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EFT Case Study: Hodgkin’s Disease and Brain Tumor

Dear EFT Community,

Pascale Lutz offers an in-depth case study of her EFT client Pauline. A mother of two children, 38-year-old Pauline was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease (cancer) and a brain tumor 3 years ago. This article will be helpful to any EFT practitioner dealing with cancer patients.

-EFT Universe

By Pascale Lutz



28th October 2009 — Right hand in a claw

3rd November — Back and headache

6th November — Right arm, headache, dry throat

7th November — 1 pm — Blinding headache, psychic

7th November — 7:30 pm — Epileptic fit

9th November —  10 am — Progress: sleep, food, relax

10th November — Update with doctors — No spreading

15th November — Cancerous lumps gone

17th November — Cluster of lumps in breast half gone along with the pain

18th November — Phone call check

21st November — Gig

30th November — Lumps came back and went again

8th December — Hands and feet in painful claw, shaking and twitching, back to normal after tapping

15th December — From bones hurting and feeling the cold intensely to feeling warm and loose fingers and toes. NLP time line

19th December — From huge lump in throat, pains everywhere, and feeling very low to pain free and feeling positive again

22nd December — Green poisonous pus spots in the neck that disappear

30th January — No need for back brace anymore and lumps in breast gone

5th February — Matrix with Ted Wilmont and color healing with Sharon King

11th February — Migraine, stomachache, and fainting fit

13th April — From feeling scared, tired, and weak to feeling hopeful and calmer

29th April — Incredible change

18th June – Bad dream, extreme anxiety, and dreading blood results

22nd August — Miracle?

28th October 2009 — Right hand in a claw

Pauline was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease (cancer) and a brain tumor 3 years ago. She had treatment to reduce the brain tumor and chemotherapy for the cancer. It’s not working anymore and she will be told next week the results of the test to see if the cancer has spread to her bones. She has to “put her affairs in order.” She is 38 and has two young children.

I only had a few minutes with her last night and worked on the pain she felt in her right side: hand, arm, shoulder and leg. Her hand was shaking and formed a claw for the past 2 weeks, like paralysed. The intensity of the pain was a 10.

–   Even though I have this pain in my right side that cuts like a knife, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

–   This pain like a knife in my right side

–   This horrible pain

–   This pain like a knife

–   I’m so sick of it

–   This pain.

The pain went down to a 7. We did one more round on this remaining pain, and it went down to zero.

I asked her if there was anything left at all, and she said “pins and needles.” One round got rid of them. Then she looked at her hand with amazement and saw that the uncontrolable shaking had stopped completely and her hand had completely loosened; that was where the pins and needles were coming from, the blood recirculating. She was able to flex her fingers with ease and her hand stayed steady. For the first time in 2 weeks.

3rd November — Back and headache

Pauline suffers from a constant headache and since her lumbar puncture last Thursday (we are now Monday), her back is very sore and she can’t move with ease, or stretch or even touch it. She was on morphine for the past 3 days.

She has been told to go back to the doctor with her husband, not on her own, for the result that will determine if it has spread to the bones, which is not a good sign.

The pain in her back is a 7.

–   Even though I have this red throbbing pain in the back due to the injection, I deeply….

–   This throbbing red pain in my back

It went down to a 5 and became orange.

–   Even though I still have this orange throbbing pain in my back, I deeply…

–   this remaining orange throbbing pain

–   I’m so sick of it

–   I choose to let it go with love

–   I don’t need it in my life anymore

–   I have enough on my plate

I then did the 9 gamut. And while we were tapping, on the back of the hand, after the tapping on the side of the nails of the 5 fingers, I saw her legs shaking and she said: ”the pain is leaving my body, it’s going down my legs, and out my toes!”

I told her to keep tapping and to let go of the pain and everything bad with it, with love and thanks, which she did.

After a few minutes, the shaking subsided and she said that the pain was completely gone. She was then able to touch her back, to rub it and press where she had the injection, to bend forward and backwards and to stretch.

We then did the headache which was there constantly. She has had the cancer 6 years but was only diagnosed 3 years ago. I asked her if there was anything in her life that happened at the time, a shock or anything, and she said that while she was pregnant with her first child, her Mum was diagnosed with cancer and she died from it. So Pauline felt guilty for having a life inside her while her Mum was departing from it.

We tapped on the headache which was an 8. She described it as an angry pain and after the first round, the front of the head was clear and after a second round of “agitated pain”, the pain went away, through her finger tips, while tapping.

I then asked her how she visualized her cancer and she said that it looked to her like black smoke inside her body.

Even though I visualize my cancer like black smoke in my body, I now choose to release it, and I deeply love and accept myself…

-This black smoke inside my body

-It’s invading my body

-Since I knew my Mum was diagnosed with cancer

-This black smoke invaded my body

-It was the shock and the pain and the guilt I felt at the time

-I couldn’t believe it

-And I couldn’t deal with it at the time

-So my body dealt with it the best way it could

-And it resulted with that black smoke

-Which became so invading inside my body

-That it became cancerous

-It was there to protect me

-Because I couldn’t deal with it at the time

-My Mum and my new baby growing inside me

-It was too much to take

-But now I have made the link

-I don’t need that black smoke anymore

-It’s not in my bones anymore

-Or in my blood

-My bones are healthy and clear

-And my blood has a beautiful thick substance

-My body is healthy

-Free of the black smoke

-And I choose to release it

At that point, still while tapping, Pauline said that the black smoke was panicking and angry. The smoke was gathering at the exits, which were her toes and finger tips, and didn’t want to let anybody or anything out.

That black smoke is angry and panicking

-I allow it to leave

-I set it free with love

-It’s free to go

Then Pauline said that the smoke was confused.

The black smoke is confused

-I’ll show it the way

-The way to go to leave my body

-With love and thanks

-I’m setting it free

Pauline said it was becoming grey smoke, still with bits of black at the gates. It’s still grey in her body but her bones are not touched and she sees her bones like a yellow sun.

Even though the gates are still black.

They became grey, then a white circle, then a mist. And she saw her Mum and felt her around her. Her Mum said she would be OK. Pauline started crying.

I can feel my Mum

-And she said I was OK

-Aren’t Mums annoying

-To be right all the time

She burst out laughing at that and said that yes, her Mum was always right!

My Mum said I’d be OK

-Who am I not to believe her

-She was always right then

-And she’s still right now

-She can see my strong bones

-And my healthy clear blood

-I’m so happy my Mum made herself felt by me

-And look after me

Pauline looked so relaxed that I found myself staring at her, so I had to explain to her that her features had completely changed in an hour. She said that she was scared because she felt so relaxed that it was the way she used to feel before getting sick.

Even though I’m scared because I feel so relaxed…

-I’m so scared

-I’m not used to feeling that relaxed

-And it’s scary

-Even though I could get used to it again (she laughed)

-I could be open to the possibility

-That maybe it could be the way I feel every day

-And find it normal

-I’m so relaxed now and free of pain

-It’s such a wonderful feeling.

We left it at that for that day and she said she never felt so relaxed and free of fear, worry and anxiety. She said she felt at an even keel.

6th November — Right arm, headache, dry throat

Pauline had an epilectic fit two nights before and has been vomiting blood. I wanted to go over immediately but her husband said she’d be asleep the whole day after having been to the hospital and gotten treatment.

So I could only get to her today and she was very shaky and weak and full of pains.

We tapped on her pain in the right arm, from the shoulder to the finger tips and from an 8 it went down to a 5, then a zero. Same happened for her headache, just at the corner of her right temple, a shooting pain, which was a 10. It went down in 2 rounds, using the 9 gamut, simply stating “this shooting pain in the right temple”.

The next complaint was her dry throat.  Her oesophagus is split in 2, due to all the chemotherapy and the vomiting for the past 3 years and she also lacks saliva, which makes her mouth and throat very dry. She had just gotten a spray and a cream from the chemist and the health shop and had been using it the whole morning without result. She described the pain like shards of glass in her throat.

Even though my throat is dry and it feels like shards of glass because of all the chemotherapy, I deeply…

-This dry throat

-These shards of glass

-I can’t swallow

-My voice is hoarse

-This dry throat.

From a 10, it went down to a 5. I then used the 9 gamut for the remaining shards of glass, which went down progressively as we tapped, until it reached zero.

She showed me the humidity and spit, back in her mouth, something she didn’t have anymore since the cancer started. She played a song on her stereo and was able to sing along with no trouble at all. She was flabbergasted. (Pauline is a singer).

She said that before the pain had gone down, she could feel another fit coming on. That was part of the anxiety also, to fear an attack coming on and be unable to stop it. Now she knows she has a fantastic tool to help her keep the epileptic fits at bay.

7th November — 1 pm — Blinding headache, psychic

I had told Pauline that I would come back in the morning, just to see if there was anything we could tap on.

She told me that she had had the soundest sleep in a very long time and she went to bed with no pain and woke up with no pain, and was able to keep her breakfast in. Only the headache came back.  She said that it’s a permanent headache due to the radiations she got on her head, her hair hurts, she can’t touch her head and she’s in agony if she tries to wash her hair.

It was a 10.

Even though I have this blinding permanent headache because of the radiations, I deeply…

-This blinding headache

-Because ef the radiations

-I can’t even touch my head

-It hurts so much

-I can even feel the follicules of my hair move

-It is so painful I can’t even wash my hair

-This blinding permanent headache.

It went down to a 9 and was receding a little.

