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The Role of EFT in Healing Breast Cancer

The Role of EFT in Healing Breast Cancer

Dear EFT Community,

Bill Jensen, certified EFT practitioner, sent in this article, stating: “A few weeks ago a client of mine sent me this account of our joint experience in addressing her breast cancer with EFT and has given me permission to share it with the world. I am sharing it here in its entirety.” The client titled her account “The Role of EFT in My Alternative Healing of Triple Negative Invasive Carcinoma of the Right Breast–Diagnosed January 2011.” 

-EFT Universe

By Sandra Fackler

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having two surgeries, when I refused the standard chemo and radiation treatments, my oncologist gave me the name of a book, Anticancer: A New Way of Life, by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. I was determined to put my cancer into remission by using supplements to boost my own immune system. Beyond that, I was at a loss as to how to proceed.

While the tumor had been found in a timely way, pathology showed that I had a second form of breast cancer as well and had cancer cells already in both blood and lymph systems.

From the book, I found out one of the big items standing in the way of the body’s own healing system is old emotional wounds. I determined to do mind-body energy work to solve that as well as ongoing problems with family members, which continued to be stressful.

I was already familiar with EFT and while I had successfully used it for occasional headache or painful muscles, I thought I needed a professional to help me get the most from the technique. Alone, I would find my mind wandering and never finished the needed rounds to persist in the release of emotional blockages. In my situation, I needed to do EFT well and often.

Using the Internet, I found a certified EFT practitioner in Burley, Idaho, William “Bill” Jensen. We met in person at his office for two nonconsecutive sessions. The rest of two years, we met by telephone, mostly once a week, for an hour of what I think of as support for the cure. Each session, we discussed my current stresses with family and/or relationships and then we would tap on one or more issues.

Often during the tapping, I would receive strong intuition about specific things I could do or ways I could think about issues in my life to relieve the tension and be at peace with things I couldn’t change.

I was pretty much a responsibility sponge most of my life, but gradually we changed that way of thinking. I found myself having actual boundaries and being able to say no without guilt as I learned to put myself and my health first in my life. Finally, at the end of two years, my oncologist declared that I am in remission and have no detectable cancer anywhere in my body.

I learned so much from Bill and Emotional Freedom Techniques. My life is in my control much more than ever before in my 73 years of life. I still have a large helping of daily stress, but, thankfully, I take one day at a time and remain calm. I’ve developed my creative side again and am working on a second book, this one of poetry and watercolor art.

I continue in better health and believe the best is yet to be.

I’m very grateful for Bill’s excellent guidance in using EFT to heal my body and change my thoughts, as well as his support and friendship.