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Physical Scars Disappear While Using EFT on Emotional Scars

Dear Readers,

In this article, Karen Stock describes how since she began using EFT, her noticed her physical scars less and less. Using EFT over time to heal emotional scars may pave the way for healing physical scars.


By Karen Stock

I have been learning and practising EFT for about 1 ½ years now. I use EFT for almost everything that I am reminded of from the past or that comes along in the present. I was not tapping on anything specific. I was just holding the Karate Chop point to see what might come up for some tapping rounds. While I was sitting there waiting for an inspirations, all of a sudden I remembered that I used to regularly look at a scar on one of my hands. I looked for this scar and could not find it anymore. I could not even remember which hand it had been on. I thought that is strange: where did it go? I have never specifically tapped on this scar or on any other scar.

While I started to write this e-mail two days ago, I noticed that I was ‘losing’ the memory of this scar. Shortly after writing this clip, the entire memory of it disappeared. I only remember something about it now because I wrote about it. Any kind of visual memory it is gone.

I started checking other scars on my hands. I had a lot of small but rather visible scars on both of my hands from all kinds of ‘adventures’ with knifes when I was a kid. To my surprise, I could hardly see them anymore. They are either gone or barely visible. I checked some of my other ‘warrior’ scars on my body. I found the same result. They are far less visible. I told my mother about this over the phone. When I was done she said that she started checking her scars on her hands while I was talking about it and to her surprise her scars had become far less visible as well. She said that she had a very visible scar from a deep knife-cut on one of her fingers but she could hardly make it out anymore. She was pleasantly surprised and had not noticed this before. She started with EFT last summer.

Just now while working over this e-mail, I checked on a scar on my inner left arm that I had obtained from a fall off a tree many years ago. Two days ago it was still a little bit visible. I have continued doing EFT during the last two days. However, I did not tap on this fall from the tree. Today, it is all gone except for one little indent that is hardly visible. I can see it because I know where the bigger scar had been. However, I think that I can call it ‘gone.’

I have no explanation to what kind of tapping rounds this might be related to. I think it is a pleasant and surprising side effect. I never thought that something like this would be possible. Perhaps when I was working on all kinds of ‘inner emotional scars,’ the outside physical scars started to lessen and / or disappear.

I like having my hands ‘scar-free’ now. They look much nicer thanks to EFT.


Karen Stock