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Emotional Freedom Technique, in Practising Midwife journal

Citation (APA Style): Mitchell, M. (2009). Emotional Freedom Technique. Practising Midwife, 12(7), 12-14.


A significant number of the population use complementary therapies to support health and wellbeing, as well as during times of ill health (Ernst and White 2000). Women are by far the greatest consumers of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and there is some suggestion that its use is increased in pregnancy and childbirth (Ranzini et al 2001), although there are no large-scale studies to support this. It is essential, therefore, that midwives should be informed about complementary therapies that women may access, and appreciate women’s desire to choose approaches that are perceived as supportive and beneficial.

One route that pregnant women may choose to investigate is emotional freedom techniques (EFT). Although currently a little known therapy, as someone who has recently undertaken training I believe that it is likely to grow in popularity. Here, I aim to provide an overview of the beliefs and techniques of EFT and discuss its potential use in pregnancy and childbirth.

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