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EFT Method to Stop Cold, Flu, and Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

By Valerie Lis

Symptoms for mild health challenges can be resolved by tapping on emotional stress. Another fast and easy way to work on these issues is to tap directly on the physical. With this method, you do not need to select the “right words” to identify the core issue or to find related events.

The Method
As soon as you notice symptoms of an impending cold, sore throat, or mild flu, begin the process. Although you can do it later, it is usually more effective when done at the beginning.

Place a few drops of saliva on a tissue (spit on it). Then hold the moist area of the tissue on the fingertips of the nondominant hand. Tap a few rounds with your dominant hand. You can tap in silence or use the words, “reaction to this item.”

Continue holding the moist tissue on your fingertips for 30 minutes. During this time, do not cross your arms or legs, drink, or eat. You can walk, talk, and maintain activities, as long as you remain relaxed. Symptoms should soften or disappear within a few minutes. If you become stressed or experience discomfort while holding the tissue, tap a few more rounds.

Seasonal allergy symptoms can often be resolved with this method as well. When the weather has changed and symptoms have begun, take a glass of water and leave it outside for 24 hours. This collects allergens.

Now hold the water with your fingertips around the glass. Or you can dip a paper towel or tissue into the water and place the moist area on your fingertips. Tap in silence or use the words, “reaction to this item.” Continue holding onto the glass of water, paper towel, or tissue for 30 minutes. Do not cross your arms or legs, drink, or eat. This usually needs to be done only once. If symptoms return, however, repeat the process.

It is a good idea to honor your body’s wisdom. Colds, sore throats, and similar discomforts can occur when you are overly busy. So, along with the tapping, also try to slow down your life. Every few years, when the timing is convenient, you should “allow” yourself to get sick. Use the method to reduce your symptoms so that they are hardly noticeable. Then call in sick, pamper yourself, and get some extra rest…

I hope this method brings you relief. Please send an email and let me know how it works. Happy tapping!

Note: With all physical issues, it is important to work under the direction of a medical doctor.