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Self Healing for Eye Issues and Re-Growing Cartilage

Self Healing for Eye Issues and Re-Growing Cartilage

Dear Readers,

Eileen Nobles used EFT for herself to solve multiple physical issues and says “I am convinced that I am re-growing cartilage wherever it is needed.” Visit Aileen’s website.

-David MacKay

by Aileen Nobles

Usually my articles are written about the wonderful changes my clients experience.  This time I think it’s long overdue to let your readers know some of the amazing physical changes that I have been able to create for my own body using EFT.

About eight years ago I had a hip replacement, needed a knee replacement and had deteriorating cartilage in other areas of my body.  That same year my husband of forty plus years had a massive stroke… alive… but barely.   Needless to say, my aches and pains were on the back burner, as I tapped on releasing stress and overwhelm. (Read that article here)

Last year in 2010, I had pain in my other hip that I knew meant the cartilage was deteriorating which would mean I needed another hip replacement, which was confirmed by the orthopedist.

The same month the eye doctor had informed me that I had cataracts and glaucoma.

I have never believed in ill health for me, and have never let these challenges get me down.

I left the hip doctor and said to the Universe “Enough, lets reverse as much as we can.”

I immediately started tapping on the hip pain, and implanting the idea of re-growing cartilage, and getting rid of cataracts and glaucoma.

For the hip, I tapped on it not being easy for me to move forward.  I tapped on the fear, stress, limitations, everything I could think of.

The hip pain was not there the following morning!

I tapped on re-growing cartilage everywhere in my body that needed it, including my neck.  All the pain disappeared.

Over the weeks my knee began to feel stronger and not bother me; whenever it flared up I knew there was an emotional component.  I would find out what was going on consciously or subconsciously, tap on it, and the discomfort would disappear.

I was convinced, and am convinced, that I am re-growing cartilage wherever it is needed.  My golf and tennis are too important to me to let my body spoil my fun.

I tested myself with kinesiology each time I decided to work on a particular part of my body. This way I could find the subconscious beliefs that I was not consciously aware of, and tap them away. Often I wanted to heal, needed to heal, chose to heal, yet when it came to deserving, I would test negatively.

So I would find out what part of me had a belief that I didn’t deserve, tap it away and then tap on rejuvenating every cell in my body.

With my eye challenges, I tapped on; “Not wanting to see what had happened to my husband, not wanting to see things the way they are.”

I tapped in courage, and reinforced my belief that “All is in Divine Order.”

I tapped in needing to see clearly in order to handle my challenges in the best and highest way possible.

When I went back to the Ophthalmologist, he could find nothing wrong with my eyes.  He was confused comparing his last notes from my last examination with the results he was seeing now.

I smiled to myself, and I didn’t say anything to him.  To the Universe I said:

“Thank You.”

This article is only a small portion of healing that I have done on myself.

I hope to inspire others to know that we have access to infinite abilities to heal ourselves with these wonderful meridian therapies.

I believe our amazing bodies often give us messages through our ailments, and as we look to the message, and release and heal, we are unlimited, guided to move into our wholeness.


Aileen Nobles