Even though I still have this blinding headache…

-This remaining blinding headache

-I can’t even touch my head

-I choose to let it go

-It was there for a purpose

-Even if I don’t really see why

-Maybe it was there to protect me

-Maybe it was there to prevent me from thinking too much

At that, she paused and said that yes, certainly there is a ring of truth to it.

I thank it for protecting me

-It has done a good job

-And I don’t need it anymore now

While tapping, she said that it was receding on her head, away from her hairline at the back, and it was still there, but only at the front of her head and it was a 3.

I allow the headache to go

-I thank it for what it has done for me

-But it’s clear that I don’t need it anymore now

-This remaining blinding receding headache.

She suddenly stopped and said that it was gone completely. She touched her head cautiously at first and then more roughly and she even went as far as pulling the hair from her scalp, amazed that she couldn’t feel any of the excrutating pain she’s used to. She was really happy and said that she was going to be able to wash her hair that night.

I asked Pauline what her belief about getting well was, and she said that she doesn’t believe it’s her time to go now. I feel the same as well. She said that in 3 or 4 years time it will be and that she’s completely at peace with it and not afraid at all. Her only fear is for her children (6 and 11) so I said that we’ll tap on that fear another day.

She also said that she’s frightened by the fact that she’s becoming more and more psychic since we started tapping. She saw my aura for the first time in her life, and was frightened by it, so we tapped on it.

-Even though I’m scared of becoming more and more psychic, I now choose to be grateful for it, I deeply….

-I’m scared

-Nothing like that has ever happened to me before

-I can see the auras

-I can see Pascale’s orange halo around her head

-Yes, I just realized that Pascale is a Saint (she burst out laughing)

-I am so lucky to be psychic

-To have a fabulous intuition

-It’s a gift from God

-And who am I to refuse a gift from God (she again burst out laughing)

-I am so grateful to be psychic

-Because it allows me to feel

-That I am here on this Earth a while longer

-That I have time to prepare myself

-And my husband and my children

-Compared to somebody who doesn’t know

-When their time to go is

-I can only imagine the fears and anxiety

-That I am so lucky not to have

-Because I’m becoming more and more psychic

-It truly is a blessing

-And I am so grateful

-What was I afraid of?

-Pascale would kill for a gift like that (she burst out laughing)

-I am so grateful for my gift

-It will help me so much in the coming years

-I am at peace with it

-And I am so grateful for it.

There was a great big sigh from her and a big smile and she said that she was not afraid anymore but quite happy with this gift from God.

7th November — 7:30 pm — Epileptic fit

I met Pauline that night again for a chat, and after a while I noticed her holding her arm, like if she was in pain. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she was in agony and she could feel an epileptic fit coming on. She started to shake badly from her right arm, hyperventilating and panicking. I asked her calmly if she could tap on her karate chop point (to keep her focussed on the tapping rather than the pain) and asked if I could tap on her, on the points on her face. She said yes. Her eyes were full of pain and panick. I tapped, following her cues, as she was telling me what was going on with her, where the pain was and what she was feeling.

This pain in my right arm

-I’m panicking

-I can feel a fit coming on

– The pain is unbearable

-I’m going to have another fit

-I can feel it coming

-I’m having a panic attack also

-I’m panicking

-I’m terrified

-The pain is intense

-It’s moving up my neck

-The pain is terrible

-I’m panicking

-I’m so afraid

-I don’t want to have another fit

-The pain in my neck is moving down my left arm

-We’re chasing the pain

-I’m allowing the pain to leave my body

-Once and for all

-I’m showing it the way out

-Through my left arm

-And through my fingers

-I can’t breathe the pain is so intense

-I can’t breathe

-I’m panicking

-The pain is down my fingers

-Trying to leave my body

-The shaking is subsiding

-I can breathe better

-I’m full of pins and needles

-I don’t want to have another fit

-I’m staying calm now

-I can breathe

-The pain is nearly gone

-The pins and needles are gone

-It was a close call

-I can breathe much easier

-I’m not panicking anymore

-I regain control now

-I am calm now

-The shaking has stopped altogether

-I am so calm and peaceful now

-I am so grateful I averted the fit

-I am so grateful to feel calm and painless now.

We stopped, a bit in shock, her from having stopped her epileptic fit, and me, because it was the first time it happened to me. She burst out crying and fell into my arms. Before I could say the words, she took them out of my mouth; she said “I don’t need tapping, Pascale, I just need you to hold me, that’s all, I’m fine, it’s just the reaction, I am so truly happy, thank you so much.”

9th November –  10 am — Progress: sleep, food, relax

I rang Pauline this morning and her husband answered the phone to say that she was asleep, which was a miracle because she never seems to be able to sleep for long because of the different pains she always suffers from.

And also that when she wakes up she has no headache and that last night she ate a full dinner and kept it in. He said he never saw her as relaxed before we started the EFT.

I’m trying to get down to her this afternoon because it’s tomorrow they’re going to hear the final result of her tests.

10th November — Update with doctors — No spreading

Pauline’s husband rang me this morning to tell me the results from the doctors. The cancer has not spread in her bones and they said that if it was anybody else, they would give her 16 to 18 months to live, but she was so positive in her attitude that they couldn’t really say.

Pauline told the doctors and her liaison nurse that EFT was helping her tremendously. The doctors were sceptical but the nurse was delighted and said that she was a firm believer in EFT and that it was the best thing ever that Pauline could do. Pauline told them that she’s able to keep her food in, that she wakes up pain free, that she’s able to sleep and that I stopped her having an epileptic fit the other day. And still after that, they were sceptical!

Pauline said that she tapped herself last night and her husband said that she has never been so calm and relaxed about the news, which he thought would devastate her. She is very positive and so am I.

15th November – Cancerous lumps gone

I went back to Pauline tonight and her husband and she herself started by telling me how I had changed Pauline’s life! She is still pain free, is able to sleep even more peacefully, she has now saliva in her mouth in the morning, so that her tongue is not stuck to her palate anymore, she has stopped taking her anti-inflammatory tablets for the pains, which made her more sick and made her stomach bleed, and everybody is commenting on how well she looks and how calm she is after the news that she was given 16 to 18 months to live, but she said that before, she was convinced that she would not live more than 3 years, but now she’s not so sure. She feels that she can see herself live way longer than 3 years. I bought Pauline a beautiful fridge magnet that I found in a health shop at a time she was in my mind, and it reflects so much what I’m trying to say to her regarding her time here on earth, that I feel it’s worth mentioning. The magnet pictures gorgeous wild horses flying into the sunset and it reads: “We are destined to go as far in life as the will in our hearts and the strength of our spirit can take us.” She agreed that it made a lot of sense and I suggested that she read it once every morning, until it enters her subconscious and becomes second nature to her.

Pauline went to do her stretching and breathing exercises to show me when she has a pain and where so that we can tap on it. She did very well until the end, until she held her two feet and said that they were hurting very much. She was shaking with the pain it was so intense.

Even though my feet hurt so much, I choose to let go of the pain, I deeply…

-This pain in my feet

-After all these exercises

-They did very well

-I’m so proud of them

-I think they deserve to be free of pain

-I choose to release the pain

She felt the pain travelling down her toes, and after a few more rounds, the pain intensified to a peak to be released, this time, completely. I was rewarded with a beaming smile. She said she could feel like butterflies everywhere in her limbs and that it felt good. I explained that it must be the energy circulating.

Then we went to work on her lumps. She has them absolutely everywhere in her body. Some new lumps appear every few days, and then disappear but she can feel them lurking under her skin, and they are very uncomfortable, and some very painful.

We started with the one that was annoying her the most, on her left cheek.

Even though I have this annoying lump on my cheek, I now choose to dissolve it and I deeply…

-This annoying lump on my left cheek

-It’s really annoying me

-I can feel the bump

-I allow it to leave my cheek

-I don’t need it anymore

-It serves no purpose anymore

-We already figured out

-That my cancer was caused by the shock

-Of my Mum dying while I was pregnant

-I don’t need a physical reminder of my cancer anymore

-I choose to disintegrate this lump

-And every other lump in my body

Pauline said that the hard lump was replaced by a mushy feeling. She made me touch it and effectively the lump had got smaller and less hard.

We tapped on that “mushy bump” until it disappeared completely.

She said she was getting “freaked” while she could feel it dissolving.

Even though I’m freaked because my lump is disappearing, I choose to accept that it’s going to be gone for good, and I deeply…

-I’m freaked

-I’m scared

-What’s happening

-It’s scary

-I’m so used to my lump being there

-What am I going to become

-With my lump gone

-What am I going to do

-Maybe I’ll be happy and relieved

-Maybe I’ll accept that all my lumps can be gone with EFT

-It is so weird though

-I’m still freaked

-But I’m beginning to relax now

-And accept that the lump can be gone

-And that I can be happy about it at the same time.

We checked and the lump was gone completely. Big smile!

Then we did the lump on her neck, a big hard and angry lump.

This big angry hard lump

-I don’t need it anymore

-It has served its purpose now

-Whatever it was

-And I can get rid of it now

-I’m getting used to it now

-I’m getting quite good at getting rid of my lumps

-And once I get rid of one

-They will all follow

-Because they will lose their reason of being

-I know they serve no purpose

-Therefore they know it too

-I choose to release them into the Universe

-With love

-With peace

-I choose to release them

-To dissolve them

-To disintegrate them

-To be free of lumps

-I’m getting so good at it now

-It’s easy to get rid of lumps

-I just tap

-And they disappear

-Just like that. (she giggled)

We checked and the lump had lessened in hardness by half.

We tapped  until it disappeared completely.

We then did twin lumps in the base of her neck.

