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Tapping Through a Beginning Seizure

Tapping Through a Beginning Seizure

Dear Readers,

In this amazing case, Brad Yates applies EFT at the beginning of a client’s seizure, and the seizure stops after moments. This case is not a substitute for medical advice, but is an interesting case for physicians to consider.

-Will M.

By Brad Yates, CHt

Tapping often brings up some powerful stuff. This can be intimidating, and folks may be persuaded to stop. However, this big stuff is what we want to clear, and EFT is one of the most powerful ways to get through it.

Usually, this manifests as tears, and we tap through the crying. Crying is one of the body’s natural release methods – the tapping expedites the process. But sometimes the emotional crisis comes up in a more physical way, which can be disconcerting.

I recently worked with a woman who suffers from seizures. She had not had one in about two years, but she came to me because she sensed one coming on. She got a warning feeling – similar to those experienced by folks who suffer from migraines. As we started to tap on these feelings, she said the feeling was growing. She then gave me a look, and said, “You’re not going to like this…” and shuddered – what appeared to be the start of a seizure.

At this point, one instinct was to run for help. But as she leaned forward in her seat, my stronger impulse was to put my arm around her and make sure that, whatever happened, I kept her from hurting herself. I kept tapping on the top of her head and under her arm – the only two places that were really accessible in the moment, and just gently repeated, “Breathe…keep breathing.” Like is said, I get out of the way during tapping and trust the flow of words that come – but this seemed to be all that should be said.

Within a minute or two of this, her breathing normalized, and that first little shudder was all the shaking that ever occurred. When she sat back up in her chair, there was a very serene expression on her face. I asked if that had ever happened, that a seizure started but didn’t really occur. She said, “Never.” Another EFT miracle. Not only did she not have the seizure, she also had a newfound confidence. The fear that she might have a seizure had stopped her in many areas of her life. While she didn’t walk away with the belief that a little tapping would be all she’d ever need, it did show that maybe these were not as certain or uncontrollable as she once thought, and that created a profound shift.

This was very similar to a situation where I was working with a man on stopping smoking. On one round, he began coughing uncontrollably. He used an inhaler, but didn’t want to rely on that. So I started doing the tapping for him, and within a minute or two the coughing had subsided. He said that was the first time the coughing had ever stopped without the inhaler. That night, he slept the whole night through without any wheezing or coughing. Another miracle – so said his wife.