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Investigation on Emotional Freedom Technique effectiveness in diabetic patients”™ blood sugar control

Citation (APA Style): Hajloo, M., Ahadi, H., Rezabakhsh, H., & Mojembari, A. K. (2014). Investigation on Emotional Freedom Technique effectiveness in diabetic patients’ blood sugar control. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(27 P3), 1280. doi:10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n27p1280


Chronic diseases are a major cause of death and illness in the world and diabetics is in sixth rank. As Harati (2009) noted the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Iran has accelerated so that more than 1% of Iranians over age 20 are affected by it each year. The present study was done in order to improve glycemic control in diabetic patients, reducing the need for costly medical services, and enhance their mental health and remove the burdens of the patients and the community. The research method selected 30 diabetic patients of Imam Hossein in Tehran with testing (pretest-posttest of control group) and sampling method in 2012 and randomly classified them into two groups: group1 (treated with EFT, method by GC, 1995) and the control group. Testing of blood glucose, HbA1C, was used as a tool for gathering information for one-way analysis of covariance univariate. The results (Fob:7.24 > Fcr:4.22) showed that the EFT method was effective in controlling blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

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