These twin lumps

-They have to go too

-The other lumps are gone

-They have to go too

-Like all the bad things in my childhood

(First I learned about it; I didn’t know anything about her childhood. She then led the tapping and the talking so I let her and followed her cue)

All the abuse I got

-When I got molested

-I decide to let it go

-All the bad things that happened to me as a child

-My mother was evil with me

-And she poisoned my brother and sister against me

-I was desperately alone

-I had no support

-I decide to let all that go

-Like all my lumps.

She stopped talking and tapping and her face reflected peace and she was smiling. We checked her twin lumps and one of them was gone.

This remaining lump

-We can’t have it separated from its brother

-It has to join its brother

-I allow it to join its brother

-It’s unhappy without its brother

-It has to go

-It can’t survive without its brother.

We checked and it was gone also!

It was a good night’s work and I wanted to do the cluster of lumps on her breast but I could see she needed a break so I let her off… only for a few minutes, when I saw that she was reaching for her cigarette!

I asked how badly she wanted that cigarette, and she said: ”Oh no, you won’t succeed in that, I want to smoke it too much!” So I said: ”look, just for the laugh, try it, and we’ll see. You’re right, it probably won’t work, but wouldn’t it be funny if it did!”

So, to her credit, she agreed and we tapped on her craving, which was a 12. It went down to an 8. She still lit it and only smoked one or 2 pulls and left it. We were chatting away and after 20 minutes, she took the rest of the cigarette and was going to light it and I said that we should try again, just to see. She agreed because deep down she knows they’re bad for her, but she likes smoking too much and it makes it very hard to stop. From an 8, it went down to a 5, and then, suddenly, the craving disappeared completely. She didn’t touch a cigarette for the rest of the night.

She left the room to go to the bathroom and told us that she spat a big lump of blood. Her husband couldn’t believe how calm she was about it. 3 weeks ago she would have been on the phone to her liaison nurse, but she said she could feel it was clearing something bad and that she felt at peace with it and she was not worried.

Pauline told me that her 6 year old son, who is quite sensitive and psychic, told her in passing, as if it was the most natural thing in the world ”Oh hi Mum, you are getting better, you’re all white!” Her son can apparently see auras!

I’m going back Tuesday morning so we’ll see how long she lasted without smoking!

17th November — Cluster of lumps in breast half gone along with the pain

I went back to Pauline this morning to remove the cluster of lumps in her lymph glands around her left breast and all up her under arm.

First we got rid of the pain. It was a 15 out of 10.

Even though I can’t even touch my breast it’s so sore, I deeply…

-This pain in my lymph nodes in my breasts

-This pain

-I can’t even touch myself when I wash

-It hurts so much

-I can’t even carry my little dog this side of my body

The pain went down to an 11, then a 7, then it was gone to a zero.

Then we did the lumps themselves. She saw them as green puss lumps.

Pauline suggested that she tap on the lumps themselves now the pain was gone, and that I would tap on the points on her face and body.

These green pussy lumps in my breasts

-These green lumps

-I have to get rid of them

-Because they are of no use anymore to me now

-They are linked to all my emotions of the past

-They were there to protect me

-To focus on them

-Rather than focussing on what was really bothering me

-About my past

-About what my Mum did to me

There, Pauline took the lead and I followed her:

My Mum deserted me

-She abandoned me when I was just 5 years old

-My brother got knocked down by a car when he was 2

-And my parents had to stay in the hospital in Dublin with him

-I was left to my grandmother until the age of 13

-I never saw my parents until then

-My brother ended up in a wheelchair

-And in the meantime I was abused by a member of my family

-My mother deserted me

-She abandoned me when I was 5

-I was just a little girl

-When I saw my mother again

-She was very mean to me

-She never showed me any love

-Any care

-She never believed me about the abuse

-I was so angry

-I was so lonely

-I was so scared

As we tapped, Pauline was crying and she suddenly stopped and said that her Mum just appeared to her in the room and that she was crying too and said that she was sorry.

As Pauline seemed all spent, I took the lead again:

This sadness

-This deep sadness

-I feel so abandoned

-I feel so deserted

-And yet my Mum seems to be sorry about it

-She did the best she could at the time

-And even though it wasn’t good enough

-Because I was only a child, a little girl

-I can see now, as an adult

-That she did the best she could under the circumstances

-Maybe she couldn’t cope with my brother who was paralysed at 2 years of age

-And maybe she was never shown any love herself (Pauline nodded at that and said that it was true)

-So how could she give me something she never had

-My Mum loved me

-But she could never show it

Pauline said her Mum was saying sorry and Pauline started to smile and said that she forgave her and made her peace with her as she was dying of breast cancer. I asked her to ask her Mum to take away the lumps with her and her angels. I asked her to ask her Mum to help her now and make up for the fact that she didn’t help her while she was alive, so that now she could do that for her daughter. Pauline said that her Mum agreed with that thought. I let Pauline talk to her Mum aloud and ask her to take the lumps away with her, away with all her sadness and anger and feelings of desertion. Her Mum left then.

I continued the tapping on her while she tapped on her lumps.

These lumps

-I don’t have to take on my Mum’s disease

-She had breast cancer and lumps in her breast

-I don’t have to take on her pain

-I am not my Mum

-I am me, Pauline

-My Mum’s journey in life is not my journey

-It was her path to have breast cancer, not mine

-The breasts in a woman are the nourishing part of her

-And it’s all linked to the mother

-And I think that my lumps are linked to my mother

-They are linked to when I was 5 years old

-They are linked to all these emotions of the past

-And I’m choosing to let them go now

-I allow them to go with love

Then suddenly, Pauline’s face contorted like she was in extreme pain.

I kept tapping on her as she said that the lumps were getting very angry and were panicking, agitated. She was crying with the pain, so I kept tapping:

This pain

-This intense pain

-The lumps are getting very angry

-Because they know they’re being defeated

-And they want to hang on in there

-They’re so used to be there

-They are getting afraid to be dislodged

-But guess what

-I have the perfect tool

-I have EFT

-I am in control

-It’s me who decides what I let in in my body

-And these lumps are definitely going out

-I’m allowing them to go with love

-They’re panicking because they don’t know the way out

-So I’ll show them

-I’ll show them the way out

-It’s out through my breast

Pauline was still crying and panting and being very distraught with the intense pain and said that the pain was unbearable and moving around, as if it was trying to find a way out, and it was going through her breast.

So I kept tapping very calmly:

The pain is now leaving

-I just showed it the way out

-Through my breast

-This pain is at long last leaving me

-Along with all the emotions

-And my Mum and my angels are taking it away

-And the pain and the lumps

-I don’t need them anymore

-I don’t need their protection anymore

-I’m an adult now

-I don’t need that protection anymore

-They have my permission to leave freely

-I send them away with love

At that moment, Pauline slumped forward, and was holding on to her breast and whispered: the lumps are gone in that part of my breast. The lumps up my lymph nods are so deep rooted that they’re still there, but all around my breast is all white and they’re all gone.

She then burst out in tears and clung to me. I let her cry, tears of exhaustion, relief and held her in my arms. She then lifted her head and still crying she said: “Pascale, I feel so cheated. I have in my life all I was longing for for such a long time, a loving husband, a child of my own, a great life, and now I have this cancer. As if I hadn’t have enough to deal with, with the abuse, my Mum deserting me emotionally, physically, a relationship with a man who ended up in prison for beating me so hard he left me for dead on the side of the road, resulting in my bout of alcoholism. I thought I had put myself together, put my past behind me, and started afresh. And now, that f****g cancer. I’m so afraid I won’t see Brian grow up and I so don’t want to go. I’m so scared.”

She was unable to tap for herself so I tapped for her and she repeated what she could, which was most of it.

-I feel so cheated

-It’s so unfair

-I have everything I could only dream of

-And I’m so afraid it’s going to be taken away from me

-That f****g cancer

-I want to see Brian grow up

-But I’m open to the possibility

-That maybe I’ll be around for a good while

-Maybe I could program myself to stay around to be there for Brian

-To look after him

-To be a good Mum for him

She added:

-to embarrass him when he’s a teenager and advise him on his choice of girlfriends and be the nagging mother that all mothers are.

She started to smile now lightly. And she said that she could actually see herself living longer than the doctors told her.

I took the lead again:

-Who is to say that the doctors are right anyway

-They’ve made mistakes before

-If I don’t have the fear blocking my thoughts and my healing process

-I can achieve what I want in life

-Including living longer

-I have so much support in my life now

-I have so much love around me

-I never had love and support before

-And now that I have it

-I couldn’t disappoint all those people who are showering me with love  (she laughed)

-I am safe now

-It’s safe to be alive

-It’s safe to stay alive

She had a beaming smile at that stage and said that the fear was gone completely from her. She also said that she felt her bones getting stronger because at this time of the year with the weather being so cold, she’d need to be wrapped up with 3 layers of clothes and she’d need to stretch her legs for a long time before walking, she’d be so stiff, but she was now wearing only her pyjamas and she was moving freely, and completely pain free.

18th November — Phone call check

I rang Pauline this morning to see how she was feeling and she said that after I left, she was so exhausted that she fell into bed and slept for most of the day, and after that she slept that night for the first time in 10 and a half months for the whole night, a peaceful and restful night. From 12 midnight to 9.15am.

I asked her about the pain in her breast and she said the part we worked on and which feels clear and white to her, is still pain free and lump free. But the part we must work on, the glands by her armpit are still a bit sore. I had given her homework to do, to tap on the remaining swirling lumps (her words) but I guessed she was too tired to tap on anything, so I said that in her own time when she felt ready, she could start tapping.

