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EFT Tapping: How People Use Emotional Freedom Techniques Survey

An recent informal EFTUniverse survey revealed that 43% of survey respondents use EFT tapping for stress and PTSD management.

As Emotional Freedom Techniques become more mainstream, EFTUniverse surveyed visitors arriving at the EFTUniverse Facebook page to conduct an unscientific compilation of slightly less than 500 responses to a specific question about their use of EFT.

EFT tapping survey by EFTUniverse

“Judging by the enthusiasm of the survey responses, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has begun to move away from being considered as a fringe therapy to more widespread acceptance,” said Catherine Hughes, EFTUniverse’s Community Manager.

Here are the other results to the EFTUniverse survey question: What is the PRIMARY reason why you use EFT?

– 39 % of the respondents use EFT “for everything”.

– 09 % felt that pain management is the best use of EFT and therefore their primary reason for tapping.

– 05 % use EFT tapping for relationship improvements.

– 04 % use EFT for its calming effects and healing for first aid.

But no matter which form of EFT treatment respondents prefer, many agree that EFT is a perfect treatment for dealing with fear and anxiety in any situation. The simple practice of tapping alone, they say, could be the best thing anyone can do to improve their lives.

Many of the respondents agree that happiness was one of the wonderful byproducts of tapping–

“Happiness, contentment and compassion are not things we can acquire from external sources. I believe we have these qualities 100%, the only reason we do not manifest them is due to internal obstacles. EFT helps remove the obstacles,” wrote a respondent from Denmark.

Another from Pakistan wrote, “It’s magical. Its changed my life many times over and I’ve seen the world around me change when I resolve my past [with eft]!”

“Since I started tapping I’ve never been happier!” exclaimed another respondent.

Here’s more of what respondents had to say about using EFT–

[I use EFT] because it works!  I also use it to help me sleep, to clear past trauma, and for confidence!” (A women in the US).

“[I use EFT] because it’s the one modality that doesn’t disappoint. I’ve learned a lot of things and this one still works after 10 years!” (A woman in the US).

“I use EFT in the surgical recovery room to help patients relax so pain meds can work better. It also gets muscles to relax. I have used it for needle phobias as well.” (A US doctor).

“It’s amazing for stress management!” (A man in Canada).

“[I use EFT] to put positive thoughts in my head and being grateful about my life every day!” (An Australian woman).

 “I use EFT because it’s the one modality that doesn’t disappoint. I’ve learned a lot of things and this one still works after 10 years.” (A US woman).

When asked what topics they’d like to suggest for future EFTUniverse surveys, the respondents suggested the following —

1.  Would you recommend EFT tapping to a friend?

2.  If you could make an improvement to EFT tapping, what would it be?

3.  In your opinion, what is the best way receive EFT training?

4.  How do you handle resistance to EFT?

EFTUniverse would like to thank everyone who participated in this informal survey.  If you have any suggestions for a future survey or thoughts on EFT, please leave a comment below.