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EFT Imagineering Cleared Lungs and Improved Breathing

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By Randi Silber

A few months ago, after reading Gwyneth Moss’s article on Imagineering, I had an opportunity to try using this incredible tool. As an artist, I often feel that visuals speak to me louder than words, so I had a hunch that I would love this application of EFT.

My sister had been recuperating at my home for a couple of weeks following a serious episode with a deep vein thrombosis which led to pulmonary emboli. She had restricted airflow to her lungs due to the clots and she struggled to get enough air in at anytime to take a full breath or even to yawn.

I remembered reading about the EFT Imagineering technique and decided that it was something I really felt would be worth a try. But I knew that my sister would be reluctant to have me attempt any form of tapping with her at this time. I decided it was worth going about it surrogately and without Leslie’s permission.

First I tapped for the guidance I was about to receive and to put myself in Leslie’s shoes, so to speak. Then I began with the light – actually picturing a beautiful glowing light from the universe. I then reduced the light in size until it fit right on the tip of my index finger. I sent the light into my ear and through my own head to take a look around, all the while visualizing all of this happening in my sister’s head. I saw healthy, fine-looking tissue and very normal function going on in her brain – the colors and textures all seemed to appear the way they should. I guided the light back out through my ear.

Next I took the same light and put it into my mouth – intending for it to travel into the lungs for its next route. When I arrived deep into the lungs I was surprised to see thick, sharp, jagged slabs of metal which were slanted steeply downward. So if one were to move along them in one direction, there would be no way to climb back up.

These angled metal slabs ended in constricting hot fiery red areas and the whole sensation was a feeling of being trapped and choked, with a lack of air. I felt the words “imprisonment” and “constriction” surface.  I felt it! I decided to exit this awful place and guided the light out through my mouth.

Having just witnessed what my sister must have been feeling in her own lungs at this time, I knew just what to tap on. I tapped through all of the visuals until each one became less sharp, less fiery, and less red. I saw the jagged metal soften as I tapped and the sharp, hard edges started to become more fluid. There was now a sense that if one chose to move through the lungs, it would be easy to travel back and forth, up and down and there was now a feeling of lightness and movement of air. It was really starting to feel easier to breathe!

I finished up by using this beautiful Imagineering to bring about an overall healing and clearing of the clots in my sister’s lungs, so that she would be able to take in as much air as she needed and finally to feel better!

Lo and behold, after about a half hour or so, Leslie and I were sitting together and talking and she suddenly had a huge yawn! She immediately said to me, “Oh my God, did you see that?!’’ She said she couldn’t believe how much air she just took in! She hadn’t had a yawn like that in two weeks – she was so excited! Well, when I batted my eyelashes and said, “Really?’’ she knew something was up. Then she asked, “Wait a minute, what did you do?” I loved it!

Leslie has continued to improve and just got cleared to go back to work and was told that there are no longer clots in the lungs and she is feeling great!

Thanks to Gwyneth Moss for introducing us to EFT Imagineering.  I am truly inspired to continue to find more ways to use this creative visualization technique with EFT and I am ever so grateful for the gift that EFT continues to offer!