She said that since we started EFT, about 3 weeks ago, no new lumps had appeared on her body, whereas usually, new ones keep appearing every few weeks. She hasn’t taken any painkillers since either and didn’t really smoke. She lights up her cigarette and leaves it on the ashtray without pulling on it! She said I had changed her life and improved her quality of life in a way that she couldn’t even imagine. She still can’t believe when she wakes up pain free.

21st November — Gig

We did the gig with Pauline that night (my husband and myself are both musicians and my husband used to play with Pauline’s band many years ago, and Pauline had organised a charity gig for cancer research and asked us if we could play with her that night, which we accepted with great pleasure). She looked extremely well, she was all dressed up, in no pain at all and she sang extremely well. Her husband told me she tapped herself the night before and just before the gig and it did her the world of good. She partied the whole night after the gig finished and was asleep for the most part of 2 days afterwards. Then because the excitement was gone, and she had nothing more to look forward to (her words), the panic attacks returned, the fear of death returned, and she had a fit. But she still was in no pain. That all happened on the 28th of November. I was due to go to her on the 30th of November.

30th November — Lumps came back and went again

I came back this morning to see Pauline and all I could describe her as, when I saw her, was a quivering wreck. She hadn’t slept a wink the night before because the lumps came back in her breast and her neck. She had a huge black spot on her nipple (left breast) and when she pressed it, it was extremely painful and remained black. She couldn’t touch her whole breast, which was swollen and full of hard lumps. Back to square one. But Pauline said that even though the lumps came back, they were smaller.

But the pain in her breast and nipple is a 25 on the scale of 0 to 10. We obviously started with that.

-Even though I have this burning pain through my nipple, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

We did one round and it remained the same. So I used the 9 gamut most of the time because it seemed to work better for her.

-Even though I still have this remaining burning pain…

-This remaining burning pain

-It’s unbearable

-I know now that this pain and these hard lumps

-Are linked to my Mum

-She abandonned me when I was 5

-When I needed her most

-And she did it again

-When I was pregnant

-She died on me

-She left me again

-When I needed her most

-It hurt so much then

-I was back at when I was 5 again

-This pain

-This burning pain

At that stage Pauline took a sharp breath intake and her face contorted in pain and she said that the pain was getting angry. She was in great distress and the pain became unbearable.

-The pain is getting angry

-The lumps are getting angry

-They’re angry because they don’t know what to do

-They’re angry because they don’t know where to go

-They’re angry because they don’t want to leave

-But I’ll show them the way out

-I’ll show them the way out (she cried in pain)

-The pain is leaving me

-It knows the way out

-I’m showing it the way out with love

-I’m releasing the pain with love.

Pauline suddenly slumped forward and said her heart was beating 100 miles an hour but that the pain was gone completely. She felt pins and needles and I told her that it was the circulation going again. She touched her breast and felt no pain. The lumps on the right part of her breast were gone completely. The lump on the nipple had gone also, that was the most painful. And all the other lumps, on the side of her breast and up her lymph nodes were smaller.

-Even though I still have remaining swirling lumps around my breast and up my lymph nodes and I’m convinced they’re deep rooted, I now chose to believe that they’re not as deep rooted as I thought, I’m getting so good at removing lumps now, that it’ll be a piece of cake, (she laughed) I deeply…

-These remaining swirling lumps

-They’re there to protect me

-To prevent me from thinking of what I went through

-When my Mum left me at 5 years old

-And again when I was pregnant

-If I had had to think about that at the time

-My head would have exploded

-I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it

-It was too much to take in

-When I learned that my Mum was diagnosed

-With breast cancer

-It was such an awful shock

-Oh no she’s leaving me again

-With all that stress

-My breasts started to produce milk

-And because that milk couldn’t be expressed

-It got transformed into hard lumps

-And that’s when it all started

-The lumps were formed there and then

-To protect me

-And to avoid me thinking of the awful shock

Pauline interrupted the rounds at that stage and she looked more relaxed. She said that she could see that little girl with long blond curly hair in a field. I asked her who she was and she said she didn’t know but that she was glowing in yellow. She asked me what colour yellow represents and I told her the first thing that came in my mind, not knowing if I was right or wrong; yellow is the colour of happiness. She seemed content with that and then said that she asked the little girl why she was here and that she got no answer. I asked Pauline if she had a miscarriage sometime and she said “yes, but it was years ago and that the child should be older than that”. And suddenly, her face brightened up and she exclaimed: “this is my brother Sean! That’s when he was 2 years old, when he could still walk and he loved running in the fields and in the hay! He was always mistaken for a girl at that age because he had long blond curly hair”. Then the image faded away and even though we still don’t know why it appeared, it left Pauline looking smiling. (Her brother is still alive by the way).

Pauline was starting to feel exhausted and her eyes were closing but I had the gut feeling not to stop and continue the momentum.

-Even though I still have this mass of lumps that looks like weeds, (her words)…

-This remaining mass of weeds

-These lumps that look like weeds

In the middle of the 2nd round, she suddenly cried out in pain and said that she felt stabbing pains, that the pain was panicking once again and that it was trying to leave her but it was stuck.

-The pain is stuck

-It can’t get out (she was crying with the pain and her voice was weak, she could barely get the words out; I asked her if she wanted me to tap for her, but she said that she prefered to do it herself, that she was able to)

-The pain is stuck

-The pain is unbearable

-I’m showing it the way out

-With love

-I’m showing it the way out

-With white light

-And pink light of love

-The light of God

-The way out is through love (she said it was moving again and the relief in her face and eyes were visible)

-I’m showing the way out through my arm (she had said that the pain was escaping through her arm).

We did a few more rounds, and the pain got stuck again and she was crying with the pain of it, and from her face it seemed excruciating. Then the pain was moving again and finally left through her fingers and again she felt pins and needles through her whole arm.

She checked her lumps and the whole side of her breast was clear of lumps, they were all gone, as was the pain. She was able to touch and squeeze and felt no pain. By now she was completely wrecked but I felt that there was still a bit of a fight in her, for the remaining root of the cancer and I asked her if it was OK to do a last round or 2, and she was at this stage with her eyes closed, rocking back and forth gently, and saying that she was feeling no pain and that she was feeling so relaxed. When I mentioned the tapping we must do also for her fear of death and anxiety, she said that the fear was gone and that there was no anxiety left, it felt a zero to her, that the feeling of panic was gone and so was the tight feeling in her chest.

-Even though I have the deep roots of the cancer left, that’s where it all started 3 years ago, I deeply…

-That deep root

-That’s where it all started

-With learning about my Mum’s cancer

-The shock of it

-I froze back then

-It was such an awful shock

She checked and said that the swelling had gone way down.

-Even though I thought I had breast cancer like my Mum

-I am not my Mum

-I am not taking on her pain

-This is not my path

-This is not my stuff

-It was such a shock to learn that news

-My Mum had breast cancer

-Just when I was pregnant

-It was like being back at 5 years old

-When Mum abandoned me

-When I needed her the most

-And there she was

-Doing it again

-Abandoning me again

-When I needed her the most

-When I was becoming a mother myself

She checked again and said that the swirling had gone in her lumps and that it felt all calm now. She pressed the area quite hard and felt absolutely no pain. There was still some of it left though, and she said it felt now squeedgy and soft, as opposed to hard and lumpy and painful. She worded it “melting and seepy”.

-Even though there’s still the dying root in me, it now feels melting and seeping out of my body, I deeply…

-That melting and seeping

-The root of the cancer is melting gently and seeping out of my body

-I choose to release it gently with love

-It’s going away with my cancer.

-My whole breast is soft and squeedgy

-I can feel the seeping and the melting

-It’s moving freely

-And I’m going to fall asleep on Pascale anytime soon!!!

At that, her head shot up and she burst out laughing and said, “yes, we should stop now, I feel very light headed and if I wasn’t feeling so sleepy, I’d be dancing around the room now so much I feel happy, relaxed and most important, free of any pain at all!”

She checked her breast and said that it felt really soft, lump free, and even though a tiny bit of the root was still there, it felt non-threatening, still seeping away gently from her body, whereas before it felt hard as a rock. She asked me to feel it and I was amazed by the difference. She said that she couldn’t touch and squeeze her breasts that hard for the past 3 years and it was the first time she could do that.

I asked her to check her other lumps that had reappeared in her neck and they were all gone again. One was still there but so small she could barely feel it.

She was a totally different person who came out of the room and went to her husband who couldn’t believe the difference. He noticed straight away her shoulders, which were not hunched up in pain anymore, and her face that had lost 10 years.

I rang later that night just to see how she was doing and she was just coming from an afternoon shopping with her dad, including lunch and her father complaining that she was walking too fast for him, that he couldn’t follow her, such was her form! Usually she has to make small steps and walk very slowly because of the different pains all over her body. She said that she felt great and was in no pain whatsoever. I had to ground her because she felt so dizzy! She also said that since we started the EFT sessions, she doesn’t feel the cold as much as before. I’m seeing her again on Wednesday the 2nd of December.

8th December — Hands and feet in painful claw, shaking and twitching, back to normal after tapping

Pauline cancelled me twice since I was meant to see her on the 2nd of December and I was wondering what was going on. When I got to her today she was the worst I have seen her yet: shrivelled down in her seat, her face a mask of agony, barely able to speak, shaking and twitching. She was like that for the past 2 days as the stress of the past week took its toll.

