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Veterans: Finding their way home with EFT

Citation (APA style): Dinter, I. (2008). Veterans: Finding their way home with EFT. International Journal of Healing and Caring, 8(3).


Helping Veterans heal from the trauma of war has been a journey into a spiritual place that I might not have been able to reach otherwise. I am filled with gratitude for every soldier who has allowed me to get an insight into his or her world. These are my most amazing mentors who are  giving me their loving trust and support to continue this journey. As a life coach, specializing in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), I have been blessed and honored to help many Veterans heal from their trauma of war. I have worked with US Marines who, even after 40 years, still can’t find forgiveness for what happened in Vietnam. I have helped Veterans from most recent wars who have relived their nightmares of horror, overwhelm and danger every night. EFT4Vets, the training program for practitioners I have developed, understands PTSD symptoms as symptoms of the soul. It offers an integrated program for practitioners that will enable the EFT coach to assist the Veterans on the physical, mental, emotional, relational and soul levels. This program honors the transformational effect that using EFT for helping Veterans to release PTSD symptoms can have on the practitioner as well as the Veteran. Building rapportand trust between the practitioner and the client before the work together begins is an integral part of the training, and so is the thorough teaching of specific applications and techniques of EFT for Veterans through presentation, demonstration and practice.

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