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EFT for ALS Symptoms

EFT for ALS Symptoms

Dear EFT Community,

Honey Coleman, Certified EFT Practitioner shares how she used EFT to help a client with his ALS symptoms and how helping him changed his life.

-Stephanie M

By Honey Coleman, Certified EFT Practitioner

Morris came to me when he heard I helped people heal from their illnesses.

He had been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) 7 months previously and asked if I would help him. 

He agreed to read up on EFT as well as work between sessions so that after 4 sessions he would be able to continue on his own. He presented with pain in his upper left arm, low back pain, cramping and twitching leg muscles, sciatic leg pain, trouble breathing deeply, tight diaphragm muscle, neck stiffness and trouble speaking clearly — slurring and lowering of volume. He walked into our first session using a cane for balance but has not needed it since then.

We spent the first session tapping directly on the individual pain symptoms, getting rid of each one separately just by repeating, “this pain,” as pain in the body is directly connected to a specific emotion. I included a Restricted Breathing technique which helped his breathing immensely. It also cleared the restriction around his mouth and jaw where the muscles had felt tight. Getting as specific as we could, we tapped using the words Morris was given by his doctor to describe the specific problem “Waste protein is blocking the dentrite to the muscle fibres.”

Two rounds of the short form of tapping seemed to help in general.

I didn’t have anything to use to measure other his symptoms which were not showing up by our 2nd session. But I thought it would be useful to use as specific words as possible. During that 2nd session my intuition led me to ask about self-worth and he confirmed that he felt unworthy and that he had felt that way his entire life.

He’d received a PhD and worked as a psychotherapist for 12 years in the Philippines but could not get a job after immigrating to Canada several years ago.

The government would not recognize his degree. We tapped on recent issues of disappointment and low self-worth as well as issues from the past, bringing his SUDs measurement numbers to 0 or 1 each time. As much as possible we tested his memories by exaggerating and searching for any leftover emotions. On his 3rd session he reported no pain at all and I could see that his walking and speech were much better.

He did report difficulty sleeping for the last few nights so we looked at what happened the day that began and tapped on what might be affecting him. After telling me about a dream he had, an old memory surfaced about how his brothers and sisters treated him that included fear, betrayal, grief, hurt, resentment and major disappointment.

We cleared each emotion, one at a time, while he focused on the event and was smiling at the end of the session.

When he came for his 4th and final session we was smiling and not using his cane. He said the people at his church were amazed when they saw him walking down the aisle without any help at all.

They said it was like a miracle. He also told me that his doctor said he could not believe the results of the tests recently done and that he wanted Morris to re-take the tests. His doctor had never seen results of this sort and wanted to be sure the test results were correct.

As Morris had no physical symptoms left to work on, we talked about his future.

His choices had changed when he realized that he could now go back to work. He spoke of taking a vacation with his family, working on a budget to create a clinic to do his own work in and finally dealing with issues of the family he had left back home.