She explained to me what was going on: her aunt who she was very close to, died last week and just after that her sister attempted to commit suicide and the whole family, wait for this, came to Pauline to ask her what to do and to find solace in her! Because I’m not supposed to judge and I don’t know the dynamics of her family, I kept my mouth shut, but Pauline said that she couldn’t take it anymore and the result showed physically: pains everywhere, she had to be on morphine for the past 3 days and didn’t know what day of the week it was, and missed everything that was going on around her. I asked her why she cancelled me, when it was obvious that EFT could have helped her and maybe prevented her getting so worked up, but she said that her family didn’t want anybody in the house because they were ashamed by what the sister did. I asked (casually): “and what about your well being?” (thinking, how can they be that selfish) and she shrugged her shoulders. She also said that she was embarrassed about the money situation because I’m not charging her. I explained to her that she was doing me a favour by letting me have experience about treating a cancer patient and that I was hoping she would refer to me a lot of her friends with cancer! She laughed! Once that was sorted, she accepted that I would continue to come whenever I could to do EFT with her.

We started with her feet and hands that were in a claw, shaking and very, very painful, so much so, that she couldn’t walk and I had to help her to drink her glass of water because she couldn’t grasp anything. I had to tap for her. She repeated what I said but she sounded so weak from exhaustion from sleepless nights filled with pure pain, that I suggested she repeat what she could and say the rest in her head. And to her credit, she repeated most of it out loud.

-Even though I have this crushing pain in my hands and feet because of all the stress of the past week, I deeply…

-This crushing pain

-My hands are like claws

-My feet are like claws

-I can’t even move them

-Or bend them

-This crushing pain

-All the stress

-My aunt dying

-My sister acting up

-Like I didn’t have enough on my plate

-This crushing pain

-I choose to let them go

-And to show them the way out

-With love

-I’m so good at it now

-I’m an expert (she laughed)

-I’ll show the pain the way out

Suddenly her face contorted in pain and she cried out: “The pain is leaving my left hand Pascale, I can’t take the pain, it’s unbearable, it’s trying to get out.’

I kept tapping, saying that we allow the pain to go, that we know it doesn’t like to be told what to do but tough s**t, it has to go!

After a few minutes of this and Pauline being in excruciating pain, she finally slumped forward and was breathing heavily but I could feel relief. I asked her what she was feeling and she said that she had pins and needles but that it felt good because it was the blood circulating again. Her left hand finally de-clawed and she was able to fully open it. I enjoyed the look of disbelief on her face.

We did the exact same process for her feet and the same thing occurred; the pain started to move, then refused to keep moving, causing her a huge amount of suffering, until it shot out of her toes. She was able to move her feet and the cracking of the bones that ensued was unbelievable!

Then we did her right hand, the one that is the most touched by arthritis and it took a long time for the pain to move, get stuck, move again and shoot out through her fingers, causing her a lot of distress and pure pain.

We then did the twitching in her face and whole body because it’s usually a prelude to an epileptic fit. I said that she was not going to have a fit if I had anything to do with it, which made her laugh! It only took a couple of rounds, just mentioning the twitching and the shaking. She was still shaking a bit after that but choosing to ignore it, I said: “You see, it’s over! Am I good or am I good!” With that, she burst out laughing and the shaking stopped completely! I sensed that I had to take her out of the shaking energy and it worked!

I let her breathe a few minutes while I made notes; her face had started to change, she looked so much more relaxed. But I felt there was something else bothering her and when I asked her, she said her shoulders were very tensed because she seemed to carry the weight of her family leaning on her. A few rounds took care of that and she was able to un-hunch her shoulders fully and stay upright. We had to do the EFT with her lying down in bed because the pain was too intense for her to sit.

I did hands-on healing in her foot that was troubling her. She is suffering from several hairline fractures in her whole body and there was a new one in her left foot that was particularly painful. The healing brought her much heat that she lacked and relaxation and relief from the pain, even though it wasn’t gone totally. I told her that sometimes it takes a full day or two to take effect. She said it didn’t matter because now at least she could touch her foot and lean on it to walk, which she couldn’t do for the past 3 days.

I asked her about the lumps, if they had reappeared with all the stress and she said that her breast was still completely clear, and that the cluster of lumps above the breast and up her armpit, on the lymphatic glands were still very soft and not hard like rock as they were before. I said I wanted to do the big lump behind her knee but she said it had disappeared the day we did the lumps in her breast! The only lumps remaining are the clusters of lumps on her 2 arms, up the lymphatic gland.

She said that she had been feeling really great until the drama with her family last week. And all the stress really brought her down and set her back a bit. She said that now she felt really relaxed and more centered and grounded and she even knew what day of the week we were and that she couldn’t wait to do the Christmas tree with the children, whereas last week she hadn’t even known what day or month it was and had showed no interest in putting up any decorations the pain was so overwhelming and obliterating everything and she was high on morphine.

When we came back into the living room, her husband’s face was a picture! He said that what shocked him first was her face! So peaceful and relaxed. He said she was a different person from the one who had to be carried to her bed, who came bouncing up and laughing and joking and talking non-stop. I’m due back tomorrow afternoon.

15th December — From bones hurting and feeling the cold intensely to feeling warm and loose fingers and toes. NLP time line

I was due to go to Pauline the day after the last session but her husband rang me the morning I was due to go back, to say that not long after I had gone, Pauline experienced severe vomiting and diarrhoea bouts. I explained to her that it might very well be her body getting rid of all the toxins it didn’t need and that maybe EFT helped her do that. She said she never thought of it but that it made sense, because she felt way better after that and was pain free for the rest of the week.

Except for the fact that she wakes up with stiff and swollen fingers and feet, due to osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis caused by the chemo which stripped her bones, she has been pain free.

She can’t bend her fingers and feet properly as it causes her pain and she can’t grasp things properly. She feels her fingers and toes not being part of her, so much so that she can’t feel them properly and is always full of pins and needles.

We started at a level of pain 12 out of 10. I found myself using the 9 gamut most of the time.

-Even though my bones feel very tight and painful and I can’t close my hands properly, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

-This tightness in my bones

-This horrible painful tightness

-I can’t even bend my fingers

-And if I even try

-It hurts like hell

-This painful tightness

-It’s the chemo

-That gave me rheumatoid arthritis

-And osteoporosis

-And it makes my bones tight

The pain remained at a 12. She told me that since my last visit, she was taking much less tablets and she was able to breathe out the pain and tap on it. She added that she hated to be on the morphine, which was quite a high dosage, at 900mg. She said that she was able to use her mind again and to decide to tap on the pain or to breathe it out, THANKS TO THE FACT THAT SHE DID EFT, and is not reaching automatically for the tablets. And thanks to that, she was able to talk with her son, to be aware that this week is his school concert, whereas she wouldn’t have even noticed what day of the week it was, never mind her son’s activities at school.

She recalled being on morphine a few weeks ago and trying to open the door with her mobile phone, she was so out of it. She told me she was so proud of herself for using her brain again and thinking of tapping or breathing out the pain instead of reaching for the tablets. I told her that she could be very proud of herself.

-Even though I still have this angry pain in my bones and my hands and my legs…

-This remaining angry pain

-It’s in my bones

-It’s in my legs,

-In my hands

-In my feet

-It’s everywhere

-It makes me so cold

-I’m freezing all the time

-This remaining angry tight pain in my bones.

Pauline remarked it was very much in her toes now and that it was trying to leave her body.

-This remaining tightness

-Is trying to leave my feet

-I’m showing it the way out

-I’m so good at it now

-I’m such an expert at it

-I’m showing it the way out

-With love and light

-I’m creating a tunnel of love and light

-For the pain to go out

-Of my toenails

-It’s the way out

-It’s the right way out

-I don’t need that remaining pain

-I allow it to go

-It serves no purpose anymore

Pauline suddenly cried out. She rolled her toes and the cracking was very impressive. The pain released finally in her toes.

The pain in the hands stayed at level 10, but the feet were much better.

I then did hands-on healing for 10 minutes on her feet and brought the pain in her hands to a 6 out of 10, even though I hadn’t worked on the hands. Her feet felt incredibly warm and comfy.

She said the pain was now like liquefied and broken down and squishy and not as stiff. We tapped on that remaining feeling. It went down to 3.

I did more hands-on healing on her hands this time and she said that she felt as if she was made of ice before and now she was melting in warmth. She noticed that her neck and shoulders were completely loose and she could turn her neck and roll her shoulders pain free.

-Even though I still have a squishy feeling and a little stiffness left…

-This remaining squishiness

-I now believe I can close my hands properly

-With no pain

-I now choose to be able to close my hands.

She said her hands felt loose and pain free, except her middle finger. It was caught in a machine one day and she got lead poisoning. She caught as well a tendon and a nerve and had to have a 7 hour operation. It’s always bent and when she stretches her fingers or points at something with that hand, her middle finger always stays crooked.

-Even though my middle finger is always very stiff and sore…

-This pain

-This stiffness

-It’s because of my accident

-It’s always bent

-It’s always crooked

-No way I can put it straight

-Well, guess what

-We’ll show it the way out

-I’m so used to it by now

-I’m a dinger at it

When she laughed at that, it was short lived because the pain started to get angry and try to find its way out.

-I’m showing it the way out

-Filled with love

-Out through my finger nail

-It’s leaving now

Suddenly Pauline starting to cry out in pain and said that the pain, instead of travelling down the right way, got lost, it was going up her hand.

We quickly reversed the process by tapping on the pain going back through the fingernails and it finally did, after much pain for Pauline.

She checked herself, fingers, toes, neck, shoulders and everything felt fine and loose and pain free, when she suddenly exclaimed: “Look Pascale! My finger! It has never been so straight!”

