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Breast Lump Disappears after EFT

Even though I have cancer book

By Baerbel Froehlin, Expert EFT Practitioner

I want to emphasize a use for EFT that substantially enhances a well-known and effective tool within hypnotherapy.

After reading how Suzanne Looms does EFT “on the move,” I would like to share an idea about doing EFT in a generalized way. It often works works well, especially for those who need to get their immune system going; it frequently boosts emotional balance big time, which then will create positive changes in the body.

Two years ago I was scheduled to have a biopsy because my doctor had detected a lump in my breast. After getting over the first shock, I decided to go to work and increase and utilize the powerful healing forces in my subconscious mind. As a hypnotherapist, working on a case like this, I condition the mind to accept many positive suggestions and act upon them, thereby boosting the immune system to double up its work.

I recorded my own audiotape with healing songs, saying things like:

“I am healed, whole and healthy. I am well. I am well”

“I am so blessed. I feel wonderful.”

“Thank you for this day. This healing day.”

“There is only love. Love heals everything.”

“I am ready to receive love, joy, and peace.”

“I am ready to receive abundance and laughter.”

“I love myself. love my wonderful body.”

Then I listened to the tape a few times in hypnosis, making sure my subconscious mind had heard it often enough and was familiar with it. After that, I had it running in my car stereo at all times while driving. Over the next several weeks, I constantly “bombarded” my subconscious mind with the same healing affirmations, only now I would tap all the time while driving, not really listening to it.

The bottom line is that using EFT with this process speeded it up manyfold and made it more effective.

I would focus on what was happening around me and tap without focusing on the initial issue. It caused me to relax instantly but safely, to suggest over and over the same healing affirmations to my subconscious mind. This, in turn, would speed up and act upon them more and more. At the same time, anything unpleasant in my day was taken care of and tapped away automatically.

Note: The tape I made is not a hypnosis tape; it contains healing affirmations only. Therefore it is okay to listen to it while driving!

When I went into the hospital for my biopsy, the doctor was not able to find the lump in my breast and I went home, filled with relief, joy, and incredible motivation. I remember being back in my car, ready to drive home, and just laughing like crazy!

The tape is still running in my car stereo, and I am still tapping during most of my driving time.