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EFT Resolves Symptoms of Lupus

Dear EFT Community,

Jo Huntsman from the UK describes how she used EFT to overcome serious symptoms that her doctor informed her added up to lupus.

-Stephanie M

By Jo Huntsman

I have attended several EFT workshops here in the UK. When I was feeling really low with symptoms that, according to my GP, seem to be adding up to lupus, in pain and very low in spirit, I looked to see if there was a practitioner in the UK that I could turn to. I found a couple on the Internet and sent e-mails off to see if they were taking new clients. It was at this point I realized I simply felt too awful to wait for their reply–it was a Sunday.

So, with nothing to lose, I headed for my bedroom, armed with a notebook to keep track of my work and my experience of EFT to date and started to tap. I had already looked up my symptoms online and took heart from the fact that lupus had been successfully treated with EFT before. I recalled a technique I had seen on the site of Rue Hass where she asks the pain what it would tell you if it could

I started to tap and even that hurt! The following is the sequence I followed:

Even though I have these pains… (the tears began)

Even though I’m so sad I can’t do what I want to do… (I was feeling sorry that I was in bed on a summer day when I wanted to be out helping my daughter and enjoying the world and I was worried I had just accepted a new full-time post in a job I really wanted)

Even though this new job terrifies me… ( I am full of doubts about my ability to do it)

Even though I’m not rescuing anyone… (A lot of my self-worth has come from rescuing situations and people–if they are desperate enough, they’ll need me!)

Even though I don’t truly respect my husband… (I have never really shown him the real me after 14 years of marriage)

Even though I love him more than life itself… (the first time I’ve admitted I’m not just doing him a favor!)

Even though I’ve constructed a person that can be admired… (I recognize that I protect myself in this way)

Even though that person isn’t really me… (at this point I had an extreme emotional response; my face became almost mask-like in extreme grief and the tears were gushing)

I did at most a couple of rounds on each of these and went,in an uncannily short time, from an almost operatic scale of weeping and grief to wondering what to have for lunch. The emotional turmoil was accompanied by much grumbling of the intestines (I experienced this again on another occasion when I got down to some real work on myself.)

When I started the session, I was in real physical and emotional pain and in under an hour I had my sense of humor back, my energy levels back up to the max, and the dreadful pains in my neck, pelvis, and legs gone–and I mean gone.

Only hours later I did have a reply to my e-mail from Gwyneth Moss offering help. I replied, explaining that I’d had a go myself and describing my experience to her. As I said to Gwyneth, the next thing I need to tap on is why, when I had the tools in my grasp, did I try to seek out someone who could do the job for me, when I was well equipped to at least make a start myself.

I really would like to encourage others to use EFT for themselves. We need to take the step to grasp our own healing, not out of desperation, as in my case, but because we feel empowered by this extraordinary method of healing. It needs to be the first course of action, not the last!