When I asked her a last time how she felt, she looked all embarrassed but smiling at the same time. I asked her what was up, and she said that she was embarrassed to tell me how she felt! I told her that nothing much could shock me at this stage of my life and she laughed. She said that she felt so good that it was like the aftermath of making love, that soft glow of well-being all over. I said to her that I was delighted for her and that there was no need to be embarrassed, if it was the way she felt, then that was the way she felt. She also said she had the feeling to have reclaimed her own fingers and toes, that she could grasp things again and hold on to them.

I then asked her to stand up and did a NLP time line.

I asked her to imagine a line on the floor, which I showed her and imagine that that line was March 2010, in 3 months time. I asked her if she could visualise herself in 3 months time, to describe to me how she looked, if there was a colour about her, and how she felt.

She saw herself very clearly, surrounded by orange light and feeling very strong. I asked her to make that light brighter and brighter, and to impregnate every cell of her body and to see her cancer taken over by that beautiful bright shimmering light. Then she said: “I see a grey area. In my left breast.”

I used the Matrix Reimprinting (an EFT-based technique for working with trauma) to tap on her ECHO (an MR term similar to inner child, you can view an introduction to Matrix Reimprinting here.) and tap off the grey area in her breast. It then became white and healthy. I asked her to dissociate herself from her ECHO and she managed that well.

I then asked her to step forward 3 more months, to June 2010.

She was all yellow and I proceeded the same way as for March, except there was no grey area this time. I went on to October and there, she saw herself all grey and very sick.

We tapped on her ECHO and asked her what was wrong and she said that she was just after an operation to remove 2 huge lumps that had grown bigger in her breast. She was tired and scared. I kept asking her to dissociate, just in case. But I think she got it.

I asked her when did they appear and she said June. We then went back in time to June and started to tap on her echo and tap the lumps down.

She asked me if what she saw and felt was really going to happen. I told her that we have the ability to change our future with our thoughts and with EFT. And that we’ll tap more on the lumps remaining at present in her lymph glands, just above her breast, the ones on the breast itself having disappeared completely. She said she felt a bit scared but that now she knew she had a fighting chance with EFT and that she was taking her healing in her own hands because nobody else could do it for her.  I told her I would be with her all the way. She felt happier when I left and I’m due to see her Friday the 18th of December.

19th December — From huge lump in throat, pains everywhere, and feeling very low to pain free and feeling positive again

I couldn’t see Pauline on the 18th as arranged because she had had an injection for her bones on the 17th and she was exhausted from it.

When I arrived, Pauline was feeling very low and was full of intense pains all over. She had got not very good news from her oncologist. He said that her blood was not very good and even though the lumps were gone apparently, they were still there, but very very small. He told her to continue with the EFT since it has such a positive effect on her. They are going to try a mix of 3 cancer tablets as a last resort and she’ll have an MRI in January to see her general state. Her morale is very low and she can’t even talk to her husband about it. She rang her liaison nurse just before I arrived and was able to tell her how she felt. She wanted very badly to go to sleep but was making herself stay awake to see me. I told her I was glad she did because at least we could try to lessen her pains.

She suffered again from pains in her legs, feet and arms and they were not only frozen to the bone, literally speaking, but clawed and very painful.

She had a huge lump on her throat, very visible, like a golf ball, all swollen. She couldn’t eat, drink or swallow without extreme pain.

She said that when she’s in pain like that, she feels her lumps are all out and each and every one of them is painful.

And finally the injection was done in her hip instead of in her spine. She asked them to inject in her hip because it’s too painful otherwise, but as they did, they ripped and they reached her hip bone and the pain was intense.

We started with that. The pain was at a 10 out of 10.

-Even though I have this constant and grinding pain in my hip because of the injection, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

-This constant grinding pain

-Those f***g idiots have ripped my hip bone

-They’re not even able to do an injection properly

-As if I wasn’t in enough pain as it is

-I’m furious

-I’m so angry

-This constant and grinding pain.

The pain went down to a 7 and was still sore to the touch. We tapped on the remaining pain, the remaining anger and the remaining feeling low. The pain went down to a 4, to a ½ and to zero. She was able to touch it.

I then proceeded to give her hands-on healing for her feet and hands as it worked so well the last time and once again it loosened her hands and feet and warmed them up. They de-clawed, she felt pins and needles and the blood was back into them again. She was then completely pain free.

We then went for the biggie of today: the lump in her throat. It looked quite scary because it was so prominent. The pain was a 10 out of 10.

-Even though I have this hard ball in my neck and it feels like if I’m being pulled down by a string,…..

-This hard ball in my neck

-I feel I’m being pulled down by it

-It’s so painful

-I can’t eat

-I can’t drink

-I can’t swallow

She suddenly stopped and said that the string had been broken and she didn’t feel pulled down anymore.

The pain went down to an 8. We tapped on that remaining hard ball, and I said that we were choosing to dissolve it. It went down to a 7 then a 6 then a 5.

-This remaining ball in my neck

-I can’t swallow it’s so sore

(I saw her slump a bit forward from exhaustion)

-I’m exhausted

-I can’t take it anymore

-When it’s not a pain here, it’s a pain there

-I’m wrecked

-I’m feeling so low

-I can’t take this pain anymore

-This remaining hard ball in my neck

-I’m exhausted

She suddenly stopped and started to rotate her neck and I asked her what was wrong but she smiled at me and said that her neck felt so loose and relaxed, she couldn’t believe it.

The hard ball went down to a 4 and she said the outside part of the ball was gone. I checked and the swelling had gone way down and we could feel the ball nearly gone. She took a sip of water and she could swallow much easier. She noticed also that her sinuses had suddenly cleared up and she could breathe again.

She said that only the root of the ball seemed to be left.

-Even though some of the root is left, I can feel it dissolving as we speak

-It’s leaving my body very gently

-I appreciate it as I’m in enough pain

-It’s dissolving gently.

She checked and said it was now the size of a button whereas it was the size of her fist before. Big difference. It’s now more annoying than painful. She can touch it and suddenly realises that she has saliva. She suddenly cracked her neck involuntarily and then a huge smile spread on her face, a genuine happy smile. She said that her spine was now straight because it had just aligned itself. She felt no pain anymore anywhere. Even on all the lumps I had planned to tap on. She said that they all felt alright again.

We tapped again on the remaining button that was dissolving of its own accord. We were both amazed at the difference, both physically, mentally and emotionally. She said she felt totally relaxed and in no pain whatsoever. She had been so upset and had not been able to talk to her husband because the severe pain had obscured her thinking and she couldn’t even find the words to express herself. Now she felt clear headed and couldn’t wait to talk to her husband and also ring her liaison nurse who must be worried about her after her phone call before I arrived. She couldn’t get over the sensation of having saliva in her mouth again.

We checked the lump again and it was the size of a pea. I wanted to tap again but she said that there was no need, that it would dissolve of its own accord. She would tap on it herself.

I’m due to see her on the 22nd.

22nd December — Green poisonous pus spots in the neck that disappear

When I came back to see Pauline today, she said that the day after I had come, the ball in her neck became big as an orange, big green spots of puss appeared in her throat and she couldn’t swallow. She then vomited and said that it was like all the bad stuff releasing and the ball in her neck kind of deflated and she was left with 2 green spots of puss at the back of her throat, very visible. The pain was at 11 out of 10, but she felt able to endure the pain, and had been able to walk by herself to her doctor to get checked. He was amazed that she came to him and she mentioned the EFT, explaining that she was so much better. He said that the EFT we did on the hard ball on her neck avoided her spending Christmas in hospital. One thing she’s avoiding at all cost, since her immune system is so weak (hence the poisoning, called streptococcus) that any bug she might catch in the hospital might accelerate her demise.

Also the cold was not affecting her, as it used to. She and her husband are amazed that she’s not in bed with a ton of blankets on top of her. She doesn’t feel much of the cold and her hands and feet are nice and loose. I just did some hands-on healing on her feet that were a bit cold, but not sore.

-Even though I have this painful ball of green hair that feels like it’s being pulled by a black root…

It went down to a 7. We tapped on the remaining ball, letting the poison release, letting go, and she noticed that the poison felt like it was leaving her system without a fight, as opposed to the other things that were putting up a fight, like the lumps.

The ball went down to a 3, becoming a sludge, a nudge, just sore to the touch.

There was then just a pip left, getting smaller and warmer. Then suddenly it was gone, as well as the pain. It wasn’t sore to the touch anymore; she was able to roll her shoulders freely, with great ease.

When I asked her to touch it again, just to make sure it was really gone, she noticed that there were small pieces left, as if it was breaking up. We tapped on them, disintegrating them, dissolving them into nothingness, and then, nothing remained.

She went to see her husband and asked him to check the back of her throat for the puss balls. He said that before we started, they were the size of little balls, and now they were the size of tiny specs. I checked myself and saw them. Pauline seemed to be OK with it but I wanted to eradicate them completely. We went back to the room and tapped on those remaining specks. We asked her husband to check again, and this time, the right one was gone completely. We then tapped on the remaining left one, and it too went totally. She was completely clear and pain free.

Her husband said to me that the EFT seems to make her better a little bit more every day, and it’s becoming more and more obvious, like this time with the poisoning in her body, that normally would have had her flat on her back, under heavy medication (morphine), and wrecked by the pain. But this morning she was able to go to town on her own, do her Christmas shopping and come back on her own with 3 heavy bags. She was so proud of herself and said that without the EFT she never would have even considered going out of the house on her own like that.

I told her to enjoy her Christmas and to call me the minute something goes wrong, so that it doesn’t escalate to something unmanageable because we saw that the stress can make her lumps re-appear just like that, so she agreed to call me if she felt the need.

