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EFT Tapping Speeds Recovery from Flu

EFT Tapping Speeds Recovery from Flu

By Gayla Sanders

EFT is an active part of my family’s daily life and the foundation of my personal coaching business. Even so, I sometimes let negative emotions slide into physical symptoms.

This particular case was one of worrying over being able to “get it all done” before the extremely frigid jet stream was to settle on our region.

This worry was so subtle, I didn’t even recognize it until days after I had recovered.

Within hours, my illness was well underway with a 100 degree fever, laryngitis, muscle ache, sore throat, and congestion in sinuses and throat. There was no time in my life for any kind of illness, so I tapped with fervor.

By that evening, the fever had broken, there was no more muscle ache, and the other symptoms were less severe.

Next day, there was continued improvement and no more sore throat. I was able to work a full day on the farm: stacking 2 truckloads of 45 pound hay bales, helping feed the herd, repairing 7 horse blankets, changing out horse blankets on 5 horses (changing 3 of them several times as I continued to find repair needs), driving miles back and forth on the snowmobile to and from the horses, and giving my poodle a lovely 2 mile run (while I drove the snowmobile).

Our draft horses are tall and their blankets are heavy. Dressing them takes strength and stamina. I only had to tap one time for increased strength and energy during all this day’s demanding activity.

Thanks to EFT, I was able to put in a full day’s farm work.

Without EFT, I would have spent the day in bed while experiencing increasingly worse symptoms and frustration over “NOT getting it all done in time”. (My reasoning here is based on years of experience with colds.)

By the third day, I was even stronger, the throat and sinus congestion were nearly gone, and my voice was strong enough to hold EFT sessions without my clients knowing I had been ill.

In the past, this kind of illness has set me back for 2-4 wks. I was so excited about this rapid turnaround that my neighbor took my tips and with my help, turned her wheat intolerance related arthritis from a level of intensity of 10 out of 10 to a half point – overnight.

Here was my basic strategy:

1 – Tapping directly for the symptoms (congestion in nose and throat, sore throat, laryngitis, fever, muscle ache, and weakness). “Even though I have this [congestion, etc] I deeply and completely accept myself.”

2 – Strong intention to be well, backed with vast amounts of love, forgiveness, and acceptance directed at myself and my body. Tapping with supportive statements toward my body like, “I know you can let these things go”, “I’m so sorry”, and “I know you can let in healing.”

3 – Tapping directly to release resistance and tapping in allowance of healing energy.

4 – Tapping while relaxing and concentrating on breathing in healing and feeling healing flowing throughout my body.

5 – Tapping while seeing myself come into alignment and fullness of health.