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EFT Tapping for Shrinking Moles and Precancerous Growths

EFT Tapping for Shrinking Moles and Precancerous Growths

By Janet Berketa

I want to tell you about the results of my EFT experiment with moles on my body. I am one of those people who have always had a lot of moles. One of the childhood pastimes with my brother and sister was counting our moles to see who had the most. Today, at age 69, I find that the number of moles on my body have in recent years increased even more quickly than ever. 

Some of them suddenly appear in a sizeable proportion, not at all like the pinpoint brown spots I generally had as a child.

I should probably mention that I have other skin conditions as well. I started noticing skin tags on my neck and upper body when I was in my 40s, and I continue to generate them, without end, it seems. More recently (but I really don’t know when they started), the appearance of seborrheic cysts began to make themselves known to me. These are located, literally, from head to toe in various areas.

The majority of these are on my head, under the hair line, with a small sprinkling here and there down to the small group on one toe. All of these skin problems seem to be related to the fact that my immune system is weak, a fact that is verified by the difficulty I have in shaking off a virus once it invades. At least, that is what the health books say is the root cause for these conditions.

Okay, that is the background information. Several years ago, one of the skin tags located at the side of my throat seemed to combine with a mole. It still had the skin tag characteristic of being a large round, painless growth that extended from my neck, dangling from a rather slender thread that connected it to my body. It slowly enlarged over the years and became a rather ugly dark brown spot that wasn’t nice cosmetically, but wasn’t doing any real damage, either.

I saw a skin specialist who inspected my entire collection of skin problems and saw nothing to be concerned about. He suggested that I could have this particular combination mole/skin tag removed surgically, but since it was a cosmetic operation, I would have to pay several hundred dollars for this service. I opted not to accept his kind offer. 

The doctor did give me a bookmark that showed photos of various skin problems that indicated cancerous conditions, and said if I saw anything like these, I was to see him immediately.

One day in January of this year, I was idly looking in the mirror at this particular growth, and was horrified to see that it now had several black spots on the top, and it looked quite similar to one of the photos on the bookmark from the doctor. I immediately phoned his office to have him inspect and/or remove it. You can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I learned that I could only get an appointment in September! This was not okay, but beyond my control. So I did the only sensible thing I could do–I tapped for it.

I began with opening statements such as:

Even though my immune system is weak and it is allowing this growth at the base of my neck that looks like it might be cancer, but I don’t really know if it is, I ask my body to shrink and release this growth and heal itself

Then I did a few rounds of tapping on “weak immune system” followed by “I ask my body to shrink and release this growth and heal itself” for a couple of rounds.

I would also do several rounds, while I was at it, asking my body to shrink and release my moles, shrink and release my skin tags, shrink and release the cysts. It is now late June, roughly six months since I began doing this routine. I have to say I didn’t always remember to do it every day, but I probably did it at least 4-5 times a week.

I was gratified to see changes in the original growth that had spurred me into action. The first thing it did was to change color. The dark brown faded to a soft brown. The black spots started to fade. It got itchy; I thought this was a good sign and declined to scratch it. Bits of it actually fell away from time to time, to my amazement.

And it shrank, it shrank, and it shrank. I can’t tell you it is gone, but it is much reduced, less than 25% of the original, no longer a skin-tag formation. It looks like all the other growths on my neck and upper chest area. I just measured it and it is a tiny one-eighth of an inch in size, probably around a quarter of the original size. Every time I look at it, it seems to be ever so much more innocuous. Was it skin cancer? Perhaps, but I will never know, of course, since no medically trained professional had inspected it.

I am just happy to know that right now it has no resemblance to the photograph on the bookmark that the doctor gave me.

I seem to have had more success shrinking the moles than the other growths on my skin, though the skin tags are definitely slowly disappearing as well. The cysts seem to be much more tenacious, yet I do find evidence that some of them are drying out here and there. I had a very large, very dark brown, thick, furry mole on my left shoulder that had been there for several years. I just measured it; it is now half an inch by three-eighths of an inch, but this is close to half the size that it was before I started.

And a rather large new mole that had appeared on my left upper back just before I began this tapping routine has shrunk to a tiny reminder of what it had been. I really have to search to find the tiny spot of roughness on my skin these days, and I do expect that this particular mole will ultimately disappear altogether. I can’t measure it easily due to its location, but it feels like it is no bigger than an eighth of an inch, yet it was easily the size of my finger pad before I started tapping.

I feel as though, at this point in time, my body is essentially a “work in progress.” Although I have no idea what might happen, I expect that over the next months, with continued attention and tapping on these various skin conditions, much of it will disappear.