30th January — No need for back brace anymore and lumps in breast gone

It was the first occasion I got to go and see Pauline after Christmas. I was sick when I came back from France and the last thing I wanted was to go and see her while I was coughing; then she got sick herself and she needed a good week to recover.

She had gone for an MRI and a full check-up. Her cancer has spread, but the consultant and the doctors were puzzled. They couldn’t understand why the cancer hadn’t spread more, and more importantly (or as importantly) the tumour in her brain didn’t re-appear, whereas they expected it to come back.

She keeps a daily diary, including of course all our EFT sessions, and how good she feels after that. I was very curious as to how they felt about that. Pauline said that they were sceptical about EFT, but still, they said that she should continue with it, as it seems to make her better!

That day, I asked her what felt the most painful and the most immediate pain we needed to get rid of, and she said her feet and her hands. I gave her hands-on healing and they warmed up and loosened up. The pain went completely after 10 minutes.

Pauline was wearing a back brace because she was completely out of alignment. Her back, her shoulders, her hips were out, and this caused her extreme pain. She was all hunched up, her shoulders very stiff and her back at an 11 out of 10 pain level.

-Even though I have that grating pain, like nails on a chalkboard, like bone on bone grating, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

The pain went down very rapidly to a 4, after 2 rounds including the 9 gamut.

She could touch her neck without much pain. She felt it crack and said that one bone had gone back into place.

-Even though I still have this catch in my neck when I turn my head…

The pain went down to a 1, after just one round. There was no cracking and no grating feeling. Because she has osteoporosis, her bones ARE grating against each other. The chemo has stripped them.

So the pain was nearly non-existant, just a 1 of rubbing, this time, not grating anymore and not intense like before. We reached zero for the neck. The neck was pain free. She said that she felt like waking up with relief, like feeling more alive, and her head felt light, but in a good way.

The back was at a 3 so we tapped on the remaining rubbing and it went down to a zero after just 2 rounds. As Pauline said, you’re on a roll today, let’s keep going! She had planned to go out to the restaurant with her husband that night, because she felt good that morning, and she said “me who thought I felt good today, it’s nothing compared to what I feel now, I feel fantastic!”

She then got up and keeping her torso straight, she twisted herself with her arms, from left to right and right to left, as if she had a hoola hoop on her hips, and we distinctly heard “crack, crack, crack”.  I looked up at her in alarm, but she had a beaming smile on her face and said that her back had just cracked into place! She took her brace off. She felt completely pain free. She stretched, standing up. She bent at the waist and touched her toes. We heard a last crack, and she said it was her hips that went back into place. She hadn’t been able to do that for the past 2 weeks. She asked her husband to check her, and he said that her back, her shoulders and her hips were aligned. She’s going to a chiropractor to get aligned soon and I’m curious as to what he’ll have to say.

I asked her then if she was ready for the lumps in her breast and suggested to tap on the pain first as she had been complaining about it being sore and tender to the touch.

She touched it to gauge the number 0 to 10, and looked up at me in puzzlement: she didn’t feel any pain there at all. I explained to her that sometimes when we tap on something, other pains or emotions collapse too.

She could touch the lumps and they didn’t feel swollen and inflamed like before the session. I’m talking about the 2nd cluster of lumps that goes from her breast to the bra stap.

The root of the cancer is above it; it goes from the breast to the armpit. There the pain is a 30.

So we started by the “lesser” lumps. The number she gave me was a 6.

-Even though I have these lymph nodes, I now choose to let them go, I deeply…

-I have these lymph nodes

-I know how to get rid of them

-With love

-In peace

-I have done it before

-I know what to do

-I allow them to leave my body

She interrupted me and her face was scrunched in pain. She said the lumps were swirling and getting angry, they were fighting.

We tapped on the remaining angry painful lumps, showing them the way out to the light, and they tried to resist and fight her. She was in extreme pain and we kept tapping until she was able to tell me that they were leaving through her fingers, with much pain. I followed her lead and let her take the lead altogether regarding what to tap on.

She finally slumped back and said that the lumps had all gone. Well, not the root ones, we haven’t tapped on those ones, even though I hoped against hope that the side effect would have made them disappear too, but it didn’t.

She said there were no nodes left but that she felt tender to the touch. We tapped 2 rounds on the tenderness and it went totally to a zero. She was able to touch it and felt absolutely no lumps there.

I tried to get her to tap on the 30 pain for the cluster of lumps, the biggie, the root of the cancer, but she wouldn’t. She said she felt great like that and she wanted to enjoy her night out. I said I couldn’t leave her with a 30 pain so she agreed to tap on it, just to see what would happen.

We started and it went down to 29. Then 26, and in the middle of it, she suddenly said STOP! I stopped immediately. She said that she could feel the swirling and the anger of the lumps, which were fighting, and she didn’t want to go into that now. I said no problem, I’ll come back on Tuesday and she agreed.

5th February — Matrix Reimprinting with Ted Wilmont and color healing with Sharon King

Ted came to do a Matrix session with Pauline. Sharon came along as well and did some healing and color therapy. They were doing a workshop in Ireland and they very kindly proposed to do a session free of charge for Pauline.

There were 3 periods in Pauline’s life where she needed the Matrix: at 5 years old, when her mother abandoned her, (or that she perceived as being abandoned); at 7 years old when she got abused by a member of her family, and at 16 years old when she attempted suicide.

Ted did a Matrix on the 5 year old and on the 16 year old.

The lumps in her breast started to swirl in angry pain, and Ted and Sharon asked Pauline to focus on bringing gold light to that area of her body, instead of fighting the pain. The pain eased and then left. They asked her to send love to that area of her body and to say the Ho’ponopono: “I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you.”

I got a text from Pauline the next day and the day after, saying that she felt an incredible energy and that she woke up without any pain, and that she slept very, very well.

11th February — Migraine, stomachache, and fainting spell

I didn’t know what to expect when I came to see Pauline and I was hoping she would be still in good form, but it wasn’t to be. She was all hunched up and in pain: a migraine since the morning and pain in her stomach due to the cancer tablets, but only since the start of the afternoon, so our timing was perfect.

She said that since Ted and Sharon were here, she has been absolutely perfect, even though she had been sick vomiting after they left, but she knows by now that it’s all the energy moving, all the “bad” stuff evacuating.

She said that her level of energy was incredible on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. She said that the healing she got from Ted and Sharon seems to have brought her to another level altogether and that the pains of today have nothing to do with it, that it’s independent of it.

We started with the migraine, which was at an 11 out of 10.

– Even though I have this migraine, I choose to bring gold light into it and to dissolve it.

-This pain

-This migraine

-It was going so well

-And this migraine has just appeared

-Just to spoil it all

-Well, guess what

-I won’t let it happen

-I was feeling so good all week-end

-I’m going to go back into that zone

-That zone of well-being

-That zone of good energy

-I’m bringing gorgeous shimmering gold light into the area in my head

-It impregnates every cell of my brain

-It pushes the swelling out

-It’s dissolving it

-The gold light is so beautiful and strong

-That it enters every cell in my brain

-Every cell in the bones of my skull

-It dissolves the pain

The pain went down to a 5. I let her breathe a bit, as I felt she was becoming weaker and very tired. Just when I was going to ask her what was going on, she seemed stuck in the gesture she was doing, like frozen in time, and in a very, very weak voice, she asked me to ask her husband for a glass of water. I shot to the kitchen at the speed of the light and came back with a glass of water and her husband who understood the situation at once.

Pauline was having an epileptic fit, but as he explained to me later, since the EFT sessions she controls them with her breathing. Before it would have been straight to the hospital to A&E.

He helped her lying down on the floor, (after she drank the whole glass very slowly) on her side, her head on a pillow, and she started to breathe very heavily but in a controlled manner. I was wondering if the tapping hadn’t brought that on and made her dizzy, or the gold light, but she said no, that she could feel the fit coming on for the past 2 days. After 10 minutes, she felt able to come back up and sit up in bed and resume the tapping. I think I was more shaken than she was!

We brought down the migraine to a 2. It then became a headache, then a zero. She felt her shoulders release and drop with such relief. She was exhausted by the effort though and I asked if she was up to do her stomach and she assured me that she was OK with it.

We brought down the pain, which was a 6 to a 3, still using the gold light, wanting to stay in the zone where she felt so good all weekend, and she felt her stomach becoming less swollen, and the pain disappeared completely.

I asked her how she felt, and she said, fantastic, pain free, and very relaxed. I could see she was exhausted and I said that I’d leave the Matrix about the 7 year old for another day. She was happy to leave it at that.

13th April — From feeling scared, tired, and weak to feeling hopeful and calmer

I went to see Pauline after all this time because she had such a bad reaction to the chemo that she was completely out of action for weeks, (she bled out and had to have a blood transfusion), as well as feeling like wanting to hide from the world, and giving up, being tired and weak. She feels that she was doing quite well before they tried the chemo again. It left her weak physically and emotionally.

She has been told that she has 5 weeks for her blood to level off, as she has too many red cells and not enough white ones. If the blood doesn’t level off by that time, the doctors told her they gave her 12 months to live, or less.

We did a Matrix in the future where she’s at the doctor in 5 weeks time and she hears the result that she wants to hear, that the white cells count is equal to the red cell count, but there was much doubt and fear.

I asked her when was the last time she felt like giving up on life like that, and she said that it was when she confided in her mother that she had been abused and that her mother didn’t believe her. I then asked her if she wanted to bring her mother into the room but she said no.

