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Strategies for an integrative medicine practice

Citation (APA style): Lake, D. (2020). Strategies for an integrative medicine practice. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 12(2), 20—30. doi:10.9769/EPJ.2020.12.2.DL


This report is a general overview, purely from my personal experience, of utilizing meridian stimulation (“tapping”) in medical practice. As one of the relatively few medical practitioners doing this, I report on my own 20 years of intensive experimentation, workshop teaching, and supervision in the field of Energy Psychology. It has changed my life personally and professionally because of its compelling results. I am not being comprehensive in this report but wish to inspire others to try it out, and investigate further. I find tapping to be a valuable resource in physical and emotional healing. As an alternative treatment from the world of natural medicine, it can find a place as a powerful relaxation technique, a self-soothing and stress-management technique, a unique and ideal treatment partner for anxiety, fear, and trauma, and a useful tool for helping to process negative emotions. As well, it can have beneficial results for any condition by helping the mind-body function optimally, in the best balance. It is a partner for most general therapy modalities. It is ideal as self-help in any situation; it is simple, safe, and easy to learn and do. Tapping provides the best example, in my life as a doctor, of a technique that brings the best of natural and orthodox medicine together–where they belong.

Keywords: continuous tapping, integrative medicine, natural medicine, CBT, PTSD, anxiety, phobia, depression

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