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Dream Wisdom: Uncovering Life’s Answers in Your Dreams

By Alan B. Siegel, Ph.D.


During times of crisis and trauma, as well as transition–beginning or ending a relationship, facing illness, changing jobs, leaving home, dealing with loss –dreams can be a valuable resource for problem solving.

Make smart decisions during these critical times with the practical and engaging insight of DREAM WISDOM.

This handbook shows you how to use your dreams–and nightmares–as a guide to understanding your unconscious feelings and needs and includes tools for learning dream recall, an explanation of common dream symbols, and more than 140 actual turning-point dreams, all analyzed to reveal their hidden meaning.

DREAM WISDOM will enhance your ability to interpret your inner feelings and resolve major challenges, turning the difficult passages of life into opportunities for growth and success.

– Analyzes dreams about relationships, expectant mothers, separation and divorce, work, grief and healing, and midlife.
– Includes instructions for creating a dream journal, incubating problem-solving dreams, and setting up dream groups.
– An accessible means of tapping into an often-unexplored part of the mind.


“Innovative and beautifully researched. Alan Siegel is a refreshing and articulate advocate of psycho-therapeutic dream analysis”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“This book CAN change your life if you focus on your dreams as turning points.”
– Association for Humanistic Psychology Perspective

“Excellent . . . This is a book that can be confidently recommended to anyone wanting to draw on the wisdom of their dreams”
–The California Psychologist

“A uniquely positive look at dreams through the lifespan.”
– Robert van de Castle Professor Emeritus University of Virginia and author of Our Dreaming Mind

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