I asked her also what was the downside of getting well, as there might be a resistance in getting healed, if she would miss the care, the nurturing, and she was adamant that there was no downside to getting better, but she has no energy left and that she’s tired of it all.

-Even though I feel weak and tired and scared, I deeply and completely…

-I am so scared,

-I am so tired of it all

-I don’t know if I have the energy to keep going anymore

-It’s going on for so long now

-I am wrecked

-I feel like giving up

-The doctors told me I had only 12 months

-If my blood doesn’t level off

-But what do they know?

-Why should I believe them?

-They don’t know what I’m capable of doing

-With visualization

-What if I believe that my white cells will rise?

-What if I can make it happen?

-OK, what if I can’t?

-But what if I can?

-I have nothing to lose in trying

-I have 5 weeks to give it my all

-I won’t give up yet

-I have a great incentive in keeping going

-My son and my husband (she smiles)

-I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself

-And get my act together

-I have 5 weeks

-And I am going to visulaize everyday

-That beautiful white light

-Taking over my whole body

-My blood system

-And equalize the number of red cells and white cells

-Healthy red cells and healthy white cells

-And that white light is illuminating my body

-And is very gently crushing my fear and my doubt

-As if fear and doubt were like sandcastles

-On the beach

-And that a wave was dissolving them

Fear and doubt are dissolving (I kept doing this visualisation quite in detail, making her imagine the letters FEAR and DOUBT, made of sand, and gently being dissolved by a wave)

-They are gone now

-They are replaced by this beautiful bright white light

-The bright white light of my white cells

-In my blood system

-I can see them and feel them

-They’re all around me

-They’re all inside my blood system

-All those beautiful white cells that gently invade my body

-All those white cells

-All those healthy cells

-The red cells and white cells are equal in numbers

-I have 5 weeks to give it my all

-After that, I will have nothing to regret

-If it’s my time to go, then so be it

-But at least I will have tried everything in my power

-To raise my white cells

-I can see them and feel them

-That beautiful white light radiating from inside my body.

Pauline looked more at peace and not so hunched and she said that she could feel the heat of the white cells and she could visualise them very well.

She said she was feeling much more positive and that she never thought of it this way: that she has 5 weeks to give it her all, to give it all she’s got, and that she has other people to think of, like her son and husband, who are great incentives for her to stay alive. She said she didn’t feel anymore like giving up on life and that her head was not so full of endless thousands of questions and thoughts, and that she felt lighter and more at peace.

29th April — Incredible change

I came back to Pauline after Ted spent an hour on the phone with her the week before, doing a Matrix on the 7 year-old who had been abused and not believed by her family when she confided in them. He did all sorts of meditations, visualizations for a bright white light to stay with her at all times and heal her body.

She was in an incredible form, bar a migraine that we cleared in 3 short rounds. She said she felt herself for the first time of her life, liberated from her demons, and able to face her future without fear whatsoever. She’s confident that on the 13th of May, whatever the doctors will tell her, whether her white cells level has gone up or not, she knows she will be OK. No matter what. She feels that incredible peace of mind. As she kept saying, “I can’t believe it”, I said to her to avoid repeating that, as it was defeating the purpose, and that she could say instead “It’s wonderful, it’s brilliant, I feel really good.” The change in her was so noticeable, in her voice, her animated face, and her way of thinking and seeing things. I’m seeing her next week, maybe just for a chat, and I’ll keep close to her just after she gets the results on the 13th.

18th June – Bad dream, extreme anxiety, and dreading blood results

I went to see Pauline a few weeks ago, just after my training as a Quantum Touch practitioner. I gave her a session, and I re-aligned her hips that were completely out of line, as well as her occipital ridge. She felt her hips twisting back into shape, and her severe backache and headache disappeared straight away. She told me on the 18th of June that she hadn’t needed her back support she put on the chair for her back ever since I did the Quantum Touch.

She called me for anxiety, bad recurring dreams and a dread of the blood tests results, due to the date it’s supposed to come back: it coincides with the dates of her mother’s anniversary, her father’s birthday and the day that her brother got knocked down and was paralysed. She said it felt like a bad omen.

She said her head was muddled and that she doesn’t feel herself, like she doesn’t feel like a wife or a mother, she feels like somebody else, because she doesn’t want to be her, she doesn’t want to die. She said she couldn’t cope if the blood results are not good and that if the results are not good, she’ll give up completely. She said that while she was talking to me, she’s thinking not at all that I’m here, but what she has inside the washing machine that needs sorting, or what clothes she needs to bring back to the shop. She said she was like that for the past weeks, that she’s not there at all.

I told her she was dis-associating and disconnecting because it was too much to cope with. She was also telling me about her recurring dream of falling, falling, falling, and I said to her it was because she had no control over her life.

Also, something that didn’t help at all, and it was the first time I had difficulty to stay objective and calm: she had managed to calm herself down after a wonderful day by herself on the beach, doing her EFT, her yoga and her stretching exercises. She was then picked up by her father, to whom she confided that she felt great and hopeful for the first time in 2 weeks, and he said to her:” ah well, don’t fool yourself, your blood results might not be good at all, you’re going to die anyway, you’ll be buried and forgotten about, so don’t you raise your hopes too much.” I have to admit that I was speechless, and I felt furious on her behalf, even though I didn’t form an opinion in front of her. She said that she felt like she had been punched in the stomach, and she came crashing down with a bang. She came home shaking, in an unbelievable state of stress, and full of doubt and dread. That’s when she called me. She then cancelled me 3 times because she was very heavily sedated and in pain, and I couldn’t get to her, as she was completely out of it or asleep.

I thought it was going to be a long session, because there were so many issues, but when I asked her about tapping for what her father said to her, she just laughed and said: “No need, I know he doesn’t mean any harm, my whole family is just tactless.” I didn’t insist and was going to try to test her later on to see if it really didn’t matter to her, but as it happened, there was no need, because we cleared everything in a quarter of an hour.

I asked her about her fear and dread and she said 25 out of 10. She was very upset and started crying, and her voice was very weak to start with.

-Even though I’m scared about the results because it feels like a bad omen and I’m full of dread, I deeply and completely…

-I’m so scared about the relults

-What if they’re bad

-I’m dreading it

-I don’t want to die

-I’m not ready

-I’m very scared

-I can’t cope anymore

-And that horrible dream

-Where I’m falling and falling and falling

-I’m not in control anymore

-My head is all muddled

-I don’t know my own thoughts anymore

-I’m not me anymore

-I’m so confused and scared

-I don’t want to be me anymore

-It’s too hard

-It’s too tough

-I’m sick of it

-I’m dreading the results

-I feel disconnected

-I’m not with it anymore

-I don’t feel like a mother to my little boy

-And I don’t feel like a wife to my husband

-I feel like someone else

-Because I don’t want to be me

-I don’t know where I am

-I’m very confused

-And I’m dead scared.

She said it was a 12, and her voice was much stronger, but that she was still dreading the results.

-Eeven though I’m still dreading the results,…

-I’m still dreading those results

-I’m sh*t scared

-Those dates

-It’s like a bad omen

-What if I thought of those dates as just dates

-After all

-A date is a date

As soon as I said that phrase, I could see a huge AHA moment materializing in front of my eyes. Her face changed completely. Her yes got bigger, brighter, she sat straighter in the chair, and she kept tapping on the same point continuously and very slowly, repeating, “a date is a date” as if the penny had just dropped.

She said then immediately: “It’s a half.  From 12, it went down to a half.  How could I have been so f*** stupid for these past 2 weeks… how did I not think that myself… a date is a f***** date!! I have no tightness in my head, I’m in my body, I don’t know how to explain, but I’m talking to you now, and I’m REALLY talking to you, and I have no other thoughts in my head, I’m in the present moment, I’m here. I can’t wait to hug my little boy and my husband. I’m back to being me and it feels wonderful.”

When I asked her how she felt about the results, she smiled and said, well, life is a gamble isn’t it! I wanted to get rid of the half, but she said no, that she felt fine, and I asked her about what her father said, and she had to make an effort to remember what he said.

Her back was great after the Quantum Touch and her mind was very good after the EFT. She was delighted with the session, as surprised as me that it took such a short time!

22nd August — Miracle?

My husband and I went to Pauline’s last night for a meal she prepared, to thank us, and also the drummer, to have played a gig with her for cancer charity a few months ago. The CHANGE in her was incredible! She was all dressed up, glossy hair, no pain at that moment at all, and chatting non-stop! And she had prepared the gorgeous meal all by herself. Ham, turkey, lots and lots of veggies and roasted potatoes, and a delicious chocolate cake that I HAD TO take 5 pieces of, it was so gorgeous!

She said that the doctors can’t believe the results, which are 65% better than what they expected, her white blood cells are going up constantly, she has put on weight, guess how much: a stone (14 pounds)! The doctors said to her, “You are a success.” She’s still very thin, but much healthier looking than she did a few months ago. She’s off the chemo tablets, which had her detoxing for the past 6 weeks, coming out in ulcers all over her body, she showed me the horrific scars that were left. She’s still on all her herbal supplements and eats organic. She says she only puts the goodness of nutrients in her body, and never eats processed food anymore.

She feels she’s been given a second chance and she feels EFT has been of tremendous help to her. She uses it EVERY NIGHT when she’s in pain, which still happens. She still has hairline fractures, because of the osteoporosis, brought on by the chemo.

But her mind is in a very different place, she’s confident that she can use EFT if she’s in pain, and is trusting very much in her future. She can’t wait for her son’s communion in a few months time, and she still remembers her fears of not being able to attend. She taps every night and she’s very happy and content in herself.