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Santa Rosa Fire: Synchronicities

by Dawson Church

“Dawson, call Marilyn Schlitz.” When my wife, Christine, talks to me in a certain tone, an especially soft and flowing voice, I know she’s channeling the angels.

I phoned Christine each day as I traveled, training people on the east and west coasts of North America. For many years I’ve been practicing and teaching meditation and acupressure tapping, two of the most effective stress-reduction techniques around. They helped Christine and I bounce back from the fire and all our losses in record time.

Now Christine was looking for a house for us to rent for a year while we put our world back together. The rental market in the San Francisco Bay Area had been incredibly tight before the fires, with high prices and few options. With 100,000 people having been displaced by the fires, finding the house you wanted and in the area you wanted seemed impossible. The insurance companies tried to help by renting temporary homes for people, but they were limited to whatever was available.

We’d had a brief conversation with my colleague Marilyn Schlitz, a former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, when I keynoted their conference that summer. Marilyn lives in Petaluma, and Christine had a strong urge to find us a home in the same town instead of Santa Rosa.

I called Marilyn and discovered that she had been thinking of moving to Silicon Valley, where she and her husband were doing contract work. Christine visited her a couple of days later. Marilyn’s house was exactly what Christine had been picturing. Renting it to us would give Marilyn the income to move too. They talked to the insurance company and within a couple of days all the various pieces fell into place.

I’ve been writing a new book, my first major work in over a decade. It’s called Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality. It has a chapter on synchronicity and the remarkable studies showing the link between what we visualize and what happens in our lives.

As with Marilyn’s house, we’ve experienced many synchronicities since the fire. People and things we needed appeared as if by magic. Going with the flow of the universe, rather than worrying and complaining, has been our daily practice. People around us have commented on how calm and resourceful we are. That’s the huge benefit that many years of our stress-reduction practices have given us.

Every day I’m grateful simply to wake up alive. I savor each moment as I never did before. I feel a sense of love and protection, cradled in the arms of the universe. I smile and look forward to the synchronicities each day will bring. Like the house we wanted in the town we wanted at a time when there was “nothing available.” Imagine living like this day by day, fire or no fire, for the rest of your life. Why not?

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