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Trauma’s Transgenerational Legacy: How Fathers Pass on Their Pain

Dear EFT Community,

Craig Weiner, EFT trainer and chiropractor, reports on recent research in the exciting field of epigenetics, the science that tells us our DNA is not our destiny. In other words, keep tapping to change your life, your mental patterns, and in fact your cells’ programming! The research has profound implications for the role of EFT in healing. 

-EFT Universe

By Craig Weiner, DC

A study recently released in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology offers evidence in support of the theory that the emotional and psychological suffering induced by traumatic events can be carried forward for generations. Researchers found that male mice who underwent traumatic stress early in life appeared to carry forward the effects of such trauma to their children and grandchildren through their sperm.

This increased the likelihood of passing on behavioral and mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder. This work validates the epigenetic hypotheses of Bruce Lipton and many others that environmental and emotional factors play a significant role in influencing the expression of our genes, especially in the arena of mental and emotional health. Epigenetic environmental factors can have both positive and negative influences.

This particular study reviews the possibility and implications of traumatic stress on brain function and looks specifically at how sperm play a role in this process of information carrying.

Authors Johannes Bohacek and Isabelle M. Mansuy at the Brain Research Institute at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich studied the microRNA of traumatized and nontraumatized mice and noted the resultant variations in the over and under production of various microRNAs that altered many cell processes, manifesting in behavior that mimicked symptoms of isolation and depression.

The implications of this research is mind-blowing; it suggests a role for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting in supporting the healing not only of an individual but also of an entire lineage thereafter. There is now greater evidence for the view of a person’s healing process as affecting not only that person and those around him or her, but, in addition, many generations forward.

Fields of study such as Energy Psychology, Family Constellation Work, and other like-minded therapeutic interventions now have a substantial research paper that can support their efforts in affecting and healing multigenerational trauma.

In fact, research by Church et al. focused on veterans diagnosed with PTSD, using EFT as an intervention and studying the epigenetic effects of 50 “upstream” regulatory genes that affect “downstream” gene expression involving processes such as immunity, longevity, inflammation, and cancer induction. The lab analysis and calculations are in process, utilizing the labs at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The results are eagerly awaited to see if there is objective evidence of EFT tapping having epigenetic influences.

To quote this study’s authors, “This concept has immense implications for the understanding of biological functions and disease etiology…Examples of epigenetic inheritance relevant to human disease, such as the detrimental effects of traumatic stress or drug/toxic exposure on brain functions, are reviewed.”

In addition, the original research paper offers a wealth of published research that substantiates how outside environmental events can permanently imprint the information-carrying genome and affect the programming of a body’s response to future events.


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