EFT Doesn’t Work Instantly

Dear EFT Community,

When EFT doesn’t work instantly, many people give up thinking that it just doesn’t work. Karen Stock writes this interesting article and offers advice on how to approach chronic and stuck conditions which simply do not seem to respond. 


By Karen Stock

This is a discussion for better understanding on how to deal with chronic and stuck issues when people do not seem to have results with EFT.

The process of EFT has been described in many different ways now.  However, a lot of people struggle with chronic conditions that seem to be very difficult to get any changes and results with.  I wrote this article specifically for people who are new to EFT and feel disappointed when EFT does not provide the fast results that they were expecting. 

Also, beginners do not have access to the more advanced EFT techniques and might get discouraged rather fast and might think that EFT does not really work for them.  I have heard these kinds of comments many times now.

I am finding that chronic conditions often need a lot more work and often do not respond to fast tapping.  

Instead it is better to tap much more slowly.  My explanation for that is that sometimes chronic conditions might have very thick energy layers that need to get dissolved.  The issues might be heavily engrained in the energy field of the person and form a significant part of the personality.  There could be a large resistance towards change. 

Changing the energetic vibration then might mean changing certain personality traits.  Often the person is not aware of such dynamics and is very resistant to change and EFT does not seem to work. 

For people who struggle with chronic issues, I recommend to tap slower, to hold the tapping spots longer and start observing of what one might feel and what insights might come to mind.  In my experience, it can take up to several hours for a new insight to emerge.  Other times, I have observed that the new information shows up a day or even several days later when one is involved in other activities. 

In one instance, I experienced a significant change on an issue that I had worked on six months earlier. 

At the time, I thought that nothing had worked and there was no change in the energy field.  I did not feel anything and had no new insights.  But when the change occurred I was able to connect it to the treatment six months earlier right away.  I would like to say that the Universe is always smarter and knows when the time is right for change.

In a way, the person is being energetically prepared to be open to new insights about themselves and in relation to others.  Part of the process of EFT is learning new ways about life in a way of ever expanding our horizons of understanding. 

I found that it sometimes means that people take on a new hobby or classes and read books they would have never read before so that the learning and healing can take place through new ways of understanding.  Perhaps the interaction with other people is needed for the new learning and growing phase of a person instead of resulting directly out of the EFT process.

Based on my collected EFT experiences I have observed three distinct stages to dissolving very stubborn issues:

Stage 1:

When one starts tapping for the first time on an issue, one has started the process. 

This is the beginning even if one might not feel any physical changes.  With difficult or hard-to-dissolve issues the first rounds of tapping often bring a distance to the issues.  Sometimes when the issue is ‘very heavy’ – a feeling of distance can be very subtle and is hardly recognisable.  At times the issue seems to get stronger and more intensive for a while before it starts to diminish in intensity. 

This can go on for several months depending on how ‘thick’ the energy layers are that need to be resolved.  Buddhist traditions often teach the ‘vibrating off’ energies in order to clear unhealthy energies. 

According to Buddhist practitioners, this can take up to two years depending on the conditions.  My experience is that also with EFT, a certain number of people have to go through this ‘vibrating off’ phase in order to clear the disturbing energies.  Feel out your tapping spots which is the best tapping spot for you to hold in order to ‘vibrate off’ energy.  If you do this regularly every morning and evening for a few minutes to one hour, you will feel changes with time.

It is important to keep tapping and tapping until the distance to the issue becomes more noticeable and less and less intensive.  This is an indication that the ‘energy’ is changing.  Look at this as success and keep tapping even if this means that you might have to tap on the same issue day after day for several months. 

One day a significant shift will occur.

Another way of looking at this might be: Wounds get covered by crusts that later develop into scars.  A crust can be hard and thick.  When dealing with a crust it might take a while for it to fall off.  Sometimes we have to tap through crusts to get to the wound.  Also, sometimes when we peel a crust we rip off the new skin and the wound starts to bleed again. 

However, once we have reached the wound it heals much faster with tapping.  Other times the crusts have already developed into scars. 

Scars can be very thick.  With big scars it takes extra medical effort and special tools to remove them.  Perhaps when one deals with a thick scar, the work with a skilful EFT practitioner is needed who has a lot more tools than a beginner.  For a person who works with EFT on their own this might then take a lot more effort and time in order to get to the healing results.

It seems like that stage 1 is often the most ‘work intensive’ stage for issues that are hard to work on.  Based on my experience this is where most people give up.

Additional Note:

Sometimes, I have cleared issues with only going through the negative without any positive statements.  Saying the negative over and over with tapping clears the energy for some issues.  Once the negative is cleared the healthy way just shows up.  And one does not have to struggle with the so called ‘positives.’ 

Often our subconscious mind is very resistant to the ‘positives’ and just will not accept them.  When I notice such a strong resistance then I tap only with the negative.  And it works — with time.

Stage 2:

Anyways with time (this can be hours, weeks and even months), for all of the sudden the issue then enters Stage 2.  It is like having cleared this ‘layer of energy,’ peeled off the ‘crust,’ or softened the ‘scar’ to reach the next level.  Depending on how thick this energy layer, the crust or the scar is, it might take only a few rounds of EFT or many more. 

I have tapped on some issues over three days in order to reach Stage 2, others have taken several months and others continue to be an on-going process. 

Some newsletter contributions have clearly indicated that people had to tap for months and even up to two years in order to reach success. 

This means continuous tapping on the issue several times a day with several rounds.  I have found that sometimes just acknowledging the problem over and over leads to progress instead of finding new ways of expressing yourself about the issue.  Try what works best for you.  For others a large variety in expression might be more useful.

It you feel that the issue is not moving at all, try and find a different viewpoint or feeling on it.  Sometimes this makes all the difference and the ‘energy’ of the issue starts to move.

Even though I have this problem, I truly love and I accept myself.

Even though I have this problem, I truly love and I accept myself.

Even though I have this problem, I truly love and I accept myself.

Repeat as many times as necessary until you feel a shift.

For all of the sudden the memory images start to fade and get fuzzy.  When that happens this is a clear sign that you are really making progress.  Sometimes, the issue completely fades with a few rounds of tapping or only after many more rounds of tapping.  Sometimes, one has to complete such a clearing over several days. 

Once the clearing is complete, Stage 3 shows up automatically.  At times I have found again that acknowledging the problem over and over leads to progress and complete clearing.

Even though I have this problem, I truly love and I accept myself.

Even though I have this problem, I truly love and I accept myself.

Even though I have this problem, I truly love and I accept myself.

Repeat as many times as necessary until the fading is complete.

Stage 3:

When one has worked the way through stage 1 and then stage 2, stage 3 automatically appears.  For all of the sudden, the issue completely disappears, the greater insight appears and / or the healing takes place.  This is the best part of EFT and the greatest reward. 

I would like to suggest to people who are struggling with big issues to stop working on them for a while.  Instead, chose some smaller issues that might be easier to work on so that you can have the experience of Stage 3.  This might give one a boost of confidence and it makes it easier to then tackle the bigger issues again.  The smaller issues are important steps on the learning curve to be able to work with EFT in a bigger way.

When you do not seem to get instant results, my suggestion is to become a very keen observer to notice ‘a distance to the issue’ and / or a new insight and to keep tapping until the fading starts to appear.  Once you reached that point just keep tapping and eventually stage 3 will show up automatically.