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EFT Tapping for Parkinson’s Disease

EFT Tapping for Parkinson’s Disease

Dear EFT Community,

EFT Intermediate practtioner, Linda Farr, writes about a client who visited her to deal with her Parkinson’s disease. They identified the control issues associated with this serious illness and Linda uses her clients own reframes to deal with her issue.


By Linda Farr, Certified EFT Practitioner

‘Betty’ had suffered from Parkinson’s disease for several years. She presented with tremors in her arms and hands which would progress into a motion of raising her right hand to her forehead uncontrollably.

At our second session we explored the Core Issues of not feeling safe and of child abuse from her mother. We focused upon one incident from her childhood in which her other suddenly had hit her on the head while they were in a stairwell. We were able to reframe the story and SUDS went to 0.

After the first session Betty had agreed with Louise Hay’s interpretation that control issues are at the basis for Parkinson’s disease symptoms.  The client felt that if she weren’t in total control then she might become a victim again. 

This image was intolerable.

She acknowledged that she had been very controlling in her life up to this point, but now the disease was forcing her to let go. She was open to change in order to cope and create a balance.

We began with the Tell-the-Story Technique. Client revisited being in the stairwell with her mother & being hit on the head. SUDS 6.

We started with the Setup phrases:

“Even though I was in the stairwell being hit by my mother, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have this old story of being in the stairwell, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I still feel like a victim, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

I continued with the EFT sequence. Client taps only on her Karate Chop point as other points are physically too difficult.

Reminder phrases with reframes:

Being in the stairwell.

The outrage.

The anger.

Hit by my mother.

Being a victim.

There is a possibility that this story could be changed.

There are other options.

I could throw my mother down the stairwell so she doesn’t hit me.

When I feel victimized, there is a new program.

I can keep myself safe.

I have other options.

Today is a new day. I stand strong and confident.

I am a powerful child.

I was free because of my actions.

I am safe. I can create new memories.

My body is safe. I love, accept and forgive myself. 

SUDS Level 2

I find it noteworthy that Betty’s reframe of throwing her mother down the stairway, provided her a way to envision herself in control of this old situation. She was then able to safely feel her pent up rage. The tapping was re-framed to the anger and rage against mother. SUDS 5

Setup phrases:

“In spite of rage, I love and accept myself.”

“In spite of my intention to do harm, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Reminder phrases:

I am safe.

Rage against my mother.

Anger against my mother.

Feeling I am loved.

I was a small child.

At times I didn’t feel safe.

I am safe even though I feel rage.

SUDS Level 2

Re-frame changed to:

Mother lost control.

I had to control everything.

Control is my middle name. (laughter)

Being threatening would be better than being violent.

What can I let go of?I can’t think of anything. (laughter)

Illness makes me let go of a lot.

I can be safe.  I am sitting here in safety.

There is no thing to fear. SUDS 3 less anger- more sorry

Mother was unhappy.

She wasn’t in control. She was out of control.

Betty was shifting re-frames very quickly, but she seemed to be processing them and getting emotional release (laughter) and her SUDS reflected this. So I maintained her pace. Aspect shifted to the first time she experienced a hitting situation.

Her mother suddenly had hit her father when she as a small child was standing below them. SUDS Level 8.

Reminder phrases:

My father was more threatening.

She hit him right above me. SWAT!

He left home after that.

Then she started hitting me.

As she relaxed I encouraged her to add other sensory elements to story:

In spite of being small and frightened.

In spite of watching mother hit father.

I was safe then, in spite of hearing the Swat.

In spite of the silence afterwards.

In spite of being in the vestibule.

In spite of remembering the exact light in the vestibule.

In spite of the tension in the room.

In spite of the sound of the slap.

In spite of my surprise and fear.

In spite of my mother’s elegant clothes.

SUDS Level 2

In order to clear her energy, client chose to tone instead of EFT. She stood and expressed random sounds. After 1-2 minutes she reported she had a vision of her and her parents going to counseling and talking instead of hitting. This re-frame seemed amusing to her because it wasn’t an option in the 50’s, but it permitted her SUDS to drop to 0.

I often use intuitive suggestions while working with a client. However, with this client and her control issues, I encouraged her to create her own re frames of the abuse events.

She was often able to shift the memory of being hit by taking action or visualizing an alternate outcome. I believe these re-frames take her out of the victim mode and can reprogram her fight/flight response. She enjoyed and laughed about each one.

As she ‘saw’ her child acting empowered it empowered her adult. As the table legs are eliminated, I believe, the controlling behavior and the Parkinson disease symptoms could be mitigated.