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EFT Tapping for Surgery Preparation

By Deborah Mitnick, LCSW-C

I worked with a client today who was having a mastectomy surgery the next day. Of course, she was scared and terribly upset.

With the help of EFT tapping, we worked on three separate issues:

1. “I’m going into invalidism and pain. It weakens me. I’ll lose my strength.”

2. “I’ll have to do exercises and I’ll have pain. I’m not going to feel good again. I have a lot of work to do to get my strength back.”

3. “It’s going to be hard for me to look at it [the results of the surgery] and love it.”

With each thought, she went from a SUD level intensity number score of 10 out of 10 (and in one case, 12) to a 0.

When she was at a SUD of 6 on the last one, she said, “I love you for doing this with me.”

After the session, she said, “I feel happy. I don’t feel like crying. I feel like I could fly.”

She called me later in the evening and said, “I feel all together, like one person, totally whole. I enjoyed eating. I have a new spirit. I feel well and healthy. It’s brought my body together in a way it hasn’t felt in a long time. I’m even standing straighter than I have in years.”

She called again after the surgery to report in (as I had asked her to do). She said, “I feel wonderful. I told my daughter all about us.” (The client was laughing for the first time in months!) “I’m feeling so positive. It’s just wonderful. I haven’t cried since I saw you. (She has reported crying for hours at a time before this.) I’m way up high and I think it’s going to last.

I continued to work with her after the surgery.

When am I going to understand why this works? The skeptic in me is still wondering if the results will last.