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EFT Restores Platelet and WBC Counts to Normal Levels

Dear EFT Community,

In this extraordinary story, Puja Kanth Alfred, MA, Certified EFT Practitioner, tells of a child who had been suffering from a serious illness most of his life and was in the ICU with dangerously low platelet and white blood cell (WBC) counts. Persistent EFT gently applied on a daily basis brought about astonishing results.

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By Puja Kanth Alfred, MA, Certified EFT Practitioner

EFT continues to amaze me with its results. In a recent case, EFT surpassed my expectations.  I received a mail from a client about a month back. His mail read: “Platelet is 4000, please help me as regarding increasing Platelet and WBC count.”

He called me and revealed that his 10-year-old son was admitted to the intensive care unit in Bangalore Hospital. His son had been suffering from thalassemia major (inherited blood disorder) since he was 3 years old. His white blood cell (WBC) count was 2200 and his platelet count was 4000–both way below normal. Normal WBC count in males is 4500 to 10,000.  Normal platelet count is 150,000 to 350,000.

His son had pneumonia and respiratory infection. He had been getting blood transfusions since the age of 3. His hemoglobin was 6.6 grams and even after blood transfusions it usually increased to 8.8 grams but never more than that. The same applied to his platelet count; it never went anywhere near the normal count. He had a severe cough and cold.  He had swelling in his legs, spleen, and liver. He had an RV (right ventricular) dysfunction and cardiomegaly.

Since my client didn’t know EFT at all, I sent him the basic EFT tapping routine by mail and then explained the EFT procedure. I told him to gently rub the tapping points of his son instead of tapping on them, as his son was in critical condition. Also, I  asked him not to use the torso points (collarbone, under the arm, below the nipple). He used only a few points on the face and fingers. He used the Karate Chop instead of the Sore Spot. I also asked him to consult his doctor regarding touching and rubbing these points. I told him to continue his son’s medication and always consult his doctors.

I asked him to say the following affirmations for his son, as his son was sedated and could not speak. My client did a few rounds in the ICU. His son was shifted to a ward within a few days. His son had to wear an oxygen mask for some time and therefore only a few points on his face could be rubbed.

As my client was speaking for his son while rubbing his son’s points, he used “you” instead of “I” in the beginning:

Even though you have thalassemia major, you love and accept yourself.

Even though your platelet count is low, you love and accept yourself.

Even though your platelet count is 4000, you choose to increase it to 150,000.

Even though your WBC is low, you love and accept yourself.

Even though your WBC is 2200, you choose to increase it to 4,500.

Even though you have infection, you choose to release whatever has caused this infection.

Even though your spleen is enlarged, you love and accept yourself.

Even though your liver is enlarged, you love and accept yourself.

He called in a few days, after his son’s oxygen mask was removed. I asked him to rub his son’s points and inquired if his son could now mentally repeat the affirmations because he was still too weak to say them aloud. Thereafter my client wrote down the affirmations, kept them in front of his son, and asked his son to mentally repeat them while my client rubbed his son’s points.

In the next follow-up session, a week later, he informed me that his son’s platelet count had increased from 4000 to 110,000. The WBC had increased from 2200 to 4000. Swelling had decreased a little.

After this I gave him a new set of affirmations, this time targeting his RBC (red blood cell) count as well.

By now his son was able to speak the affirmations aloud while my client tapped his points:

Even though my platelet count is 110,000, I choose to increase the platelet count to 150,000.

Even though I have swelling on both my legs, I love and accept myself.

Even though I have a cough, I choose to release whatever has caused this coughing problem.

Even though my body makes less RBC, I love and accept myself.

Even though my body makes less RBC, I choose to increase my RBC.

His platelet count increased to 120,000 after another 3 to 4 days; his cough had gone down considerably. Then I gave him new affirmations for RBC and platelet counts. My client did EFT daily on his son.

Even though my platelet count is 120,000, I choose to increase it to 150,000

Even though my hemoglobin is 6.6 grams, I choose to increase it to 12 grams.

Even though I have swelling in my body because of oedema, I love and accept myself.

Another 4 to 5 days went by. He called me again and informed me that the platelet count was at 130,000, WBC had increased from 4000 to 5500, hemoglobin went from 6.6 to 8.8 to 9.9 grams. This was an all-time high because, despite getting transfusions, in the past 5 to 6 years the RBC had never reached 9.9 grams!

Results: In about 2 to 3 weeks’ time, the platelet count had increased from 4000 to 130,000, WBC from 2200 to 5500, and hemoglobin from 6.6 to 9.9 grams. His cough had decreased by 98% and the swelling in his legs was also less. He was having much less trouble  breathing (positive side effects).

I  asked my client to continue the hemoglobin and platelet count affirmations, as his son’s medical condition requires that. Though his platelet count is still a little below normal, given his medical condition (thalassemia leads to low platelet count), it is still a miraculous result. With persistence and time, it may become normal.

What is noteworthy in this case is that despite frequent transfusions, the platelet count, WBC, and hemoglobin were never as high as they were after EFT application. EFT worked despite the boy having multiple physical problems in addition to the thalassemia major, which causes a striking deficiency in beta chain production and in the production of Hb A(haemoglobin A). Thalassemia major is, therefore, a serious disease and it required daily EFT rounds to increase and maintain the platelet count and RBC.

Also, in my opinion, if his RBC becomes normal (since EFT helped in increasing it), he would require fewer blood transfusions in the future.

In this case, EFT caused an increase in platelet count, which  allopathic medicine could not achieve. EFT is certainly not a substitute for medical treatment, but many times it can achieve the impossible.

I intend to do more follow-up sessions. I have given my client a few affirmations related to the boy’s RV dysfunction, respiratory problems, splenomegaly (enlargement of spleen) and hepatomegaly (enlargement of liver). I’m looking forward to hearing from my client.

Follow-up: The boy’s platelet count is now completely normal: 180,000. Kudos to EFT!

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