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EFT Alleviates Sinus Problems

Dear EFT Community,

Sometimes we don’t have rapid results with EFT, and tapping might appear to produce no results at all. Yet persistence often pays, and as we unravel the matrix of emotional events around a probelm, we might later surprise ourselves, as Dana Atnip does here.

-Dawson Church

By Dana Atnip

My sister introduced me to EFT about four years ago. I didn’t practice it much at first; I would use it now and then if something significant happened that I needed help with, such as an injury. Now there is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t do at least 1 round (or more) of EFT on something.

I have used EFT not only for physical issues, but emotional issues as well. Even after amazing successes, I still will be delighted and amazed at the results.

My latest result is one that is so significant to me, I cannot even express in words my happiness and amazement.

I have suffered from sinus issues since I was a child. I often could only breathe out of one nostril; my sinuses drained almost continuously. Sleeping was the hardest. I developed a way to sleep so I could breathe: I would sleep with my face on one hand, positioned to stretch my cheek so it would open a nasal canal so I could breathe while I slept.  And that is how I’ve been sleeping, for probably the past 25 or so years of my life.

One day I decided to try EFT for my sinus issues. I would tap several times a day, trying different set-up phrases and tapping.

I didn’t have much success at first. I quickly became frustrated because not much seemed to be changing. I still woke up congested and often couldn’t smell anything for the first few hours of the day (if at all).

I changed my tactics and started including things that may be causing the sinus issues such as releasing old beliefs that may be leading to my sinus problems, to releasing beliefs that my sinuses couldn’t be cured. Still there was little change. I tried not to become too frustrated and kept at it.

Finally I just decided to quit.

I was seeing little change, and my frustration was just too much. I kept doing EFT but focused on other issues. Then one morning when I woke up (weeks after I had given up), it just kind of dawned on me: I could breathe, and my sinuses weren’t half as clogged as they usually were. I would tap on the mornings when they seemed a little worse, but to my happiness it continued to improve.

My sinus issues have now improved by my estimation by at least 75%. It’s so normal now for me to wake up in the morning breathing easier that some days I forget that I have sinus issues (except on bad allergy days, but that’s my next goal).